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Published by Charlie Allen

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Published by: Charlie Allen on May 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ChangesByCharlie AllenFalt 31 Northern heightsCrescent roadLondonN88AS07947970821callen@live.co.uk
INT. EMERGANCY ROOM DAYEDWARD, a good looking man in his mid forties, smartlydressed and FAYE, a pretty woman in her early thirties, runinto the hospital. EDWARD is in a panic. He spots VERONICA,an immaculately dressed woman in her forties, who is sittingdown looking emotional. She looks up at them both. VERONICAlooks at FAYE who is standing there uncomfortably. EDWARDrushes over to door where DOCTOR is standing.DOCTOR(concerned)Michaela had a severe allergicreaction to the drugs she took. Ineed to ask you both a fewquestions.
One day earlie
INT. FAIRWELL SECONDARY SCHOOL DAYEDWARD is sitting down outside the headmaster’s office. Heis hunched over, and looks anxious. MICHAELA, his fifteenyear old daughter is standing against a wall opposite, islooking to the ground. She is beautiful with dark brown,shoulder length hair; she looks like her father. They do notspeak. A choir is heard in the other room, the hallwayfilling with the song ‘Getting to know you’ from the musicalThe King and I. VERONICA rushes through the doors. She seemsflustered, but doesn’t say anything as she looks atMICHAELA. EDWARD looks up at his wife.EDWARDShe’s been skipping class he wantsto speak with us.VERONICA looks at MICHAELA who is avoiding eye contact.VERONICAI can’t believe this. This is all Ineed right now Michaela.MICHAELA doesn’t say anything as MR. MATTHEWS, a baldinghead master in his fifties opens his office door, clearinghis throat.MR. MATTHEWSYou can come in now.Everyone gets up and enters office.
2.EXT. HARDING RESIDENCE DRIVEWAY. DAYEDWARD drives their expensive Mercedes into the driveway.Their house is big and modern and their front garden isbeautifully kept. A old couple next door are gardening andwave at them. VERONICA puts on a happy smile and waves back.The ignition is turned off. MICHAELA opens the door, butEDWARD turns to her.EDWARDThis is serious Michaela. We arejust concerned about you -MICHAELA(sarcastically)Sure. You both really care. It’s ajoke, dad. You both can dowhatever, but me?VERONICA(confused)What are you talking about?Michaela you have missed too muchof school. If you keep it up, youwill be suspended. Is that what youreally want?MICHAELAI don’t give a shit.VERONICAExcuse me? How dare you -MICHAELA rolls her eyes and exits the car, slamming the doorfirmly. VERONICA and EDWARD sit in silence.EDWARDI’ll talk to her. Don’t worry.VERONICA looks at EDWARD briefly, until EDWARD’S phonestarts to vibrate. He ignores it, but VERONICA exits thecar. He opens the glove compartment and finds his packet acigarettes. He reaches for one, but his phone vibrates againin his pocket. He answers the phone.EDWARD(sighs heavily)Hi Russell. Yes, everything isfine, I just had some personnelbusiness to attend to. (pause) Seeyou tomorrow then. Bye. (hangs up)EDWARD watches his wife inside the kitchen window. She ispouring herself a glass of red wine.

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