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إعجاز القرآن للباقلاني

إعجاز القرآن للباقلاني



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Published by msuki1982

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Published by: msuki1982 on Dec 25, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ةيملسا كشم ةبتكم نلقب آرا زجعإآرا زجعإنلقبا
لوا صفانآرقا تزجعم با ة نأ خ ازجعا ظعمهذ ى ي سا ي ي ة نأ ،نآرقا جإ رع ا ا  ذاوأ  م ازجعا ك نأ إ .ةث ازجع ك دع دأ د ن نإو ،ةزجعاعا  ق رام ًق ضع قو ،خ شأ ىو ،خ لاحأو ،خ،هودش أ يظعا ا م د ح أ إ ،خ ًق ق  ضعو .ولوا عا   ،ضع هر وأ ،هور ح م خ ى رما ن د  و نو ،حا  م ق  ضعو .ي قا أ را  نإو.حام ةزجعم نآرقاجا وزو ،رصعا ءق يقو ،قثا  ،م ةزجعم   نآرقا  مأ زجع ع د ن نإو ،دحاو دح ى ميقا  إ وو و لوأ   رصعا لوأ زج  د رظ  ك غي ، و ث نيا  لوا رصعارصعا أ لح  رظا  ث نيا  رصعا اذ أ زج غ د كذو ،ثم زج د ن نإو أ  أ ضع  ح  صفا اذ ر إو ..لوا لوا رصعا أ زج فو ، زع رصعا اذ أ ي لوا رصعا أذا م عم  لقا اذ طخ  و ، نو د اصخ  دا ،ي  رمأ و ،نآرقا زجعم ع ثعا ح ع ا نأ م هر م .قر ى يا دع ىف ي ،ه ى ذ و ،ضع رذ آو ،ةثبا ةزجعم نآرقا نأ ى يدا
ةيملسا كشم ةبتكم نلقب آرا زجعإ
ِنْ ،ّا إ َًظا َِم ا َرُِ ،َكيإ هَْَزأ ٌَِ ،را" :ع  ك  إ كذ ن و ، ءادا قي زأ أ خ ،"ديِَا ززَعا ِارِ إ ،َ .ةزجعم   نإ جح ن و ،جح و ،"ِا َ ََسَ  ىَح ،ُهر ََجَا رُا َِم دَحأ ْنإَو" :و ز لو .ةزجعم و إ جح ن و ، ى هرمأ   ي جح هإ  نأَِم نَِ َكْ ىَ ،ما ورا ِ لَزَ ،َِَعا َ َ ُإَو" :و ز لو ن ك وأ  ،ذم   ع إ م ه ي د ي اذو ،"ذُا مو ، لوا م قع  جح نسا اذ  نأ  ،"ٍّم َرَ نَسِ" :ل رذ و ،ه م ني ي شأ دو إ عطقا ورا رذ ا ة مإ وأ م  ،م اإ سا هذ م ثو ..هدع م ى كذ لدس ضع.زجعم و ى ياو ،نآرقا جح وز ى م هرخآر ة م رخأ أ "يَعا ززَعا ِا َِم َِا زَ ،ح" :و ز  ،مؤا ة ك  :ل نأ إ ،"قِعا دِدَش ا َو ذا ر" : م أ   سف و  .إو رف   لادا نأ ى لد "اوُرف َذا إ ِا ِآ ِ لِجُ  َم" اَزحاَو ُ ُ ُ َْذ" :و ز ق ر ما ذ م و  خأ و ،ءيا ذ  ذ يدا  ذخآ  د ،ا رخآ إ "ِدع ِمقَح َكذَو" :لق  د  "قِ ن َي ُُْذَخ" :لق ،يار  جا هذ مؤا نش ظ  ."ا ُأ ُأ اوُرف َذا ىَ َكَ َِ َرَعا نِَ  َذا" :لق ةرفغا م ي دو مو ، ئا فغا م خأ  َعِَو ََ .اُمآ ِذ نوُرِفغَسََو ِ نُِمؤُَو ،َ دَ نُَسُ  ،ُَح َمَو ."يجا اذَ ِَو ،َكيَ اعاَو اَ ِذ رِف ،ْِَو ًَحَ ءَش  .يإ صا ى مؤا د و ، لودعا ى فا ذ  ر نر أ  ،آ رذ ،را ديو ى ر  ،مؤ ئا ء  ا  ر
ةيملسا كشم ةبتكم نلقب آرا زجعإ
،ِدا يِَ" :ل نأ إ ،يارو آ  رظ رم "ِِآ رُ ذا َُ" :ل . "ا َ  َِذي ،هِِ ِم ءََ  َم ىَ ِهرمأ ِم وّرا ِقْُ  ،رَعا و نود دسج ةدئ  و ،دا ةيح إ ؤ  ،ور  حاو نآرقا عجنر ك نأ و ،يإ قرو ،ي و ،اذ  ورا اذ ع،ورا اا  ا  و .ف د ق  خاو اذا  ق نأ ص  سف  ز  ن .د معم و ،جح ديا م   د ةرخا،ا خ  ثا  ر لقا ر ى ديا ر  ا م خَ ن َي اوُرظَي ا ِ اوُسَ   َوأ" :لق ،ازجعاو دا دو .ا رخآ إ " ِم ا َذا  او ،ي ي   ن ،أسا إ   نأ  ر  .و ي ا ى ا ل ي ةسا  هر د م نأ ع ،م ق:ل نأ إ ،ح فو ،ي يو ،سا ي و ىم ص،امآ َذا دِَو ِا دِ ْقَم َرُ ُأ نطْُ ريَغ ا َآ ِ نَجُ  ِذا" ."َ ٍرَُم ْ  ىَ ُا ََْطَ َكِذ ى ط ا نإو ،  ق إو ،ج ق  ا هذ  اد نأ خاث ر  .او و  ،نا و ف  رصو ،"نَرصُ  ىأ ِا ِآ  نَجُ  َذا إ َرَ أ" :ل  ،ديحا ى جحا م ِ َْَأ ََو َِ اَذ ِذا" :لق ،ا آ م نإو ،ا هذ   ."ِا ِنْ إ  َِَ  نأ لُَرِ ن َمَو" :ل نأ إ ،"نُعَ ََس َُُ ر ى اثاو ،يا ا  أ  ا ازجع دحأ :ر ى ا نأ ى لدفا ء اإ إو ،ورضا عا د قو ،ذعا د طق ا ا أ  ،"ََ اوأَ  ُُعفَ  ُكَ   " :ل نأ إ ،ا وو ،يا .دحا ى قعا قحو ،يا لا مأ اإ و ،ا هذ ى

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