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Letters That Have Helped Me by Judge, William Quan, 1851-1896

Letters That Have Helped Me by Judge, William Quan, 1851-1896

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Published by 89432118b

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Published by: 89432118b on May 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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United Lodge of Theosophists946 Pacific BuildingMarket at Fourth. San Fr.v^ ^^^ .cLj*?? 4+t~**Sjfrz/ C>~Z7LETTERSTHATHAVE HELPED ME
COMPILED BYJASPER NIEMANDReprinted from "The Path"SEVENTH EDITIONTHEUNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTSLos Angeles, California1920ToZ. L. Z.the Greatest ofthe Exiles, and Friendof all Creatures, from hisYounger Brother, the Compiler.
JASPER NIEMAND1891PREFACE"Seeking for freedom I go to that Godwho is the light of his own thoughts. Aman who knows him truly passes overdeath; there is no other path to go"Upanishads.In the Path for May, 1887, we find these words:"We need a literature, not solely for highly intellectualpersons, but of a more simple character, which attemptsto appeal to ordinary common-sense minds who arereally fainting for such moral and mental assistance asis not reached by the more pretentious works."The experience of one student is, on the whole, theexperience of all. Details differ, however. Some aremade more instantly rich than others: they are thosewho put forth more vigorous and generous effort; orthey have a Karmic store which brings aid. WhatTheosophists know as Karma, or the law of spiritualaction and reaction, decides this, as it works on all theplanes, physical, moral, mental, psychical, and spiritualalike. Our Karma may be worked out on any one ofthese planes when our life is chiefly concentrated uponit, no matter upon what other plane any special initia-tive impulse or branch of it originated.The writer, when first he became a Theosophical stu-dent, had the aid of an advanced occultist in his studies.This friend sent him, among others, the letters which,

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