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Moonrise - Pt 13

Moonrise - Pt 13



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Published by Joe Hagen
Bad moon rising - Fallout from a bad night.
Bad moon rising - Fallout from a bad night.

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Published by: Joe Hagen on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Joe HagenFebruary 2012
Part 13
Finn arrived back at camp to find Salvadore and Cliff sitting on the hood of 
car. Both had removedtheir shirts. Dried blood was smeared across their chests and around what was left of their wounds which had alreadypuckered closed.
“Where in the hell have you been,” Salvadore shout
ed as he stood.
“I was looking for you. I didn’t…”
“You idiot! You’re lucky you didn’t get caught. That would have completed this damn night to perfection.”
“You told me to
separate when we came out of the station,
Finn almost whined.
By the time I got back to the
car it was gone.”
you should have come straight back to camp. Where in the hell were you looking for us?”
“I didn’t know where to look,” Finn answered. “I didn’t think you’d leave me so I kept
ng to where we’d
left the car
.” Cliff rolled his eyes. Finn almost snarled but
didn’t as he glanced back into Salvadore’s angry eyes.
“I can’t believe h
badly that went,” Salvadore growled as he picked up a large branch and threw it off into the
“You’re sure she was dead,” Finn asked.
 With an incredulous look, Cliff glanced toward Salvadore and back to Finn
before answering, “yes, positive.”
“But how?” Sweaty
and still catching his breath from the exertion of covering the forty some miles back to their
camp, Finn dropped to the ground and shook his head. “No cop’s bullet would have done that!” He look
ed againtoward Salvadore and Cliff.
“The bullets he hit you with weren’t silver!”
“Go restart the fire,” Salvadore order
ed as he walked away from the car and sat on the ground.
“We’re just going to leave Wilena?” Finn ask
. Salvadore’s only response is a throaty growl.
“I didn’t think you liked her,” Cliff taunted.
Finn slitted his eyes but before he could respond, Salvadore growled, “The fire!”
 Chastised, Finn hurried off to gather kindling and wood as Cliff turned
to Salvadore. “He’s right
bulletmust have been silver
.” Again Salvadore growled.
Did you catch
the cop’s
king his head, Salvadore grunted. “Cleaning fluids and death covered every scent in the place.”
the cop must have known something. No silver bullet ends up in your gun by accident.
“I’m wondering if this is some
kind of 
hunter town,” Salvadore snarle
. “Could we have wandered onto their
training grounds or something
? The brother of a witch…” Salvadore glare
into the darkness. “…
a cop with a silverbullet, that damn knife
. The only time we’ve run into more tha
n one hunter at a time was when they were hunting us.Neither Shepherd nor the brother of the boy I bit was expecting to come across us out here or they
’d have been armedwith more than that little knife. The sister definitely knows we’re here, and
apparently so does the cop, although whyhe has a silver bullet randomly loaded in th
is gun… I don’t think
any of them knew about us until we gave ourselvesaway by attacking those boys
but then why haven’t they
gone after the boy I bit?
I still don
t understand why we attacked them.
 Snarling, Salvadore dropped onto his back.
It was years ago. I was a young member of a pack. We
d settlednear an Indian reservation where the police didn
t care enough to bother us and the Indians, well, we didn
t think theycould do anything about our raids. We knew they had a couple of witches but they were easy enough to avoid duringour raids. We
d been there several months when we caught a boy. His mother was a witch and his brother one of thefew warlocks, although he was too young to fight yet. The boy we
d caught, after a little persuading, told us that morewitches were being brought in. That an attack was planned.We wouldn
t run. Instead, we called in some more talent too. Finn was one of the ones that came in to help.He was a loner. Got there just before the battle began. He wasn
t very good then either but during the battle he gothurt by one of the males and took out one of the witches. They were the Shepherd boy
s parents. We both owe thatfamily. I lost most of my pack that night and the rest later as they hunted us down. I broke off from the few left in mypack before the rest of them were killed. Finn stuck with me.
Were the Shepherd boy
s parents the leaders?
Shaking his head, Salvadore answered.
t know, but both of them killed several wolves before they weretaken out.
s lip curled away from his teeth.
It was clear though that they
ve been hunting the wolves thatsurvived that night. When Finn caught the scent we thought they were after us.
They weren
t then but it looks like they are now,
Cliff stated.Nodding, Salvadore growled.
We need to identify that cop and then find both him and the sister.
 Cliff nodded and
spoke. “We don’t know where
the cop or the witch
are, but we know exactly where the boy is.
He’s got that stone and the amulet
from Shepherd
s sister
. I bet he knows something more, even if he doesn’t know he
knows it.
Nodding as well, Salvadore added, “Somebody’s going to
tell us what the hell is going on around here
or blood’s
going to splatter
 Cliff let Salvadore sit for a moment
before he asked. “Are we going back for Wilena?”
 Cutting his eyes toward his second
in charge, Salvadore shook his head. “Who knows how many
other silverbullets they have.
No, I’m guessing that most of them aren’t hunters and don’t know anything about us or how we tick.
The police will be pulling that
bullet out of her. If it didn’t hit her heart she’ll heal and wake up. Her escape should
giveus some more answers.
Sitting in his Captain’s office, Weiss had just
told his version of what happened in the lab, excluding that his
bullet was silver and what he’d done with his mother’s ring
. Captain Mel Person sat forward in his chair and asked
, “So
ou went in to look at Shepherd’s body again?”
“To make sure we didn’t miss any mark that…”
“Mark?” Person sat up straight in his chair as he waited for Weiss’s answer.
Inverted cross, triple sixes, something indicating devil worship?
I don’t know
. Miller and I are lost on this case.I was just looking again for a clue.
I was hoping we’d missed
I wasn’t expecting to run into that group downthere.”
Any idea what they wanted?
With a shrug, Weiss rested his elbows on his knees. They’d
cabinet, moved his head, pulledopen his chest. They could be with the Shepherd woman and were coming for something she missed or they might befrom another group coming to do some collecting of their own. Whichever..

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