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Team Contract by Danielle Powell

Team Contract by Danielle Powell

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Published by UWBLT

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: UWBLT on May 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TEAM CONTRACT GUIDELINESCMST 150: Multicultural CommunicationDanielle Powell
Each team needs to “meet” online to discuss and type out the following information, whichwill be submitted to the
 Team Contract Drop Box (located in the Midterm Projectfolder)byTuesday, Apr. 10
at 11:59pm.
This information will make up your TEAMCONTRACT. Each person should have a copy of the file, but only
ONE person
on theteam should be responsible for submitting it to the drop box
The person who submits thedocument should email the team to let them know what date and time the document wassubmitted to the drop box.
This document should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font (only doublespace between each section) andsaved as a Word document, then uploaded to theTeam Contract Drop Box(located in theMidterm Projectfolder).
You all should have
all five parts
included in your contract in the order listed below
.Please use the headings listed below for each section of your contract.I. Develop Team Identity
Teams usually have a stronger group identity than other types of small groups.Therefore, in the process of becoming a team, you all should: (Type this information outand include in your contract)
Get acquainted and exchange information (email, telephone, schedules).
Type out contact information
Develop and type out a mission statement for your team (your goal for the project as it pertains to your assigned chapter)
II. Establish Ground Rules
Make sure that as a team, you all agree upon specific rules, behaviors and expectationsthat you expect each team member to follow.
Please type out each rule
Rules may include (but not limited to) expected behaviors, what should becontributed by each person at each meeting, how long meetings will last, thenumber of meetings members may miss without being penalized, etc.
What will be your team’s policy on, if any, absences and covering for oneanother if need be?
What policy will you have in place to resolve any intergroup conflict thatmay arise? You may use me—your instructor—as a higher court of appeals(I am happy to moderate and intervene, but you will first be expected todocument for me that you implemented your initial conflict resolution plans per your contract).
Please note that team members who fail tocontribute to the completion of all parts of the midterm project, may be
dismissed from the team and will receive a 0 on the assignment (or losepoints on parts of the project that he/she did not participate in).
Identify the platform(s) (Message Board, Instant messenger, email,telephone, face-2-face, Google documents, etc.) you will use tocommunicate.
Face-2-Face meetings are not required but areencouraged to get acquainted and/or accomplish tasks.III. Identify Roles
Although some roles (task, maintenance, individual) are often times informallyassumed, it is important to assign formal (or official) roles to each team member sothat every person is clear on his/her specific responsibilities. These roles may changewith each project, but they do not have to.
Each team needs to decide who will develop the team agenda and keepminutes (take notes, etc.) during team meetings. It may be a different person each time (please specify in your contract).
In addition, you may want to designate who will type up the contract, teamreflection, discussion board response to the class, compiling the finalStudent Participation Assessment form, and submitting those to theappropriate drop boxes, and who will be responsible for emailing thequestions to the team and turning them in to the instructor, etc. (Pleasespecify.
It will be helpful to read over the Midterm Project Guidelinesagain to see what deliverables are due for the project, then assign rolesbased on those deliverables
It’s up to each team as to how you all decide to function. Whatever you allcome up with, just be consistent and stick with it!
IV. Establish Clear Goals
Your team should develop:
Concise descriptions of the goals or desired outcomes of your team (typethem out here).
They should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to the project, andshould challenge the team.
Decide when and how you will meet, and who will be responsible for scheduling meeting locations if you decide to meet face-2-face (may rotateindividuals between meetings, it’s up to you all).
Please list your tentativemeeting days and times, as well as the format in which you plan tomeet
V. Discuss Ethical Concerns/Issues

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