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Edr 524 Unit Plan Final-1

Edr 524 Unit Plan Final-1

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Published by Kerstin Comproski

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Published by: Kerstin Comproski on May 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Note:For our lesson plans, we are pretending that our school is having a health education fair. Each teacherwill be asked to incorporate different topics dealing with health into their curriculum. The teachers thatare asked to incorporate these topics are the
P.E Teacher
: covering wellness, exercise, and nutrition
Art Teacher
: covering self expression
Computer Science Teacher
: covering cyber bullying and its effects
Health Teacher
: covering sex education and sexuality
English Teacher
: bringing together what students learned in these classes by having a healtheducation fair. This will be a senior exit project that students must complete in order to graduate.English teachers will be the ones to facilitate it. Assessments will be based on an essay and theportfolio that they have created. The portfolio will be presented in the gym to lower grade levels.-Because our Unit Plan encompasses five different teachers in five different subject areas, our unit planis not as detailed as we would like. As a result our lesson plans will be filled with more thorough detail.
Health Education Unit PlanMind, Spirit, Body
Unit Author 
First and Last Name:Veronica, Christina, KerstinSchool District: Plattsburgh State School DistrictSchool Name: SUNY PlattsburghSchool City, State:Plattsburgh, NY
Unit Plan:
Health Education
Subject Area:
Health Education- Language Arts- Physical Education- Art- Technology
Grade Level:
Grade 12
Unit Title:
Health Education: Mind, Spirit, and BodyThe theme of this unit is health awareness. Through this unit, students willunderstand the meaning of living a healthy lifestyle and the tools that they can use togo about living healthily. Each lesson plan included in this unit is geared towards adifferent aspect of health education. These aspects will deal with mental health, physicalhealth, and the students spiritual health as well.
Unit Plan
Mind, Spirit, Body
Page 1
Amount of Time:
Unit Plan will be a five week unit.
Content Area:
Concepts that students will learn are- Food Pyramid- Cyber Bullying and its effects- The importance of physical exercise and how to properly work out- Healthy eating choices- Healthy ways to deal with stress- Healthy ways to view one's image- Etc.
Curriculum - Framing Questions:Essential Questions -
(1) What are the components in a food pyramid?(2) What is cyber bullying? How can we prevent it from occurring? If someone is beingcyber bullied, what can be done to stop it from happening?(3) What is BMI and what should your own BMI be based on your age and height?(4) Why is physical activity important? How much physical activity should a person dodaily? What are some exercises?
Unit Questions-
(5) Why is health education important and how can we use thethe information we learned to benefit our own lives?(6) Why is it important to lead healthy life choices?(7) Why is it important to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy? What happensif a person is healthy in just one of these categories?(8) How can the tools learned benefit us as we pursue higher education and/or careers?(9) What are you doing now that is beneficial to your health? What are you doing nowthat is causing harm to your health? What choices can you make to lead a healthy lifestyle?
Student Learning Goals:
Students will be able to achieve all standards required ineach lesson plan.-Students will understand necessary vocabulary related to health education, e.g.Food PyramidCalorieNutritionHealth Education
Unit Plan
Mind, Spirit, Body
Page 2
CarbsBulimia/ AnorexiaEtc.-Students will become comfortable speaking in front of peers and become respectfuland active listeners-Students will become aware and more accepting of lifestyles which differ from their own-Students will be provided with tools which will allow them to make healthy decisions intheir future endeavors-Students will gain a better understanding of their own health and learn how to applythese new healthy concepts to their own lives-Students will learn that there are many aspects to health education (i.e. Mind, body &spirit)
Specific Ways to Relate Goals to Curriculum:
Lesson plans are designed to informstudents on all aspects of health education:1.Physical education & nutrition2.Cyber bullying & internet safety3.Sex education 44.Expressing self image5.Health fai- Students will keep journals throughout each lesson, allowing them to reflect on newmaterial and improve basic writing skills ( journals will be graded on effort only, notcontent or grammar)- Students will be highly encouraged to participate and respond to peers during classdiscussions ( a contract will be passed where students must agree to confidentiality. Inaddition, the contract will state what is expected of them during these discussions e.g.respect, participation, not talking over one another, not discrediting one's ideas, etc.)- Students will be able to communicate thoughts effectively and be respectful of othersthoughts- Students will effectively incorporate technology and media into their research andpresentation of information
Pre- Assessment:
Students will be given a questioner which will ask personalinformation in regards to their health such as:How many times a day do you eat?Do you feel that you are at a healthy weight? Are you stressed out easily?Multiple Choice Question: How many calories should you eat daily?Have you ever been a victim to bullying?Have you ever bullied?
Unit Plan
Mind, Spirit, Body
Page 3

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