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C3 Momentum - Winter 2009

C3 Momentum - Winter 2009

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Published by c3colorectal
C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition's quarterly newsletter
C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition's quarterly newsletter

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Published by: c3colorectal on Dec 23, 2008
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Major Progress in 2008 Brightens Hope for Future
By Mary M. Miller
Colorectal cancer used to be the“unmentionable cancer” not discussedin polite company. Today, colorectalcancer survivors and advocates paradethrough the halls o Congress proudlysporting “Cover Your Butt” T-shirts,making sure their stories are heard andaction is taken.Ten years ago, there was one drug totreat colorectal cancer. Today thereare seven, including three targetedmonoclonal antibodies. Researchersare pinpointing gene mutations thatbegin to explain why some cancersoccur or some drugs don’t work orsome people. Surgeons are developingnew techniques to successully treatcancers that have spread beyond thecolon.But even with remarkable advances intreatment, it’s achingly clear that this
1414 Prince Street, Suite 204, Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 548-1225 • www.FightColorectalCancer.org
cancer can be prevented very oten, orcured i ound early enough. Yet nearlyhal o Americans over age 50 don’t getscreened or colorectal cancer.The Colorectal Cancer Coalition’s(C3’s) mission is to win the ghtagainst colorectal cancer throughresearch, empowerment and access.“C3 plays a key role in advocating or patients at the highest levels. Its voiceis heard loud and clear by Congress,the National Institutes o Health, andby leaders in academic oncology,” saidDr. Neal Meropol, Chair o the NationalCancer Institute’s Colon Task Force.This issue o 
summarizessome o the past year’s most importantmedical advances, plus how C3 sta and advocates make your voice heardin the ght against colorectal cancer.
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CALL-ONCONGRESS ......................................
IN SCIENCE ......................................
LEGISLATIVE FRONT ......................
YOUR EXERCISE ..............................
 Moving towards better care and a cure
C3:  MomentumC3:  Momentum
Winning the fght against colorectal cancer 
C3 Advocates take on Washington, DC at Call-on Congress, March 2008C3 Research Advocacy Training,January 2008
President-ElectBarack Obama willsoon take the oath o oce. However you voted in the 2008 election, we all knowthat the new Administration, alongwith a new Congress, will change ourgovernment. As I watched Senator John McCain’sgracious concession speech, I wasstruck by his reminder that we areall Americans, and that by
we can move the UnitedStates orward. As I watchedPresident-Elect Obama’s acceptancespeech, I was equally struck by hisending, “Yes we can.”
Together, we can win the fghtagainst colorectal cancer.
C3 wasounded with the knowledge thatcolorectal cancer can be eliminated.During the election cycle, we beganconnecting with potential new leadersin Congress and the Administration sothat we can start 2009 running.Here’s what we can do:Press Congress to create a national
screening program or colorectalcancer, modeled ater the NationalBreast and Cervical CancerScreening program that was createdin the late 1990s and has alreadyhelped over three million women.Work with the National Cancer
Institute (NCI) to und researchthat will result in simpler, accuratescreening tests, and bettertreatments or patients.Urge Congress to increase research
unding at the NCI (see page 6)through legislation that will beintroduced by Senators Ted Kennedy(D-MA) and Kay Bailey Hutchison(R-TX).Work with the NCI and the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) toensure that research results reach patients quickly.
Board of Directors
Nancy Roach
 Board Chair 
 Alan Balch, Ph.D,
Vice Chair 
Greg Crats,
Robert Erwin,
 Board Secretary
Carlea Bauman,
Steven Depp, Ph.D. Andrew Giusti, Ph.D.
Medical Review Network 
Nancy Baxter, MD, FRCSC
University o Toronto
 Al B. Benson III, MD, FACP
 Northwestern University
Richard Goldberg, MD
University o North Carolina
 Axel Grothey, MD
 Mayo Clinic College o Medicine
Heinz-Joseph Lenz, MD, FACP
University o Southern Caliornia
John Marshall, MD
Georgetown University Medical Center 
Howard McLeod, PharmD
University o North Carolina
Neal Meropol, MD
 Fox Chase Cancer Center 
Edith Mitchell, MD
Thomas Jeerson University
Daniel Sargent, PhD
 Mayo Clinic College o Medicine
Joel Tepper, MD
University o North Carolina
Together We Can
By Carlea Bauman
Push Congress to ensure that the
FDA is no longer overburdened andunderunded.Work with the FDA to ensure that
the needs o colorectal cancer patients are represented during thedrug and device review process.
Together, we can work or change.
Congress and the President
report to us, the voters. And theylisten to us, especially when wespeak loudly. Reach out to thenew president, your senators andrepresentative. Make sure theyknow you expect them to makecolorectal cancer a national priorityby supporting these initiatives. Logon to
totake action.Ramp up your ght against
colorectal cancer by joining C3 atthe Call-on Congress in Washington,DC (page 3). Ater three days o camaraderie, advocacy training andace-to-ace meetings with yourelected ocials, you will be parto C3’s core eorts to eliminatecolorectal cancer. As we look orward to the uture,
C3 is also celebrating what’shappened in the last year. Lookat pages 4 and 5 and take pridein knowing that your support o C3 made those accomplishments possible. Consider investing in ouruture eorts with a donation withthe enclosed envelope or at
www. FightColorectalCancer.org/Donate
. And as always, we want to celebratethe real heroes o the ght againstcolorectal cancer: the patients who participate in clinical trials. C3 helpsmatch patients to available clinicaltrials, which provide the buildingblocks or development o newtreatments and techniques. Interestedolks can call the C3 Answer Line at877-427-2111 or more inormation.
Together, we can build a better world. Together, we can beatcolorectal cancer.
C3 headquarters is on the move!
We outgrew our space and moved toa new oce.You can now reach us at:
1414 Prince StreetSuite #204
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Our phone and fax numbershave not changed:
Phone: 703-548-1225
Fax: 202-315-3871
Answer Line: 877-427-2111
C3 Momentum Winter 2009
Register Now and JoinC3’s Call-on Congress
By Carlene Canton
For the third consecutive year, C3invites anyone touched by colorectalcancer in any way – as a patient,caregiver, amily member, riend, ormedical proessional – to come toWashington, DC and speak out.Speak out or research dollars thatbring us closer to a cure.Speak out or insurance-coveredscreenings that prevent colon cancer ornd it early when it is most curable.Speak out or health care reorms sothat illness doesn’t lead to bankruptcy.Speak out or your loved ones who losttheir personal battle and cannot speakout or themselves.Speak out or your loved ones who mayace colorectal cancer in their uture.
Rev. VaughnProt-Breaux
C3’s Annual Call-on Congress:A chance to visit our nation’s capitalas a constituent with a mission and amessage.
March 22-March 25, 2009
Halls o Congress,Washington, DC
Register today with C3 andlearn how to take your ght out o thedoctor’s oce and into Congress. The deadline to register (Feb. 2,2009) is ast approaching. Visit
CallonCongress2009 to register.
Because it makes a diference!Your voice will be one o many thatelected ocials will hear. It could bethe one that reaches their hearts andnot just their ears.
Meet One C3 Advocate Who Calledon Congress and Left ‘Empowered’
My name is Rev. Vaughn Prot-Breaux and Iam a colorectalcancer survivor.My experiencewith last year’sCall-on Congresswas both powerul andempowering.I decided to participatebecause I needed to advocate onbehal o those, like me, who didn’thave insurance at the time o mydiagnosis.This was not the rst time I havelobbied on issues o importance.However, it was the rst time I havelobbied on behal o something o such personal importance. Lives will be lostor saved as a result o what we do.C3 gave me the tools I needed tolobby eectively and make proposalsto the sta o my representative andtwo senators. The training helped laythe groundwork or my grassrootslobbying eorts.One o my avorite parts o the eventwas the opportunity to meet peoplerom around the country who were at varying levels o treatment or recoveryrom colorectal cancer. All o us learned that working together,we can push this ght orward.Margaret Mead said “Never doubt thata small group o thoughtul, committedcitizens can change the world. Indeed,it is the only thing that ever has.” Call-on Congress is your chance to be oneo those citizens.
What you do. What you get.
During Call-on Congress, your three daysin Washington, DC will include:A welcome dinner to meet your fellow
advocates – many destined to becomevery good friends!A day of training in grassroots
lobbying from the professionals, ledby Joe Arite, C3 Director of Policy. “Ouradvocates are briefed on the ins andouts of the legislative process andon C3’s legislative priorities,” he said.“They prepare short statements thatget their points across eciently andeectively and train in presentingthose statements to their electedrepresentatives.”A day of meetings with elected ocials
on Capitol Hill during the day. It’s achance to see how the system works bybeing a part of it.An evening of celebrating your
newfound inner-lobbyist with your newfriends at a special Advocate AwardsDinner after your day of being “on theHill.”And you’ll get your own coveted “Cover
Your Butt” T-shirt to announce yourallegiance loud and clear!Your cost for this three-day event is $150plus travel and lodging.For more information, visit http://advocacy.ghtcrc.org/CallonCongress2009 or email joe.arite@FightColorectalCancer.org

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