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2- A Perverse Fusion called Peace – Hubert_Luns

2- A Perverse Fusion called Peace – Hubert_Luns

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Published by Hubert Luns
The cosmopolitan and Masonic idea can be summarised as follows: “The ideal of all the philosophers is no more the perfection of the inner man, but is the march towards a unified humanity: the golden age that the ancients have placed so far behind, is here in front of us.”
The cosmopolitan and Masonic idea can be summarised as follows: “The ideal of all the philosophers is no more the perfection of the inner man, but is the march towards a unified humanity: the golden age that the ancients have placed so far behind, is here in front of us.”

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Published by: Hubert Luns on May 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- 1 -
The Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry
 – A Perverse Fusion, Called Peace – 
 Het first part of this series we looked at the beginning of modern Freemasonry from the time of the establishment of the Mother Grand Lodge in 1717. Thanks to an intensive international campaign, the institute manages to prepare the people’s minds for the French Revolution, that started on July 14
1789, which – not accidentally – is placed right at the centennial of Eng-land’s Glorious Revolution. Its proponents wish to establish their own empire and to overthrow,at a single stroke, the Kingdom of God on earth. 
1 – Towards a civilization of love
In the first part we discussed the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689 by which James II wasdeposed from the English throne. This theme seems the best vantage point for studying our subject, namely the great Conspiracy against the ranking order of kings, against the throneand the altar, plotted by these proud and headstrong men who do not want the Kingdom of God but wish to create their own institutions and define their own laws. I now quote BernardBalayn of the
 Association Cor Christi
that is devoted to a Civilization of Love. He writes:«« Well then, at the very moment that in the secret of the Lodges, Satan weaves theconspiracy of the universal Revolution against the reign of love of Jesus Christ, bymeans of rationalism and in the name of human rights [insofar this is set against therights of God, who, according to the words of Jeanne of Arc
“needs to be served first”
],it is Jesus who tries to contain the rising flood of diabolical hate by showering already inadvance on the world – through the intermediary of the Church – rivers of living water that flow out from his Sacred Breast. Finally, in 1689, the Saint writes to her oldsuperior, Mother de Saumaise, that the will of Jesus that this devotion requires not onlytouches the humble subjects of his kingdom, but also him who calls himself the Sun
- 2 -
“the oldest son of my Sacred Heart”
, so that by him in this privileged time whenFrance shines on the world, the other nations may cooperate in the service of the divineLove. »» (Stella Maris, 2003 n°392)
2 – The spread of subversive ideas
It is primarily in the field of the perversion of theintellect and morals that the influence of theMasonic mother house has been felt and, by way of France, has radiated all over Europe. France playedan important part in the dissemination of the ideasfirst born in England. In its wake, during the 18
 century, foreigners assembled in Paris, attendingtheir beloved ‘salons’ where they went to absorbFrench literature and the Arts. French-style palacesmultiplied in Germany and Russia and the Rococostyle reigned from Berlin to Rome. In the end, all those disastrous philosophical ideasinfiltrated everywhere. To give just a single example: the political and social theories of thedevoted Freemasons Montesquieu (1689-1755) and Voltaire (1694-1778) were stronglyinfluenced by their stay in England, and their theories greatly affected the later developmentsin the democratic world. We find the result of Montesquieu’s effort, first of all, in “The Spiritof Laws”, an extensive work of thirty-one chapters first published in 1748, which can be re-garded as an elaboration of the ideas of Locke.
3 – The ideal: the march towards a unified humanity
The cosmopolitan and Masonic idea can be summarised as follows: “The ideal of all the phi-losophers is no more the perfection of the inner man, but is the march towards a unified hu-manity: the golden age that the ancients have placed so far behind, is here in front of us.”Progress is accomplished by means of science, and in particular by the application of science.This explains why in the 18
century each philosopher is seconded by a scientist. What aboutthe Catholic religion in the midst of this positivist philosophical climate? The philosophers of the 18
century see in that faith only the expression of fanaticism. This faith is no longer re-garded as belonging to a State Institution to which it would be appropriate to submit oneself.The Masonic philosophy appears more reasonable - at any rate more agreeable to the spirit of this world. Yet, we have to admit that this philosophy is basically a faith, indeed of an anti-Christian nature, a faith in a World Government. In the final resort it is the aspiration for thekingdom of Lucifer on earth that is hidden behind the façade of the ideal of a New World Or-der (Novus Ordo Seclorum).
 4 – To bring conformity out of conflict, alias the reign of Lucifer on earth
The Masonic order fashions synthetic truth and proceeds to pursue it in order to make itflourish. This is the way they attempt to make progress towards the attainment of the goldenage. This creational process of struggling myths and counter-myths has brought about a plan-ned state of confusion that has concealed the real issues. In the end, these artificial struggleswill amalgamate to form a synthesis, falsely called peace: so it will happen with the struggleof liberalism against socialism (or communism), workers’ parties against the representatives of capitalism, atheism against confessionalism, esoterism or New Age against materialism, managainst woman, parents against children. Since the 1990
we have also witnessed the violentclash between the radical Islamic movement and the Western way of life. There is nothingartificial about this struggle. It is the continuation of a secular and unrelenting conflict which,this time, was kindled by the unrestrained immigration into Europe of foreign workers whowere cultural strangers to the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe and have remained so ever 
- 3 -
since. The Lodges must have been favourably inclined to this inflow of people. So it happenedthat at the end of 2004 the Netherlands counted something over two million Moslems out of atotal population of 16.5 million (including illegals). As such it became the most Islamisedcountry in Western Europe, while in the sixties this was a virtually non-existent problem.
The Big Seal shown on the one dollar bills of the United States
Thus we have the manipulated process of continuous contradictions that evolves towards atotalitarian synthesis (the third). In this the democratic process, conceived as the sovereigntyof the people(1)and the constitutional monarchy, is a required and temporary artifice des-tined for the establishment of the cult of Lucifer. The very purpose of this game is to bringconformity out of conflict. All that is necessary to understand this is to look at the spirit of Masonry: it wants ‘one world’ under the Fatherhood of God and the universal Brotherhood of man, alias the false kingdom of god on earth. Before the establishment of this falsehood, theold ranking order of kings had to be destroyed, which meant principally the abolition of theDivine Right of Kingship, the separation of Church and State and in a final blow, still to bedelivered, the total destruction of the Roman Catholic faith and the Papacy. To this latter endthe ecclesiastical branch of Freemasonry within the Roman Catholic Church and the churchesof their Protestant brothers aim to install democratic and apostate procedures under a compre-hensive and ecumenical umbrella organization.(2)Apostate ecumenism or interfaith is no-thing other than the blending of all heresies into one synthesis, faithful to the Rosicrucianoutlook on life held by the founding fathers of Freemasonry. Just as democracy is temporary,so too is the rejection of a personal God, and the belief in a divine being ‘who’ - or systematiccondition ‘that’ initiated creation and then left it to take its own course, a belief known as‘deism’. In the end a point is reached, which now seems improbable and far away, when thedeistic concept is going to give way to the faith in a personal God, who acts and intervenes inthe course of events, but this time, of course, it will be the Luciferian god, who presentshimself as a being of light. The worship of the creative principle or Great Architect negatesthe relationship of man to God, the Creator, and moves him to the worship of God’s creation.Through the development of the idea that man is of divine nature, he begins to identify withthe natural order of creation and seeks redemption and peace through the spiritual unity of humanknd in the physical order. It is a clever deception intended to tear the spirit of indivi-duals away from the personal God towards the abode of Lucifer on earth, that great Lord whodesires above all to be venerated.
5 – Finally, a planet-wide totalitarian system
The secret teaching tells us that the evolution towards this New World Order will culminate ina planet-wide totalitarian system with the abolition of national sovereignty and theinstallation, here in the West, of a State Religion based on the high sounding principles of a pseudo-Christianity. In the Islamic countries it will be a pseudo-Islam and in India a pseudo-Hinduism. And so it will happen with all the world religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism,Confucianism, Christianity and Islam. This chameleonic aptitude is practiced for instance inthe so-called Temple of Understanding, the fusion-kitchen of religion. This global UN-en-dorsed interfaith organisation is dedicated to the creation of a Universal Theocratic State, al-

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