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Public Relations Social Media #NewhousePRSM Summer 2012 Syllabus

Public Relations Social Media #NewhousePRSM Summer 2012 Syllabus

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Newhouse Executive Education Master's In Communication Management Program.

Newhouse PRL600 003 Public Relations Social Media Class #NewhousePRSM
Newhouse Executive Education Master's In Communication Management Program.

Newhouse PRL600 003 Public Relations Social Media Class #NewhousePRSM

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Published by: Bill - Dr. William J. Ward on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRL 600 M003 (72437)
Selected Topics - Social Media 
Summer 2012Twelve Weeks
Online AsynchronousTues, May 15
Sat., May 19, 2012 Face to Face (Executive Education, Rm 327)
Professor: Dr. William Ward
email: dr4ward@me.comtwiiter @dr4wardoffice:
NH 2, 339 
 office hours: OpenTwitter Class Hashtag #NewhousePRSM
Class Description:
This fast paced course examines the strategic use of digitaland social media platforms and tools for PR and professional purposes. There isan emphasis on hands-on experience and skill. Students will analyze variousdigital and social media platforms and tools for developing professional profiles,creating professional learning networks, creating professional content,engagement, and collaboration. Students will learn how to use social media toconduct research, improve job performance, increase marketing and PublicRelations effectiveness and efficiency, and develop strategies for integrating,evaluating and planning Social Media to achieve positive results in any field orindustry. Students will also critically assess the pros, cons, and futuredevelopments related to this rapidly evolving medium.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this class students should, among otherthings:
understand the culture of professional social engagement and sociallyenabled organizations and professions;
develop team building and collaborations skills through the professionaluse and integration of multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, and Google+.
gain insight through hands-on technical experience with professionalsocial sharing, listening, monitoring, and analytics using Hootsuite Pro(Hootsuite Certification) and other digital tools;
evaluate internal and external social media strategy and integration froman interdisciplinary perspective across multiple departments and industries
apply Social Media best practice in a variety of industries and situations ina rapidly changing landscape
Course Texts / Resources:
. Course readings and content will also be delivered
digital and online and mostly available for free. You will be able to access coursereadings and content daily/weekly. Case studies, readings, videos, industry guestspeakers, and other course content will be delivered using numerous Digital andSocial Media platforms and tools
Course Resources
:There are two required texts for this course. A number of additional readings will beprovided as the semester progresses. In order to keep up with class discussion andlectures, you will need to complete the assigned readings
to coming to class.
David Meerman Scott (2012).
Real-Time Marketing & PR 
David Meerman Scott (2012).
(Both books are available on Amazon, Kindle, and iPad)
Social Media and Digital Platforms including RSS feeds, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter,Google / G+,
Facebook … and many more.
Requirements: You will be required to bring your laptop and/or tabletdevices to every class.
Mobile Smartphone use is also encouraged during classbut you will still need to bring your laptop and/or tablet every time. Smartphonesdo not allow enough editing and viewing capabilities to be sufficient for classpurposes.
Grade Determination:
Your final grade will be based upon the following:Weekly Social Media Engagement +Klout/Kred Score 150pts / 25%Two Outside Events 150pts / 25%Weekly Assignments 150pts / 25%Individual/ Team Teaching Presentation 150 pts / 25%Total Points 600 pts / 100%
Grading Scale:
100% A90
92 A-87
89 B+83
86 B80
82 B-77
79 C+73
76 C70
72 C-67 - 69 D+63 - 66 D/ 60
62 D- /59 or less Epic Fail
Students will learn by doing. Students will gain hands on experience withnew digital tools and social media platforms to understand and evaluate bestpractices and strategy being used by professionals today.
Classroom Expectations:
I enjoy an open and informal classroom atmosphere.You are encouraged to share information and personal experiences, and ask
questions during lectures and online discussions. The most effective learningtakes place during two-way communication. Your classroom participation isencouraged inside and out of the classroom and your grade will reflect yourcontributions. Digital and Social Media participation is mandatory.
Weekly Social Media Participation + Klout/Kred Score (25%):
Being presenton and contributing to class discussions face-to-face and online will result in ahigher grade. Digital and Social Media participation is mandatory.
Two Outside Events (25%):
Learning does not take place once a week duringclass but on a frequent and regular basis. Attend two outside events and sharethem with the class via social media. Examples: Workshop, seminar, webinar,Podcast, etc.
Weekly Assignments (25%):
Students learn by doing. Weekly assignmentswill require application and use of digital and mobile tools and social mediaplatforms used for professional purposes. Digital and Social Media participationis mandatory.
Individual or Team Teaching Presentation (Theory or Case Study 25%)
:Student will design, implement, and present a multi-
media „deep dive‟
presentation, case study, or social media plan to teach the class on some aspectof the course subject matter. Individual or team teaching will include 15 minutemulti-media presentations followed by discussion. Examples of Presentationsubjects include but are not limited to: case study of integrated social media bestpractice, an in-depth analysis of a particular digital tool or social media platform,a look at social marketing in different fields, Social Media Strategic Plan, etc.Instructor approval is required.
Class Schedule:
The following schedule is for reference only. The dates, otherthan the final exam date, are approximates. We will make every attempt to stayas close to these target dates as possible. Topics are subject to change.

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