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Essay Margot Mel

Essay Margot Mel

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Published by Daily Breeze
Student essay contest winner based on "Total Recall."
Student essay contest winner based on "Total Recall."

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Daily Breeze on May 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student: Margot MelTeacher: Dana PalmerSchool: MBMSReality or Not?
Some science fiction movies made around the 1980’s are relatively
scientifically realistic, including the movie
Total Recall 
starring ArnoldSchwarzenegger. Doing research on this topic I learned more about how realistic
the ideas and scenes really are. It all starts when Schwarzenegger’s character 
Douglas Quaid contemplates whether or not to have memories implanted tosimulate a trip to Mars. When Douglas Quaid realizes that his memory has beenerased and he is actually a secret agent. He has to fight to protect the inhabitants
of Mars. By today’s standards, Total Recall has some realistic and some
unrealistic ideas.The Idea of having a healthy and successful colony on Mars is not veryrealistic. The surface of mars is -81 degrees Fahrenheit, not to mention the lackof an atmosphere. The planet is also bombarded with ultraviolet radiation. Tosolve these problems in the movie the government makes an atmosphere bymelting the glacial core of the planet to release oxygen. While it is true thatoxygen is released when ice is melted, and could potentially create anatmosphere, it is not true that the core of Mars is a glacier; in fact, it is made upof mostly iron and silicon. The movie also has a large dome, which couldreasonably protect the people from the cold, but depending on the type of glass,ultra violet radiation could most likely go through it. The leader of the Mars colonyis cheap and evil. He is the type of man who would provide inadequate
accommodations for the people of his colony, yet another reason to believe thatthe glass dome would not protect the citizens from ultra violet radiation.
Tampering with people’s minds is also somewhat far fetched. After 
doing some research it appears that safe memory erasing either does not exist oris not available to the public. In the movie, t
here is also a plan to bring Quaid’s
 memory back again. The brain is a complicated and fragile organ that can onlytake so much before something goes wrong. Too much tampering will lead tobrain disorders and malfunctions sending the whole body into a state of disarray.Speaking with an expert, I learned that while it may be possible to erase certainmemories, bringing them back in perfect condition is most likely impossible, at
least by today’s standar 
ds.By contrast, the everyday lifestyle of the people in the movie is relativelyrealistic. While
Total Recall 
takes place in 2084, 72 years in the future, it is notthat far off from how we live today. Douglas Quaid is a regular man with anaverage job. At the train station he, along with everyone else, walks through anX-ray machine so the guards can see if he is hiding anything dangerous. This ismuch like at the airport when you put your belongings through a scanner, andoften times you yourself have to go through a full body X-ray scan. Both only omita small dose of radiation, not enough to do harm to anyone. In the movie,
Douglas’s wife uses a holographic tennis teacher to work out.
According to anews report I watched, you could set up many cameras at different angles anduse them to project a full body hologram somewhere else. This means that usinga holographic teacher is possible. The teacher could be demonstrating elsewhere

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