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Appendix II - The Word Kenite 7017

Appendix II - The Word Kenite 7017

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Published by Inga Cold

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Published by: Inga Cold on Dec 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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APPENDIX II The Shepherd s Bible THE WORD KENITE 7017
When the word Kenite is used, yousimply are saying "Cain" in the Hebrewlanguage. The seed-line of Satan leadsyou to the sons of Cain (Kenites,#7017 Strong's Concordance). Withinthis statement is entailed both thetruth and the deception of the lastdays, as Satan is the false messiahthat shall come and his children dowait for him. Only the elect are givenwisdom in this age concerning this. Allshall not be taught the full truthuntil the millennium.The Kenites (sons of Cain) were notdestroyed in the flood as is commonlytaught. In fact, this teaching aidsthe deception of the last days. Letus prove that they did live throughthe flood. Read I Chronicles 2:55.which records events after the flood.It lists the scribes that were withJudah's children. "These are the Ke-nites (sons of Cain) that came ofHemath, the father of the house ofRechab." This is positive proof thatnot only did they live through theflood, but they were already keepingbooks (scribes) for the children orJudah. Noah was instructed bv Yahvehin Gen. 6:19: "And of every livingthing of all flesh, two of every sortshalt thou bring into the ark, to keepthem alive with thee." The Keniteswere flesh, but not of Adam (Genesis4:25). They were kept alive to servethe negative part of Yahveh's over-allplan. Some scholars say the flood wasnot world-wide. Be that as it may,the Kenites lived after the flood.
In Jeremiah 35:14, Yahveh told Jeremiahto bring the Kenites of the houseof Rechab into the house of the Lord.Yahveh's purpose in this was to showthat they would not break the lawsof their father Rechab, who was adescendant of Cain, who was of thatold Serpent, Satan. This was an examplefor the children of Israel who werenot following God's law. Because theKenites would not break their father's(Satan's) law, (Jer. 35:16). He prom-ised that they would never want fora man to stand before Him (v.19),They are the negative part of Yahveh'splan. Amos 6:14 proves this statementfor Yahveh said, "I will raise upagainst you a nation, O house of Israeland they shall afflict you from theentering in of Hemath (Kenites) untothe river of wilderness." (Arabah= Darkness, or end of dav). This isto say, until the end of time or endof the last day. Yahveh uses themeven today to chastise His own peopleand supply the negative part of Hisover-all plan.It is very important to note in Jeremi-ah 35:11 that because of fear the Ke-nites began to dwell at Jerusalem,which is in the land of Judea. Herethey began to call themselves Jews.Rightfully so; for a resident of Judeais one of the meanings of the word"Jew." However, this by no means madethem a descendant of the tribe of Ju-dah, which is the other meaning ofthe word Jew. Neither did it makeMoses' father-in-law a Kenite, justbecause he lived among them. Thisis why his daughters were driven awayfrom the well. They were not Kenitesbv birth. If you wish to pursue thesubject further, see our study on Iden-
tity: Section I, the Elect, and SectionII, the Kenites.Now if you already have in the year1471 B.C., sons of "Cain who was thatwicked one" (I John 3:12), that isto say progeny of Satan, keeping yourrecords and doing your translating,then it is no wonder God's simpletruth is not clearly brought from He-brew to English. Yes, they still existtoday and will soon lead millions toworship their father, the false Christ,who shall soon appear.We can now understand what Christmeant in Rev.2:9: "I know the blas-phemy of them which say they are Jews,and are not, but are the synagogueof Satan." In Rev.3:9, Christ states,"Behold I will make them of the syna-gogue of Satan, which say they areJews, and are not, but do lie: beholdI will make them to come and worshipbefore thv feet, and to know that Ihave loved thee." The only reasonthe Kenites would worship at yourfeet, would be because their father,Satan, will have been locked in thepit during the millennium. Christwill give them an opportunity to learnthe truth because He is fair and just.They shall he grateful and worshipat the feet of Christ and the elect.However, when their father is loosedfrom the pit, many of his children,the Kenites, may return to him andto damnation. Let there be no doubt,Christ knew the Kenites had slippedin among the Jews, for when He speaksto them in John 8:44, He states "Yeare of your father the devil, and thelusts of your father ye will do. Hewas a murderer from the beginning."

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