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Fire Alarm Using Therm is Tor Circuit Diagram

Fire Alarm Using Therm is Tor Circuit Diagram

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Published by mainakmisra007

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Published by: mainakmisra007 on May 15, 2012
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4/10/12 Fire Alarm Using Thermistor Circuit Diagram1/4www.extremecircuits.net/2009/07/fire-alarm-using-thermistor.html
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Fire Alarm Using Fire Alarm UsingFire Alarm UsingThermistorThermistorThermistor
 Author : Author :Circuit ProjectsCircuit ProjectsCategories:Categories: Alarm And Security Alarm And Security
Small and simple unit, Can beused for Home-Security purpose
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4/10/12 Fire Alarm Using Thermistor Circuit Diagram2/4www.extremecircuits.net/2009/07/fire-alarm-using-thermistor.html
In thisfire alarmcircuit, aThermistor works as the heat sensor. When temperature increases, itsresistancedecreases, and vice versa. At normal temperature, the resistance of theThermistor (TH1) is approximately 10 kilo-ohms, which reduces to a few ohms as thetemperature increases beyond 100 C. The circuit uses readily available components and canbe easily constructed on any general-purpose PCB.
Circuit Diagram:
Fire Alarm Circuit Diagram
R1 = 470RR2 = 470RR3 = 33KR5 = 560RR4 = 470RR6 = 47KR7 = 2.2KR8 = 470RC1 = 10uF-16VC2 = 0.04uF-63VC3 = 0.01uF-63VQ1 = BC548Q2 = BC558Q3 = SL100BD1 = Red LedD2 = 1N4001IC1 = NE555SPKR = 1W-8RTH1 = Thermistor-10K
Circuit Operation:
Timer IC NE555 (IC1) is wired as an astable multivibrator oscillating in audio frequency band.Switching transistors Q1 and Q2 drive multivibrator IC1. The output of IC1 is connected toNPN transistor Q3, which drives the loudspeaker (SPKR) to generate sound.The frequencyof IC1 depends on the values of resistors R6, R7 and capacitor C2. When Thermistor TH1becomes hot, it provides a low-resistance path to extend positive voltage to the base of transistor Q1 via diode D2 and resistor R3. Capacitor C1 charges up to the positive voltageand increases the ‘on’ time of alarm.The higher the value of capacitor C1, the higher theforward voltage applied to the base of transistor Q1. Since thecollector of transistor Q1 is
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4/10/12 Fire Alarm Using Thermistor Circuit Diagram3/4www.extremecircuits.net/2009/07/fire-alarm-using-thermistor.html
Door KnocK AlarmWith Timer Mains SupplyFailure AlarmCash Box GuardSmoke AlarmBattery LifeExtender connected to the base of transistor Q2, transistor Q2 provides positive voltage to reset pin 4of IC1. R5 is used such that IC1 remains inactive in the absence of positive voltage. D2 stopsdischarging of capacitor C1 when the Thermistor connected to the positive supply cools downand provides a high-resistance (10k) path. It also stops the conduction of Q1. To prevent theThermistor from melting, wrap it up in mica tape. The circuit works off a 6V-12Vregulatedpower supply. D1 is used to indicate that power to the circuit is switched on.
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 Fire Alarm Thermistor  Circuit Circuit Board
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 Fire Alarm Thermistor  Circuit Circuit Board
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 Fire Alarm Thermistor  Circuit Circuit Board

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