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Rendezvous at 12

Rendezvous at 12

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Published by UltimateSyndicate

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Published by: UltimateSyndicate on May 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rendezvous At 12ByErik Appelkvist
RENDEZVOUS AT 12SCENE: 1 EXT.NEW YORK-MID-DAY(PRESIDENT STINSON WALKING AND TALKING WITH MASON)MASON:President are you sure its safe to be walking on thestreet with no protection?PRESIDENT STINSON:Well that’s what you are here for isn’t it Mason?MASON:(SARCASTICALLY)Very funny...PRESIDENT STINSON:(CALMLY)Relax Mason everything will be fine.MASON:As you say.PRESIDENT STINSON:Now back to the matter at hand... I am to hold a publicspeaking in central park one week from tomorrow. You ofcourse have ultimate and unlimited access. You willenter from W 72nd street and central park west. A manby the name of James Crook will ask you for ID justflash him your badge and walk through.MASON:Of course Mr. President sir.PRESIDENT STINSON:I doubt you will remember this by heart Mason so writeit down.MASON:Yes of course sir.PRESIDENT STINSON:Very well then Mason this is my hotel thank you for theescort. I will see you in a week. Where is yourentrance?MASON:W 72nd street and Central Park West Sir.PRESIDENT STINSON:Very good. Good bye Mason.SOUND: RADIO CHANNEL JINGLE(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.RADIO REPORTER:We will take a short break and send you to commercialbut please sit tight as this screening of "RendezvousAt 12"CommercialSOUND: COMMERCIAL JINGLECOMMERCIAL MAN:Do you know why 3/5 people use oxydent toothpaste?Well i’ll tell you why. No other tooth paste whitensyou teeth and keeps plaque out of you mouth!SOUND: RADIO CHANNEL JINGLERADIO REPORTER:We welcome you back here to radio 1.Now back to the screening of "Rendezvous At 12"SCENE: 2 INT.NEW YORK-MIDNIGHT(4 DAYS LATER; MASON FINDS OUT ABOUT THEASSASSINATION PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT.)MASON:Yes. Yes. Yes of course. I understand but this is anurgent cause!WHITE HOUSE PHONE OPERATOR:There is no exception not even for you Mason. I’m notgoing to wake the secretary of defense just so you canspeak him.MASON:(STRESSED)You don’t understand the president is in grave danger!There is a plot to assassinate him at his speech inthree days! An organization called Viper lead byRussian outlaw Evgeny KuznetzouvWHITE HOUSE PHONE OPERATOR:Why did you not say that before! Here i will redirectyou to him immediately.EVGENY KUZNETZOUV:Damn it! Those American infidels know to much! I mustact quickly! Thanks Dmitri for tapping into that callfor me.DMITRI:nichego ne bylo (russian for it was nothing)SOUND: PHONE BEEPING(CONTINUED)

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