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The Civil War On Secrecy

The Civil War On Secrecy

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A civil war on secrecy is a non violent action.

It is not a war at all.

It is a revolution.

It is called A Truth Revolution.
A civil war on secrecy is a non violent action.

It is not a war at all.

It is a revolution.

It is called A Truth Revolution.

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on May 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Civil War On Secrecy
written by Daniel J TowseyA civil war on secrecy is a non violent action.It is not a war at all.It is a revolution.It is called A Truth Revolution.The Truth Revolution is now happening world wide.This has been possible thanks to the two young Canadian inventers from a University inToronto Canada in the late 1970’sThey had an idea.They, like most young people from the hippy generation knew and realized the serious problem humanity and this planet faced.They knew that a world wide truth revolution was needed.So they started to create an electronic truth file sharing device.A device that could be used to share files all over the world with other truthers.That used the existing land line telephone networks to send the information.That device is now known as a computer.The telephone network then became known as the World Wide Web.Then the corporations created their network we call, the internet. Now the free world wide web is being dismantled.It is being replaced by internet two, which will only serve corrupt corporate interests.But the silent world wide truth revolution has taken hold.The truth revolution is a leaderless resistance to organized corruption.
Today there are now billions of people who have woken up to the realization that therein deed is a world wide crime syndicate machine at work.We truthers and others in politics call this The New World Order or also it is known asThe Matrix.Unfortunately for humanity.This New World Order is completely insane and extremely destructive.We have a leaderless world wide truth revolution because the New World Order has been killing all our social leaders.Such as Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy and the other Kennedys, Michael Jackson,John Lennon and many other musicians that have inspired the peoples of this planet.All our social leaders all over the world have been destroyed.The list of amazing intelectual truthers that have been killed is endless.The first one I can see, was Jesus.Which is why I previously wrote.
Jesus the worlds first recognized activist.
So now the only answer remaining to save humanity and this planet is a civil truth war.Our social leaders have given you the common peoples of this planet their very lives.It is time for you to take the light of truth torch and spread the light world wide.You need to bring the bright enlightenment of truth to everyone.You need to share that flame with all those you meet that live in the oppressive darknessof evil created by the New World Order Banksters.You, the individual are the last hope for humanity and this planet.You do not need to know or fully understand the Matrix of evil.
All you need to do is contribute your little piece of truth to the world wide truth revolu-tion.It matters not what that truth maybe.This world wide truth revolution is not about one truth.It not about just your truth.The world today is very very sick.It is mentally ill.That mental illness goes very deep into the workings of humanity.It is so deep that it is total.It is total insanity.That insaity has come into existance due to only one single event.That insanity is known as the New World Order.If you understand the statement that truth is absolute and that the further you go fromtruth, the sooner you arrive at the opposite absolute being insanity.You will understand the mental illness that has grown from the creation of the first cor- poration.Please read my article entitled
“Creation of first corporation”
to get the full under-standing.Today and for only a very short time remaining.You still have a chance to tap into what is remaining of the free world wide web of truth.But hurry.You need to pick up the seeds of truth and start planting them in peoples minds.Your participation in the civil war on secrecy is absolutely the only thing that will saveyou and everything that is beautiful, healthy and natural.

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