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Radio-logical Hysteria, Plagiarism & Depopulation

Radio-logical Hysteria, Plagiarism & Depopulation

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Published by Jeff Wefferson

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jeff Wefferson on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“350,000 people will have to be eliminated every day in order to sustain the planet. It's a terriblething to say but somebody has to say it.” Dr. Jacques Cousteau
 [And somebody has to do it...but let's'save the whales ok?] 
NOTE FROM JEFF: I hadn't planned to do another nuclear posting so soon but i've been troubledby the all the hype and attention being put onto Building/reactor 4 and its spent fuel pool atFukushima. It's distracting us from what we REALLY need to focus on, that is, 'coming forth byday.' Even though the REAL mass-extinction level was reached within a week of the originalcatastrophe, due mainly to at least two spent fuel pools that vapourized, releasing untold quantities of plutonium into the biosphere, NOW all of a sudden the impending collapse of Building 4 is going tobe 'the end of the world' and so on. It doesn't make sense, yet a lot of who have seemed to be nuclear'good guys' are making this 'end of the world' pitch. A few months ago the big fear thing was'impending nuclear war with Iran'. Now it's shifted to 'impending collapse of Building 4.' The focusof attention has shifted, yet the underlying dangers remain the same. The pro-nuclear psy-ops and'perception management' teams have surely learned that a well-managed public mind needs aconstantly renewed threat to focus its attention on; habituation brings inattention. The mind-managers are implicitly telling us that even the slightest breeze from the ocean could cause thecollapse of Building 4; isn’t it a given that it could very easily be brought down on purpose, especiallygiven the massive 'unnatural disaster' anomalies of the whole Fukushima thing? For those of us whoeven have Fukushima...or reality in general..on our radar, rather than worrying about stocking up onpotassium iodide pills and contacting real estate agents in South America, wouldn't we be better off making a SERIOUS not only to go to the proverbial 'next level' we've always heard about, but beforethat, to consider what that actually means?MANY THANKS to Dr. Alexey Yablokov (first image) for his on-going contributions to a TRUEunderstanding of the global effects of synthetic radio-nuclides.GLOBAL RADIO-LOGICAL UPDATE: PLAGIARISM, HYPE, HYSTERIA, HIDDEN AGENDASand DEPOPULATION
Last week Dr. Alexey Yablokov, co-author of Chernobyl: Consequences of theCatastrophe for People and the Environment emailed to thank and compliment forand on my ‘global radio-logical catastrophe’ article. This meant a lot to me, asAlexey is THE top ‘all things nuclear’ mind on the planet. At the beginning of thisarticle I quote Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, another brilliant Russian scientific minduncompromised by fear or autocracy.A couple weeks ago I also emailed Dr. Mark Sircus to thank him for his efforts tokeep the nuclear thing on the public radar, but also guiding him to a clearer vision of the reality of the situation. Here is my email to him:
“Mark...you might like to read my latest thing here:
'Generation 'F': How Humanity is Winning the War on Itself" 
http://renavigating-the-human-process.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/generation-f-how-humanity-is-winning.htmlThe whole global nuclear thing cannot really be thought about or comprehended by our minds. The
scenario is THE primary example of how science and technology have advanced with a life of their own yet people in general are walking around with the exact same mentality as a thousand years ago.Since the dawn of 'civilization' we have descended into an identification with matter and forgotten that weare essentially spiritual beings, that consciousness is primary and matter secondary.We have been in denial of our spiritual nature for so long that now we've trashed our beautiful 'Garden of Eden' that served as our 'laboratory of incarnation' in which to learn and grow in the unique circumstance of spiritual beings inhabiting beautiful biological bodies on a beautiful Mother Earth.We've neglected and denied the real reality for so long and actively participated in the damage to theEarth...'digging precious things from the land' is really where it started...and our family of life that now, our collective karma is biting us in the ass.Fukushima is pure karmic consequence. Ultimately, we each come into this 'life' with a finite 'life-span.' Ina spiritual society, 'death' is an illusion and is welcomed as a new journey, a celebration of remembranceand return to our origin in the consciousness of creativity and love, what the ancient Egyptians called'coming forth by day.' What we call 'death' is really WAKING UP.The shamanic initiation is about waking up at these levels while still in this body. THIS IS WHEREHUMANITY IS AT RIGHT NOW.WE HAVE TO WAKE TOTALLY UP TO THE REALITY THAT WE ARE CONSCIOUSNESS, WEARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS. WHEN WE DO THIS WE STOP DESTROYING OUR WORLD ANDOURSELVES.We may well have already rendered the Earth uninhabitable for life as we know her beginning in the near future. What does this mean karmically for each and every one of us? What are the implications for thehuman experiment, for all other larger life-forms on Mother Earth?cheers and keep in touch jeff in nz
Here is Dr. Sircus’ response:
"Some solid thoughts and I will write an essay addressing his essay and will bring inyour thoughts which pretty much equal mine. My intuitive calculations is that we willget about 10 percent of what the northern hemisphere is going to get....but tenpercent of a civilization destroying planetary biosphere contamination is stillhuge.....like on the beach.....I am in the middle of the south american continent...in avalley....does not get any better and I would not lead my family underground...Mark"
I had also suggested to Sircus that he communicate my ideas to his mate MikeAdams, the
Natural News
 “health ranger” who has been keeping the nuclear thingalive as well, but not exactly telling it like it is.I was somewhat shocked to read MY OWN WORDS in this posting from Dr. Sircus afew days later, yet with no reference to me.
MY words are in bold
The creation, accumulation, “stock-piling” and dispersal of incomprehensibly astronomicalquantities of synthetic radio-nuclides represents a planetary biological weapons system
aimed rightdown the throat of humanity and its children. We have failed ourselves and we have certainly failedhumanity’s children. We are robbing them of their future and this is one of the ugliest truths about us. Youcan clearly see the banks and top government officials around the world doing that financially, but when itcomes to radiation contamination, it’s forever.Immanuel Velikovsky wrote in his book, Earth in Upheaval,
“Denial, omission, marginalization,disinformation and outright lies have surrounded every aspect of ‘the peaceful atom.’ In the wake of Fukushima, public relations, the engineering of consent, and reality-inversion have reachedunprecedented levels of incredulity. The global mass-media apparatus continues to be instrumental inmaintaining the ‘deafening silence’ on all things nuclear. Meanwhile, the radioactive fires rage on,bringing ‘hot particles’, cancer and mutation to every corner of the globe.”
This has been lifted straight out of my posting below:http://geo-terrorism.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/global-radio-logical-catastrophe-and.htmlAs well, Immanuel Velikovsky (who died in 1979) said NONE of this…I did. I’m notlooking for ‘credit’ here but Sircus would do very well 1) to get his informationstraight and more importantly, 2) acknowledge where his information is coming from.This is pure honesty and integrity in networking and journalism. It can also be called ‘plagiarism’ but we won’t go there, not yet anyway. I will also refrain from criticizingSircus on his clinging to ‘religion’ instead of embracing inner spiritual strength andcreativity.
In the past two or three weeks there’s been elevated levels of ‘news’ aboutFukushima’s impending ‘threat to humanity’, due to the precariousness of the reactorand spent fuel pool of Building 4. In the wake of Senator Wyden’s visit there,Fukushima has suddenly become an ‘international problem’ and U.S. ‘nationalsecurity’ issue. Duh? It’s all quite suspicious.As I reported in my posting from a week or two ago:
“A very small number of spent fuel rods contain enough plutonium to kill all human beings if 'properly' distributed; by reasonable estimates there have been HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDSOF INDIVIDUAL RODS that have rubbleized and/or vapourized since March 2011…THESITUATION HAS BEEN AT 'MASS EXTINCTION' LEVEL SINCE THE FIRST WEEK AFTER ITBEGAN. All we're talking now is ASTRONOMICAL OVER-KILL LEVELS. The southernhemisphere ultimately is no safer than the north, people here will just mutate and die slightlylater. But it's not going to happen over-night...it might take a generation or two or three.
To the point:
Mike Adams, Arnie Gunderson, Michio Kaku
and others seem to bekeeping us informed BUT the reality is that what they are talking about ALREADYHAPPENED IN THE FIRST WEEK OF THE FUKUSHIMA DISASTER. With TWO SPENTFUEL POOLS VAPOURIZED back then, THIS was the ‘nail in the coffin of humanity’ if there has ever been one. The deception or disinformation is that the collapse of building four and/or the destruction of its spent fuel pool will take it all TO ANOTHERLEVEL OF CONTAMINATION. The reality is that this would make it all much worse,

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