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Hand Language

Hand Language

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Published by Narayani Laredo

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Published by: Narayani Laredo on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hand Language
Human beings have always been interested in magical disciplines and explanations tounderstand their-selves, their surroundings and the way to overcome inner and externalobstacles. Hand language, without reaching the deeper study of Chiromancy (Quiromancia?),is based on the observation of our own characteristics on each of our hands.The hand is a primary and fundamental tool that man has at his disposition, from the momenthe has born, in order to do a thousand different things.Hands are the tool we use to build our own universe; they help us represent our emotionsexposing them in several forms of art (painting, music, sculpting, writing, etc).Anthropology emphasize that culture, understood in a wide sense as everything that has beencreated by men, was molded from the human hand. Jung wrote, “Hands, which form andfunction is related to psyches, can give revealing expressions which can be interpreted aspsychological peculiarities of human character”.The hand let us relate to the external world, give affection, receive it and expressing our ownemotions and personality. As a primary instrument for tact, the hand plays an important roleconditioning our brain, body and emotions, developing different answers to the world thatsurrounds us. Besides being a mirror of our genetic inheritance, they are mirrors of our inneremotions and thoughts. This is why they change their aspect and form through our entire life.Hand study is a revealing discipline, an interesting way to analyze our personality. These arethe aspects that we should pay attention to:* Temperature* Color* Texture* Consistence* Flexibility* Size* Basic shapeChiromancy is the science that studies the hand as a mean of interpretation of human being’scharacter and personality.The prefix “chiro” comes from the Greek language, it means “hand”. Chiromancy is the handpalm reading.The study of the palm lines is the most common use of palmistry and it can take an excessiveinterest of the reader.Anatomy books call these lines reflective lines. These lines show us the common ways of ourthought. Present mind attitude and disposition, past memories and hopes for the future can beseeing in them. Real future, however, is unpredictable, excepting rare conditions that not oftenhappen.Recently born children usually show the general scheme of the mother, but only in the mainthree lines. They can show the inherited temperament, but it only has a genetic interest.A hand with a few lines does not have a great determination, they can take deep pain becauseof their resistance.There are general rules about the lines and how to interpret them. Every hand zones, mounts,fingers, etc., are related to a part of our personality. Strength and deepness of lines show usour cortical conscience in that period of our life.

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