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Edgar Cayce - Home Health Remedies

Edgar Cayce - Home Health Remedies



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Published by: nukjean on Dec 24, 2008
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Home Health Remedies
This section is a home medicine chest of simples remedies for common ailments. Many of the Cayceherbal remedies can be used for home health. All of the herbal remedies in this section can be either commercially purchased or prepared in the kitchen from ingredients that can be purchased. If you have agreen thumb, many of the ingredients can be grown in a garden.As a practical matter, these remedies have been selected as representative from the diverserecommendations given by Edgar Cayce for specific individuals. It must be kept in mind that for each person Edgar Cayce gave specific directions for the condition at a particular point in time. Thus, acertain degree of flexibility may be expected in the application of these remedies.
Abdominal Cramping
Remedy 5057-1: Alum Root Fusion <5057-1.html>
Aches and Pains
Remedy 326-5: Muscle and Bruise Liniment <326-5.html>
Remedy 3363-1: Arthritis and Sore Muscle Massage Oil <3363-1.html>
Remedy 555-5: Foot Rub <555-5.html>
Athlete's Foot
Remedy 291-1: Athlete's Foot Lotion <291-1.html>
Breast Development
Remedy 1206-15: Cocoa Butter Breast Massage Salve <1206-15.html>
Remedy 745-1: Olive Oil Taken Internally in Small Doses <745-1.html>
Remedy 5734-1: Abdominal Castor Oil Pack <5734-1.html>
Remedy 243-29: Cough Syrup <243-29.html>
Remedy 2186-1: Inhalant <2186-1.html>
Remedy 3242-2: Inhalant <3242-2.html>
Remedy 2036-6: Colds Liniment <2036-6.html>
Remedy 745-1: Olive Oil Taken Internally in Small Doses <745-1.html>
Remedy 5057-1: Alum Root Fusion <5057-1.html>
Remedy 369-12: Ragweed Tincture <369-12.html>
Remedy 263-16: Lobelia Headache Reliever <263-16.html>
Remedy 1820: TIM Hemorrhoid Ointment <1800-20.html>
Indigestion or Gastro-intestinal Irritation
Remedy 2790-1: Gastralgia Tonic <2790-1.html>
Remedy 4320-2: Charcoal Capsules <4320-2.html>
Remedy 5016-1: American Saffron Tea <5016-1.html>
Remedy 4000-1: Slippery Elm Bark Water <4000-1.html>
Remedy 1788-8: Chamomile Tea <1788-8.html>
Remedy 745-1: Olive Oil Taken Internally in Small Doses <745-1.html>
Kidney Problems
Remedy 5097-1: Cola Syrup <5097-1.html>
Remedy 1695-2: Watermelon Seed Tea <1695-2.html>
Reproductive System
Remedy 5671-6: Fume Sitz Bath <5671-6.html>
Remedy 2186-1: Inhalant <2186-1.html>
Skin and Hair 
Remedy 528-2: Acne Scar Compound <528-2.html>
Remedy 2015-10: Scar Formula <2015-10.html>
Remedy 1968-7: General Skin Lotion <1968-7.html>
Remedy 1179-4: Castor Oil and Baking Soda Paste <1179-4.html>
Remedy 3810-1: Systemic Detoxifer <3810-1.html>
Remedy 4288-1: Systemic Detoxifer <4288-1.html>
Remedy 5450-1: Spring Tonic <5450-3.html>
Varicose Veins
Remedy 457-13: Mullein Tea for Varicose Veins <457-13.html>
Remedy 3523-1: Mullein Stupes for Varicose Veins <3523-1.html>
Remedy 5057-1: Alum Root Fusion
DESCRIPTIONRecommended in reading 5057-1 for a person suffering from ulcerative colitis, the alum root fusion wasspecifically recommended by Edgar Cayce to relieve abdominal cramping. The fusion contains alum rootcombined with simple sugar and grain alcohol. Note: The alum fusion remedy in reading 5057-1 was prescribed by Edgar Cayce in conjunction with other treatments (ginger/ginseng tonic and abdominalgrape poultice).INDICATIONS AND USAGEUsed for symptomatic relief from abdominal cramping resulting from diarrhea and colitis.CONTRAINDICATIONS No known contraindications.WARNINGBecause chronic diarrhea or colitis may be a symptom of a more serious disease, consultation with adoctor is recommended.DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATIONThe recommended dosage is 1 teaspoonful when there is cramping through the alimentary canal or colon.CAYCE QUOTE ON REMEDY 5057-1Prepare this also in a fusion: Put 1/4 oz. of alum root in 4 oz. of distilled water and let come to a boil,then strain. Be sure the alum root is crushed. Add to this, 1/2 oz. of simple syrup and take 1 oz. of grainalcohol or rye whiskey and add. This is only to be taken, 1 tsp. when there is cramping through thealimentary canal or colon.
Herbal Remedy 326-5: Muscle and Bruise Liniment
DESCRIPTIONThis formula contains olive oil, witch hazel, tincture of benzoin, sassafras oil, mineral oil (White Russianoil), and coal oil.CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGYUnknown.INDICATIONS AND USAGEAs a liniment to reduce pain and inflammation, this formula may be helpful for sore muscles, backache,
sprains, bruises.CONTRAINDICATIONSDo not take internally. For external application only. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. Do not use onirritated skin.DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATIONRub into skin all that the skin will absorb.BRAND NAMEMyo-Relief -Baar Products <supplier.html> Muscle Treat -Heritage Store <supplier.html> HOW SUPPLIED4 ozCAYCE QUOTE ON HERBAL REMEDY 325-6(Q) Please give me something that will ease my back.(A) This is a very good specific: To 1 ounce of Olive Oil, add:Russian White Oil ..............2 ounces,Witchhazel....................1/2 ounce,Tincture of Benzoin...........1/2 ounce,Oil of Sassafras...............20 minims,Coal Oil........................6 ounces.It'll be necessary to shake this together, for it will tend to separate; but a small quantity massaged in thecerebro-spinal system or over sprains, joints, swellings, bruises, will TAKE OUT the inflammation or  pain!Meridian Institute Homepage <../../index.html>
Formula 3363-1: Arthritis and Sore Muscle Massage Oil
DESCRIPTIONBased on Cayce reading 3363-11, this formula contains mineral, olive, peanut, sassafras, fir needle, andlanolin oils. It is also available with extra peanut oil as a substitute for the mineral oil.CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGYUnknown.INDICATIONS AND USAGEUsed for treating arthritis and sore muscles.CONTRAINDICATIONS No known contraindications.DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATIONGently massage afflicted areas as needed.BRAND NAMEEgyptian Oil -Heritage Store <supplier.html> HOW SUPPLIEDliquid,8 oz (original formula),1 gal (original formula),8 oz (extra peanut oil),1 gal (extra peanut oil).

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