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summer training report

summer training report

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Published by Payal Gupta

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Published by: Payal Gupta on May 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONEXECUTIVE SUMMARYCompanies offering product or services will need to understand thisnew face of the company/institute. The changing demographicprofile of the population in terms of education, income, size of thefamily and so on, are important but what will be more substantive indays to come will be the psychographics of the organizations howthey feel , think or behave. Marketers will have to constantlymonitor and understand the underlying psycho graphics to maptheir respective industries are moving and decide what needs to bedone, by way of adding value that motivates organizations to buythe company's products and influence the future industry structure.
Keeping in view such stiff competition, it’s a miniscule effort from
my side under which I have tried to fulfill the following objectives:1) To find out what does the purchaser of the home think about Bajaj electrical limited.2) To study their preference for the bajaj home appliances.3) To study the market opportunities of Bajaj electrical limited tohelp in the formulation of marketing strategy.4) To suggest some measures to make Bajaj electrical limited morecompetitive.5) To study the purchasers satisfaction level in regards to thestrength of the Bajaj electrical limited.6) To study the market prospects of Bajaj electrical limited.The findings of the research lead to following conclusion
• Some of the Respondents mainly prefer to purchase Bajaj electrical
items than to others
• Dealers are at the View, that the company needs to have some
incentive schemes to promote more sales because philips and Ushaare giving tough competition to Bajaj Electrical Limited.
• Most of the Respondents were the opinion that the company
should adopt better methods for promoting their brand due to theentrance of the company's brand.MAJOR FACTORS INFLUENCINGPURCHASING BEHAVIOUR:The major factors that influence the purchasing behavior are:Product, PricePlacePromotion mixPRICING AND MARKET SHARE:Pricing is undoubtedly one of the most important decision areas of marketing. Price and sales volume together decide the revenue of any business. As the sales volume in itself is dependent on price,pricing really becomes the key to the revenue of the business.Pricing becomes the vital decision area on account of certain otherfactors besides its crucial role in bringing revenues and profits tothe business.PRICING METHOD/PRICING STRATEGIES:There are several methods of pricing: Cost based pricingDemand based pricingCompetition based pricingProduct line oriented pricingDifferentiated pricingMARKET SHARE:Market share constitutes the total market captured by Bajajelectrical limited in the whole consumer durable industry. Duringmy survey I found out that the market share in different areas aredifferent because of different geographical regions, climate and
number of different Respondents .The market share is determined by the help of total consumption of the particular area and the consumption of particular company'sproduct in that area. The market share of Bajaj electrical limited isgrowing with every financial year.CHAPTER
2PROFILE OF THE COMPANYINTRODUCTIONThe bajaj group of India owes immense gratitude to their foundingfather whose vision and dedication over the years has greatlyhelped to build a business house that can set standard in Indianindustry.Jamnalal Bajaj was the founding father of the Bajaj Group. Theadopted 'fifth' son of Mahatma Gandhi, and the 'merchant prince'who held the wealth he created in trust for the people of his country,Trust - a simple word that contains a whole philosophy handeddown by Jamnalal Bajaj to his successors. He valued honesty overprofit.kamalnayan Bajaj, elder son of Jamnalal Bajaj, followed footsteps ohis illustrious father and consolidated the Bajaj foundation. Withcharacteristic foresight and pragmatic; vision, he launched a steadydiversification programme which gave the current name "Bajaj"both its shape and size. His unique management style created awork culture that matched well with the national spirit he hadinherited.Ramkrishna Bajaj took over the reins of the "Bajaj group" in 1972after Kamalnayan Bajaj and steered the Group from strength tostrength for over 22 years. He had also actively participated in thefreedom struggle of the country. In post independent India, he had

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