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Published by revathee

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Published by: revathee on May 17, 2012
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April. 15 - April. 28, 2012
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Chennai feels the tremors of Indonesian earthquake
By Prerna Subramanian Student Reporter 
Many parts in Chennai felt the trem-ors of an earthquake that struck off the coast of Indonesia around 2 p.m.IST. It is recorded at 8.6 on theRichter scale.The tremors lasted for a little over 30seconds. People living in apartmentscame out of the building.Within minutes, Pacific TsunamiWarning Centre issued a Tsunamialert in 28 countries including India.People who were working onlineshared the announcement via theInternet. A little after this, Police were seenwarning people around the beachesthrough a public addressal system.Since Chennai had borne the brunt of the Tsunami in 2004, many peopleare alert and taking enough precau-tions. As Wednesday being one of the busyweekdays, schools, offices and otherwork houses were working in fullforce. It was then students in schoolsand people in offices and homes feltthings around them shaking. Soonthey knew it was an earthquake.Children in schools had mixed feel-ings. Some were afraid, some werealready bidding adieu to each otherand some wanted to hit the Marinabeach and see how the waves surgeup to a massive tide.Many students who tried to contacttheir homes found the phone lineswere chocked.The pictures here are of studentsgetting evacuated at 2.15 p.m. inChettinad Vidyashram, R.A PuramChennai. As the school is roughly inbetween two beaches in Chennai, theMarina and the Elliots, the schoolacted fast and students were evacu-ated safely. Another mild tremor was felt in partsof Chennai around 4.25 p.m.
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April. 15 - April. 28, 2012
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By Nandini P S Student Reporter 
There were quite a lot of peoplearound the Madanapuram Lake inMudichur, in the Chennai suburbs,on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Theywere there to clean up the lake aspart of a program organized by theEnvironmentalist Foundation of India(EFI) along with the US Consulate,Chennai on April 7, 2012.Student volunteers from nine differ-ent schools participated. They weresoon joined by 42 US sailors belong-ing to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, guided missile cruiser USSBunker Hill, and guided missile de-stroyer USS Halsey which are allhere at Chennai now as part of theannual ‘Malabar Program’.With the co-operation and activeparticipation of the Mudichur resi-dents, the student volunteers andthe sailors, the area surrounding thelake was quickly cleansed of all theplastic and non-biodegradablewastes.Quite a few interesting objects whichincluded an animal skull, and someshells, were also unearthed. Thespades and gloves which adornedeveryone’s busy hands, weresponsored by the US Consulate.The children enthusiastically inter-acted with the sailors and askedthem about their job in the Navy.The sailors too took part in theproject with enthusiasm, and theplace was cleaned in no time at all.The Corporation too played its roleby bringing a truck to load all thegathered garbage in. After quite a lot of tiring work, eve-ryone drank tea, and gathered tosee a street play performed by ArunKrishnamurthy of the EFI along withstudents. The street play talkedabout the importance of protectingour water bodies, and stressed onthe harmful effects of burstingcrackers, and how it affects variousorganisms.The cleanup program was a grandsuccess. EFI is involved in sparrowrehabilitation, paper bag promotionand lake cleanups among otheractivities.Here is a link to keep track of theiractivities :http://www.facebook.com/pages/Environmentalist-Foundation-of-India/259271880774592
US ship crew initiates cleanupdrive in Chennai
Cleaning up the lakefront at Mudichur. Photo by Madan Mohan 
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April. 15 - April. 28, 2012
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By Anisha Mahtani Student Reporter 
 As we draw towards theend of another fabulousschool year, you realiseyou are growing up, mov-ing on to a higher class,but have you thoughtabout how your seniorswould feel?They make room in theirhearts to store images of theirwonderful journey so far, new friendsand teachers whom they would nevermeet again and the joy and laughterthat they would never forget andpromise themselves not to cry.But it is the job of the students tomake sure that these seniors remem-ber the last day at their school - theirfarewell.Chinmaya Vidyalaya’s farewell for theyear 2011-2012 took place on March30, 2012 in the schoolauditorium. It was set up as an awardceremony where everyone would beappreciated.Dances, music, band performancesand awards were an important andlively part of their last evening. A life-time achievement award givento their beloved vice principal as shewatched another set of her studentsgraduate. A video of the seniors from 7th to12th grade was put up. Their mostcherished memories on screen infront of their eyes.With tears and smiles these seniorswatched and they parted with hugsand farewells, carrying with themanother beautiful memory tocling on to.
Season of Summer
Summer in Chennai.What is it for you? Hols? Camps? Beach? Do you enjoy the season?What is happening at home?Is your grandmother making vadams?Is your terrace getting a heat resistance coating?Is a eco-cooler getting installed?Does your neighbour provide water to birds in his balcony?
Rashes? Prickly heat? Is your doc giving you a tip to prevent them?
Share the news, info and win prizes!
 Talk to your grandmom, neighbour, doctor . . .Write / report with pictures. Mail your entry to editor@yocee.in
NOTE: Entries will be accepted only by email. No hard copies please!
  C  O   N   T   E  S   T 
 A farewell toremember 
   M  o  r  e   i  n   f  o  o  n   h  t  t  p  :   /   /  y  o  c  e  e .   i  n
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