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Is He Master or Lord

Is He Master or Lord

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Published by: Frederick Paulo Tomacder on May 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is He Master or Lord?
Luke 5:1-11
I. Context
-this is not the first time Jesus met the disciples, nor is it the first time these men hadbeen with Him (Mk 1:16-20; John 1:40-42)-
Place and Time:
:this happened in the Lake of Gennesaret or the Sea of Galilee (Mk. 1:16) alsocalled the Sea of Tiberias (Jn. 6:1):this happened in the morning (Lk. 5:5) but we cannot ascertain the exact time-from Lk. 5:1-3, we can deduce that there is a sizeable number of people following Jesus, wanting to listen to His teachings, be healed from diseases and witnessmiracles-though this is but the first parts of His public ministry, Jesus already captured theinterest of the public because of His powerful teachings and miraculous deeds-from the passage, we will witness that though Jesus ministered to everyone whowanted to hear His teachings, He purposefully chose to be in that place at thattime to call His future apostles.
II. Discussion/Exposition
Some busy fishermen (vv. 1-7)
The curious and the lukewarm (vv. 1-2)
Why do you think the crowd is eagerly interested in Jesus?-they wanted to listen to His teachings-they wanted to be healed from diseases-they were hoping that He is the Messiah-they wanted to see miraclesIn contrast, how will you describe Simon and his companions’ attitude (vv. 1-2)?-unlike the people who zealously followed Jesus, Simon and his companionswere busy with their trade-considering that it wasn’t their first time to meet Jesus (Mk 1:16-20; John1:40-42), it’s disappointing to see that they’re easily distracted by worldlythings, a bit apathetic, indecisive, lukewarm and flippant about their earlierinteraction with Jesus
Now that you are a Christian, in your honest assessment of yourself, what is your attitude towards Jesus in this phase of your life?
Challenging the indecisive (vv.3-7)
Why do you think Jesus chose Peter’s boat to teach from?-from a practical point of view, we can say that He is nearest to Peter’s boatso he chose it-it could also be that Jesus had known Peter before so He felt morecomfortable to ask him to lend his boat-the fact that Jesus needed to ride on a boat shows that there are so manypeople following Him on the shore; by riding on a boat, He can use thewater as His soundboard to project His voice
-but in a more spiritual level, I believe that Jesus chose Peter’s boat becauseHe wasn’t done with Peter yet; Jesus had a purpose in mind with Peter andHis companions so He chose to be there and to interact with Peter onemore time-notice how Jesus shot two birds with one stone? He taught the crowd whilefulfilling His purpose with the fishermenConsider the times Jesus asked Peter to do something for Him (vv.3-4).Describe Peter’s responses and reactions.-in v.3, Jesus sat down on Peter’s boat and asked him to put out a little fromthe shore so that He can teach the people-Peter immediately obeyed. He did not protest or anything, consideringthat he was busy cleaning his net when Jesus asked him to set out tothe water-in v. 4, Jesus asked Peter to do two things: “put out to deep water,” “let downthe nets for a catch”-compared to Peter’s earlier reaction, we see in v.5 a tinge of reluctanceand frustration-it’s like Peter was saying, “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but this maynot be the best thing to do right now. We have been up all night fishingand caught nothing. I think going to the deep now to fish will only yieldthe same results.”-but despite this subtle protest, he still obeyed Jesus and even uttered avery telling statement: “But because you say so, I will let down thenets.”What do you think does Peter’s response in v.5b tell us about his attitudetowards Jesus?-this shows us that he holds Jesus in high regards-he trusts that His words are not empty and vain and so he was willing to obey
What is your attitude every time God asks you to do something?Is your “yes” borne out of faith and trust? Or out of a reluctant andgrumbling heart?
The carpenter-teacher’s steps (vv.1-7)
Retrace how Jesus caught the professional fishermen for his mission. What canwe learn from Him in guiding/discipling men and women?-Jesus faithfully preached God’s Word to sow seeds and to draw those whowere genuinely interested towards Him-He interacted, engaged and built relationships with those who were genuinelyinterested-He sparked more curiosity in them, gained their trust, revealed Himself slowlyto them, challenged them with radical teachings and demands, and drewthem into the more important issues of life-we can see that there is a process involved until a person decides to fullycommit his life to the cause of Christ whether this means moving fromdarkness to light or leaving apathy for active involvement
-constant and relevant challenges can help people internalize and reflect onthe call of Christ-we must not give up encouraging and challenging people to lay their lives forChrist while exhibiting genuine love and concern for them
An astonished sinner (vv. 7-10)
What new things does Simon Peter see through the miracle?-Peter recognized a supernatural nature in Jesus; He wasn’t just a goodteacher, nor was His miracles limited to the sick, Jesus virtually workedwonders in a greater sphere than what he previously knew-Peter realized the utter difference between himself and Christ. He callshimself a sinner and by doing so, ascribed to Christ holiness orsinlessness. This becomes more evident when we realize that during thistime, people knew that only holy men can work miracles for God.-the miracle all the more confirmed in Peter the high regard he has for Jesus. If previously he respected Him for His teachings and reputation, now heworships Him and calls Him Lord because of personally witnessing Hismiraculous actsWhat do you think did the miracle accomplish for Christ?-here we witness that Jesus does miracles not gain popularity or out of whimbut to testify to His claims about Himself -the miracle helped Jesus prove to the fishermen that what He says and whatHe claims are true-these have also helped the men move closer to realizing the truth about Jesus. It may take some time before they fully and truly understand who Jesus was (Matthew 16:13-20), but this simple experience moved themcloser (process) to knowing more of Him
Have you ever stopped and reflected on your standing beforethe Lord? Is this statement true to you, “The more I get to know God, themore I realize how small I am before Him and how great, holy and worthHe is for my life’s worship? Think about all the miracles and wonders Christ did in your life. Howhave these helped you in your faith journey to submitting your life toHim?
Fishers of men (vv. 10-11)
Qualities of the Disciples (Luke 4)-
At the beginning of his work, Jesus called these men to follow Him (Mk1:16-20).
 They have observed him for about a year (Luke 4)What qualities has Jesus apparently observed in them during that year thatmakes him choose them to be his co-workers?

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