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To Take the Water

To Take the Water

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Published by Kenneth Dudley

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Published by: Kenneth Dudley on May 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“To take the water” From “The Homestead” – Hot Springs, VirginiaExcerpt from Dulce Book – Chapter 3"The
have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system isatrophied and not functional... In order to sustain them they useenzyme or hormonal secretions obtained from the tissues that theyextract from humans and animals."The secretions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen peroxide [to killgerms, viruses, etc.] and applied on the skin by spreading or dippingparts of their bodies in the solution.The body absorbs the solution, and then excretes the waste back throughthe skin.(Urine is also excreted through the skin in this manner, which mayexplain the ammonia-like STENCH that many abductees or witnesses havereported during encounters with the grey-type 'aliens'. - Branton).The Business CouncilGrant McConnell had only one hesitation in suggesting that the politicsof business were conducted in narrow interest groups. That was theexistence of the Business Council. Calling it "one of the moreremarkable groups ever associated with the government," McConnell basedhis account on the small amount of information on its advisoryfunctions that investigators had been able to obtain from the tight-lipped Department of Commerce up until the mid 1960's.McConnell noted that in the 1940's and 1950's the Council included across-section of the major business leaders in the nation. Itheld six meetings a year, some in Washington, some in resortsettings like Sea Island, Georgia and Hot Springs,Virginia.Major government officials were in attendance at the meetings,which were strictly confidential. The council also preparedreports on a wide variety of general issues to give togovernment leaders. The expenses for meetings and reports werepaid by private contributions.The Business Council, which was created in 1933 as an adjunct to theDepartment of Commerce, made a unilateral withdrawal from itsquasi-governmental status in 1962 because of a small flap withthe Kennedy administration. North Carolina businessman Luther H.Hodges, serving as Kennedy's Secretary of Commerce, asked thecouncil to include more small-business representatives and toallow reporters to cover its meetings. He was responding in partto congressional and journalistic criticisms of the council'sexclusive relationship with government, and in part to the factthat its chairperson at the time, Ralph Cordiner of GeneralElectric, was in the limelight because of a gigantic pricefixing scandal in the electrical equipment industry. Rather thantotally accept Hodges' suggestions, the Business AdvisoryCouncil, as it was then called, quietly told the government that
it was changing its name to the Business Council and becoming anindependent organization which would offer its advice to allagencies of the government.Because it cultivates what a congressional committee called "an aura ofsecrecy," there is very little systematic evidence on thefunctioning of the Business Council. However, one of my formerresearch assistants undertook a careful observational study forme of its May 1972 meeting. The four-day gathering was held inthe lavish Homestead Hotel in Hot Springs,Virginia, a town ofless than 2,500 people, and 50 miles from Washington. Councilmembers heard speeches by government officials, conducted panelson problems of general concern, received reports from hiredstaff and talked informally with each other and the governmentofficials in attendance.
Today, the Council meets three times a year in a collegial atmosphereto share and explore ideas. As a gathering of peers from manyfields, the Council is entirely an educational and deliberativeforum. It never takes positions as an organization and does notadvocate any policy or course of action.The meetings were held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere thatreinforced the feeling of camaraderie between the business andgovernment participants.
Discussion sessions were alternatedwith social events, including golf tournaments, tennis matchesand banquet-style dinners for members, guests and wives. Theguest list included the chairman of the Federal Reserve System,the Secretary of the Army, the Director of the CIA, theSecretary of State, the Secretary of Commerce, the Chairman ofthe Council of Economic Advisers and a Special Assistant to thePresident.Bilderberg Group – Illuminati – formed 1776 in Bavaria by AdamWeishaupt – based on the ideals by Plato John Ruskin – ‘A SecretDisciple of the Illuminati’ – Original Round Table Group formed in2/5/1881 by Cecil Rhodes a fan of Ruskin. 'The first meeting thatbrought Americans and Europeans together took place under thechairmanship of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands at theBilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, from 29th May to 31st May,1954. Ever since, the meetings have been called Bilderberg Meetings
History of “The Homestead” – Hot Springs, Virginia
George Washington visited land area in 1755 and 1756Jefferson Men’s Pool opened June 1, 1761Thomas Bullett – received grant for 300 acres of land June 27, 1764
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Visit 1818-1820Acquired by Dr Thomas Goode 1832 – Famous for “The Spout and the Boiler”President and Mrs. Tyler 1845The Great Blizzard and Freeze Jan 18-19, 1857, 12+ inches of snowGeneral R.E. Lee visited Aug 9-29, 1870Edison Electric Company formed Sept 1878 (not really Homestead history)Edison Electric Lamp Co, the Edison Machine Works 1881J Pierpont Morgan – bought resort in 1888Purchased by Southern Improvement Company – M.E. Ingalls, President ofthe Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 1890New Homestead Hotel, stable, golf, and spa build 1892Abner Anthony, Black, Lynched for Rape 1893Joseph Alfred Andrews – ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology 1896Benjamin Harrison and McKinley Presidents 1899Thomas Edison supplied the first electric plant 1900Fire destroyed most of buildings 1901Grand opening March 10, 1902Virginia Bar Association 14
annual meeting Aug 5, 6, 7 1902Virginia Bar Association Aug 21-27, 1903West Wing Opened in 1904Southern Hardware Jobbers Association June 7, 1905William H Taft – Visited July 7, 1908 – telegram sentThe Rights of Labor, By William Taft, Editor Thomas Edison Aug 3, 1908Virginia Bar Association Aug 5, 1908 – William H Taft – candidate forUS President – The Rights of Labor (recorded by Thomas Edison)Speech by William H Taft – recorded Aug 8, 1908The Statesman’s Playtime – March 16 1909 William H TaftVirginia Bar Association Aug 8,9,10 191136 Zander Machines installed the sauna at the Homestead 1911

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