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NGFFL Minutes May 2012 Final

NGFFL Minutes May 2012 Final

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Published by Patrick McIntyre

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Published by: Patrick McIntyre on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NGFFL Minutes: 8 April 2012
7.30-9:00pm Eastern
Thurman Williams (DC), Lance Burage (ATL), Jared Garduno (PHX), Chris Cormier(DC), Phil Clawson (BOS), Patrick McIntyre (DC), Shawn Albritton (CHI)
Shane Kinkennon (DEN), Sam Lehman (NYC)
7.36: Meeting Commences (Thurman)
Thurman convenes meeting in Shane's absence (family emergency)
Quorum is 51% of all Board members (5 of 9)
Thurman reads NGFFL mission and vision
 7.40: Treasurer's Report (Thurman)
Balance is $7,518.52
Includes dues from most cities
Dallas, Michigan, Seattle, South Florida, and Toronto have yet to pay; Pittsburgh's check isin the mail
Phil: Were the expenses for trophies for Gay Bowl for last year? Jared: No. That expensewas for the Hall of Fame trophies
 7.44: Gay Bowl Task Force (Thurman and Lance)
Seeding will be determined by results going into the last day of Houston. Ties werebroken by the seeding coming out of pool play. Thurman and Lance will provide a pageexplaining the rationale and allocations
We need to come to agreement about drop-dead deadlines for new cities so we can giveappropriate time for interested cities to send additional teams
Question around seeding for two/multiple teams from the same city: There was discussionaround awarding seeds to teams or awarding them to cities. Lance noted that cities canchange team names, rosters, jerseys, etc, and that the NGFFL has to control over howcities organize themselves, nor whom they name to their rosters
Thurman noted that teams carry a brand value and awareness, and that some cities could
object if one of another city’s teams secured a seed, only to be assumed by a different
team from that city the following year
Lance responded that cities could already do that simply by swapping jerseys or a fewplayers, and the NGFFL would have no recourse over it
Lance noted that PMc proposed a change in roster of x% could prompt a review by theboard. Phil suggested this as well
Lance noted that that could prove to be an administrative nightmare, and at the end of theday, it should be up to the cities to organize and represent themselves
PMc noted that Atlanta, DC, and Denver, among other cities have reorganized, rebranded,and re-rostered themselves over the years. And at the end of 
the day, it’s the CITIES who
are competing for the Gay Bowl championship, not the individual teams per se. He agreed
that Lance’s proposal, whil
e imperfect, is the neatest, cleanest, and easiest given theextenuating circumstances of Houston from last year coupled with the start of divisionalplay this year
the Board unanimously agreed
that in the event a single city wins seeds for
two teams from the previous year’s Gay Bowl, and if that city returns two teams for the
next Gay Bowl, then that city has the right to determine which team assumes whichseed. The NGFFL has no control over what the cities name each team, how they rosterthemselves, nor what jerseys they wear. Therefore, the Board deems it appropriate toallow the city that owns the
seeds they’ve won to fill those seeds
with teams and rostersas they so choose. That said, the Board encourages cities to abide by the spirit of theresults of play from the previous Gay Bowl and not swap the seeds of relatively intactteams/rosters for any sort of perceived-seeding advantage. Cities that win two seeds fromthe previous Gay Bowl but return only one team to the following Gay Bowl will be awarded
the higher seed and will forfeit the lower seed, prompting the queue of teams below tomove up a slot
 After noting small revisions of the Task Force’s recommendations,
Jared moved to approvethe recommendations for divisional play; Phil seconded;
The Board adopted therecommendations for divisional play unanimously.
Shane joined the call for thevote and shared his vote AYE. Some key points to be stressed when communicating theplans with cities and participants:
The plan for divisional play will deliver an elegant balance of competition across allgames
The Wild Card system affords every city/team competing a chance to win thechampionship, no matter where they start at the beginning of the tournament
The new plan offers a more welcoming entry into the tournament for new cities.Similar to the NFL, higher-seeded teams will play a tougher, more competitiveschedule in pool play, and lower-seeded teams will play similar teams. The goal isto avoid blowouts and make each game more interesting. Bracket seeds will beawarded based on results of pool play in each division respectively
This provides an increased and appropriate level of excitement, competition, andsuspense for all players and fans
The plan appropriately reflects the growth and evolution of the sport andtournament
Full details for Divisional Play and the process for awarding seeds will be shared with City
Leaders in June during a call who’s date/time is TBD, and will follow a similar timeline to
years past
8.30: Second Teams (Thurman)
Houston and Atlanta have declared that they do not want a second team
We're still looking at 28 teams; could change if Lance feels enough qualified referees areavailable, although this is very unlikely
Once the deadline for dues hits, we'll start making our way down the list of cities who haveexpressed an interest in a second team
Chris would like to reserve our goal of slots for two new teams
In addition to Dallas, Lubbock might send a team
Lance: Should have set a fair deadline for new teams? Chris will reach out tomorrow tolearn how close they are to a determination.
PMc suggested the following solution: The Board will confirm first teams and award secondteams on May 31. If two new cities have not yet declared, provisional second teams willbe awarded to the next two second teams on the list. If new cities have not declared byJune 14, those provisional teams will be awarded the last remaining slots. The Boardagreed unanimously.
8.45: GBXIII Update (Thurman)
No cities have expressed interest in hosting in 2013 at this time
What is our Plan B?
San Diego is still thinking about it, but fields remain an issue
Philly has not indicated that they are ready
Phil: Boston is potentially interested
Jared: With our growth, we might need to be okay with have fields spread out over agiven host city
Everyone needs to continue pushing cities to step up
 8.47: Rules (Lance)
Suggestions came from Lance, Shawn, and Greg Turman
We are sending suggestions to city leaders for a member vote
Suggestions from Lance and Shawn
Mercy Rule recommendation: 36 point differential at 2:00 or less, game is over.Saves time and needless injury. PMc moved; Chris seconds; all approved2.
Run recommendation: If offense gained yardage on a run and accepts penalty,they lose their run (they gained yardage). If the penalty enforcement is behind theline, they retain their run. Jared moves; Phil seconds; all approved3.
Post Scrimmage Kick Foul recommendation: Penalty by receiving team while ball isin the air, penalty enforced from where the ball is caught. Aligns with all otherfootball. Jared moves; PMc seconds; all approved4.
recommendation: It’ 
s a dead ball foul if a player is off-sides andtouches the ball or a player; it's a live ball foul if no one/thing is touched. Alignswith college and pro football. PMc moves; Phil seconds; all approved5.
Illegal Substitution recommendation: Currently no penalty. Now must enterbetween downs, replaced player leaves within three seconds and is off before playstarts. 5 yard penalty. Jared moves; Chris seconds; all approved6.
Illegal forward pass and run just slightly over the line: Recommendation is that it'sstill an illegal forward pass, but it should not be a loss of a run. Currently a triplewhammy. This makes it a bit less extreme. PMc moves; Jared seconds; allapproved7.
Safety on a Try: Currently no rule. Rule in college is that Team A gets 1 point;
this is Lance’s recommendation
. Jared moves; PMc seconds; all approved8.
Critical Mass recommendation: Currently must begin game with 6 on field, but maycontinue with fewer. Recommendation is that less than 5 should be a forfeit(integrity of the game). Jared moves; PMc seconds; all approved9.
Delay of Game recommendation: Get rid of burning a timeout; 5 yard penalty andkeep current timeout count. Jared moves; Phil seconds; all approved10.
Misconduct and Fighting: Fighting with another player is ejection from currentgame and team's next game, and can lead to dismissal from tournament andfuture tournaments as determined by the board. If a player strikes an official, isthe same and can lead to current and future tournament dismissal. All approved
Greg Turman's suggestions come from the NIRSA rulebook, which Greg argues would helpthe Defense and reduce blowouts1.
Wants to move to a zone-line system, i.e. 20/40/40/20 etc. They use this in Atlanta. Boston uses a 60 yard field and has static 1st downs at the15/30/15. Phil and Lance see pros and cons, but don't see a pressing need tochange. Jared thinks it's a drastic change, and that our current structure is closerto the regular football experience. No motion to move2.
40 yard field: Lance - would make it harder to fit fields on pitches and couldreduce number of fields. This certainly would have been true when Atlantahosted, as well in DC (for four fi
elds across, there isn’t 20 yards to spare).
Nomotion to move3.
No run restrictions. Phil: Boston once had unlimited runs - led to a lot morecontact that led to more injuries. Jared - our rules are geared to involve as manypeople as possible; this proposal would give inordinate power to one player on thefield. No motion to move4.
One QB run per series, so whoever receives the snap is deemed QB. Would allowpitches back and running plays. No motion to move5.
Move rush puck from 5 yards to 1 yard. Not good for local leagues, where noteveryone is a great QB. Gay Bowl rules accommodate and support our localleagues. No motion to move6.
X on the 14: Not applicable given non-passage of previous suggestion. No motionto move
 Add 3 point Try from the 20: Could be fun and exciting. Jared moves; Chris seconds; all approved 

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