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Class Notes Winter 11

Class Notes Winter 11

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Published by Yeshiva University
Yeshiva University Alumni News
Yeshiva University Alumni News

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Published by: Yeshiva University on May 18, 2012
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N ew s
Class Notes is where YU celebratesthe milestones and accomplishmentso its alumni. In this section, you cancatch up on everything your classmateshave been up to over the years, rommarriages and births to proessionaland personal achievements.Submit your class note by e-mailing
with the subjectline “Class Notes,” or by visiting
to complete theonline orm. We hope that you enjoyreading about your ellow alumni andriends, and we look orward to hearingabout your achievements.The June 28 edition o
eatured a selection o the 50 MostInuential Rabbis in America whichincluded 11 YU alumni:
Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald
’63YUHS, ’67YC, ’70F, ’76R
Rabbi Abraham Cooper
’72YC,’74R, ’75BR
Rabbi Mark Dratch
’79YC, ’82F, ’82R
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
’68YUHS,’73YC, ’75BR, ’75R
Rabbi Menachem Genack 
’65YUHS,’69YC, ’73R
Rabbi Norman Lamm
’49YC, ’51R,’66BR
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein
’58R, ’77BR
Rabbi Arthur Schneier
’51YC, ’56R
Rabbi Marc Schneier
’76YUHS,’80YC, ’83A, ’83R
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
’70YC, ’73R,’74BR
Rabbi Avi Weiss
’73YC, ’76R, ’76F
Bessie and
Rabbi M. Aaron Kra
’37YUHS,’41YC, ’43R, ’73F announce the birth otheir great-granddaughter, Nava Ashira,born to Josh and Adeena Kra. Mazel tovto the grandparents, Madeline and EthanKra and Sarah and David Goldstein.
Rabbi Dr. Manred “Meir” Fulda
’48YUHS,’52YC, ’59R, ’79BR was honored at theAmerican Committee or Shaare ZedekMedical Center World o Heroes AwardsDinner with the Marbitz Torah Award.
Rabbi Macy Gordon
’49YUHS, ’53YC,’56R, ’77F announces the birth o hisgreat-grandson, Matanya Yisrael, born toNitzana and Betzalel Friedman. Mazel tovto grandparents Etana (Gordon) ’80S andDr. Alan Friedman ’80YC o Petach Tikva,Israel. Rabbi Gordon also announces themarriage o two granddaughters: NavaDevora, daughter o Etana and Dr. AlanFriedman, to Tzori Wieder, son o Yehudaand Osnat Wieder o Modiin, and EdnaFriedman to Yanai Apelbaum.Sylvia and
Rabbi William Herskowitz
’48YC, ’50W, ’55R, ’74BR announce thebirth o a great-granddaughter, KeiraCharlotte Katz, born to Dr. Shari and AriKatz ’05YC. Mazel tov to grandparentsAmy ’72YUHS, ’76S, ’78W and NathanKatz ’77YC.Alizah and
Rabbi Israel Poleye
’45YUHS, ’48YC, ’51R announce theengagement o their granddaughter,Shoshana Wol to Asher Dworetsky.Mazel tov to Shoshana’s parents, Susanand Dr. Barry Wol.Regina and
Rabbi Charles Spirn
’47YC,’51R celebrated the bat mitzvah o theirgranddaughter, Shoshana Chaya.
YU Trustee
Marvin S.Bieneneld
’53YC,’56R is one o YeshivaUniversity’s ewdistinguished leaders tobe honored at the ChagHaSemikhah 5770 withRIETS’s highest honor, the Eitz Chaim(Tree o Lie) Award, or the advancemento Jewish scholarship.Malke and
Rabbi Yaakov Borow
’86YC,’89BR, ’90R announce the engagemento their son, Moshe, to Reut Iluz o NoAyalon, Israel. Mazel tov to grandparentsPearl ’52YUHS and Rabbi Aaron Borow’55YC, ’59BR, ’59R and Minna and Dr.Aaron Friedman ’57YC.YU Vice President oUniversity Aairs
Dr.Herbert C. Dobrinsky
’50YUHS, ’54YC, ’57R,’59F, ’80F received theHarav Yose Dov HaleviSoloveichik Alu TorahAward at the RIETS Chag HaSemikhahConvocation in March. Herbert and hiswie, Dina, also celebrated the birth o agreat-granddaughter, Temimah Sara, bornto Aliza (nee Kramer) and Elie Deutsch oErat, Israel. Mazel tov to Aliza’s parentsDrs. Deborah and Michael Kramer’73YUHS, ’77YC, ’10R.
Sarah (Lebowitz)
’55YUHS, ’58TI and
Rabbi Hersh Moses Galinsky
’51YUHS,’55YC, ’58R announce the births o theirgranddaughter, Tehilla Batya, born toShaya and Chaya Galinsky o Netanya,Israel, and their grandson, AssaMordechai, born to Chaya and RabbiAviad Sasson o Katzrin, Israel.
Zev Hymowitz
’50YUHS, ’54YC iscurrently spending our months in Israelas a volunteer or JDC-Israel’s Associationor Planning and Development o Servicesor the Aged in Israel program (ESHEL).In the 80s, Zev was the ormer director oJDC-Israel and chairman o ESHEL.Arlene and
Dr. Sam Kaye
’58BZcelebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Rabbi Dr. Norman Linzer
’51YUHS,’55YC, ’58R, ’60W presented a paper,“Sel and Other: Tension in Times oTrauma” at the sixth InternationalConerence on Social Work in Health andMental Health in Dublin, Ireland. He alsoco-authored an article with Jay Sweiachand Heidi Het Laporte “Sharing theTrauma: Guidelines or TherapistSel-Disclosure Following a CatastrophicEvent” in
Best Practices in Mental Health: An International Journal.
’59S and
Rabbi Elihu Marcus
’53YC, ’56R, ’99F celebrated thebat mitzvah o their granddaughter,Raut Breitbard, and the birth o agreat-granddaughter.
Rabbi Aaron Rakeet-Rothko
’59YC,’61R, ’67BR was interviewed on August11 by
The Jewish Press
in the article,“From Lakewood to Yeshiva University:An Interview with Rabbi AaronRakeet-Rothko.”Liza and
Rabbi Ben Samson
’57YC,’60BR, ’60R celebrated the bar mitzvah otheir grandson, Yose Mayer, son o Susan’92S and Dr. Israel Samson ’87YC, ’91A.The Samsons also announce the birth otheir granddaughter, Soroh Rivkah, bornto Chanah and Victor Braverman.
t’s been more than our years since Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was abductedby Hamas, and in an era when the attention span o much o the world is nolonger than a day, the tragic case may already have been orgotten by some.But or Jay “Yudi” Zuller ’89YUHS, ’93YC the memory o Shalit’s imprison-ment is invoked every time he looks upon his 4-year-old son, Gilad, whom henamed in Shalit’s honor.“They say that when a baby is born, a voice comes out rom the sky andsays the name,” said Zuller. “When the doctor who delivered him told my wieand I that we had a son and asked his name, I said we hadn’t decided. As soon asthose words were out o my mouth, I knew what his name would be. I told thedoctor ‘Actually, I haven’t discussed it with my wie yet, but i she agrees, we dohave a name.’ I understand my wie—she thinks along the same lines as Ido. When I said his name would beGilad, she nodded and said ‘Yes.’ ”The very next day, Zuller andhis wie Aviva ’92S reached out toNoam Shalit, Gilad’s ather, througha mutual riend to tell him how theyhad decided to pay tribute to his son.It was the beginning o what hasbecome a close riendship betweenthe amilies—and also the beginning o a tireless campaign o activism byZuller to bring attention to Shalit’splight and to raise the unds Gilad’s amily needs so they can continue work-ing ull time to bring about their son’s release.Zuller, who made aliyah in 2009, has been a committed activist almostas long as he can remember. “My parents would take me to the Soviet Jewryrallies,” he said. “I still remember going as a kid down to Times Square andthe U.N., being on my ather’s shoulders and seeing the thousands o peopleand the outpouring o support.” He and Aviva operate a tzedaka oundation,the Israel Solidarity Fund o America. Launched in 2002, the oundation hasraised more than $1 million or Israeli victims o terror through its ShireiShalom Concert Series and through barbecues and other events that theZullers have hosted at their house in Staten Island.“It’s overwhelming to know what’s right and wrong and want to do some-thing about it,” said Zuller. “Most people eel that there’s nothing they can do.I disagree. I eel that i every person did what was in their power to do, thingswould be dierent.”Zuller is just one o the many people within the YU community who havebecome empowered to take up the Shalits’ cause. Fellow alumnus Avi Posner’07YC helped arrange the Shalits’ participation in New York City’s Salute to IsraelParade in 2010, and the Wil Campus has also hosted visits by Noam Shalit. Tolearn more about supporting Zuller’s eorts on behal o the Shalit amily, visitwww.bringgiladhomenow.com
Committed Activist Takes Up Gilad Shalit’s Cause
…i everyperson did whatwas in their powerto do, things wouldbe dierent. 
 Jay Zuller ’89YUHS, ’93YC
Freida and
Rabbi Elihu Schatz
’50YUHS,’54YC, ’57R o the Yishuv Hashmonaimannounce the birth o their 47th grandchild,Tamar, born to Pinchas and Tzippie Schatz oYishuv Rimonim, and the birth o their sixthgreat-grandchild, Akiva, born to Ariel andFraydel Gilor o the Yishuv Hashmonaim.
’59YUHS, ’84W and
Rabbi JoelSchreiber
’57YC, ’60BR, ’60R werehonored at the RIETS Annual Dinner oTribute on October 20.
Rabbi Jack Shechter
’53YC published
TheLand o Israel: Its Theology Dimensions
(University Press o America, 2010), a studyo the promise and the land’s holiness. RabbiShechter served as associate proessor oBible and dean o continuing education atthe University o Judaism (now the AmericanJewish University) in Los Angeles or twodecades. He earned a PhD in biblical studiesrom the University o Pittsburgh and wasordained by the Jewish Theology Seminaryin 1957.
Pnina (Pam Forman)
’68S and Ya’akov
celebrated the bar mitzvah o theirgrandson, Elisha, son o Chana (Aronson)and Eliezer Meir.On May 26,
Jerome A. Chanes
’60YUHS,’64YC, ’74W delivered the annual LehmannMemorial Lecture in New York on “EsavSonei et Yaakov: What’s New About the NewAntisemitism?” Jerome also lectured atDrisha on “We are the ’People o the Book’but Which Book? Artscroll, Etz Chayim,Plaut, Hertz, and Our Religious Movements”and “American Jewish Denominations” andat The Jewish Center in New York on “WhoKilled Mizrachi? Religious Zionism andModern Orthodoxy in America and Israel.”His essays and articles continue to appear in
The Forward 
New York Jewish Week 
andother magazines.
Coming Soon…
Clip this calendar and place it on your ridge, dashboardor bathroom mirror so you don’t orget to attend theseexciting alumni events. Visit
 to learn more about these and other YU events.
2/9/11 Meet the Authors at the Seorim Sale2/13/11 Alumni Family Day at the Seorim Sale2/17/11 Lunch Lecture with Proessor Jerome Chanes2/20/11 Alumni Day at the Wittenberg Wrestling Tournament
3/1/11 Entrepreneur Networking Event3/4–5/11 Yeshiva University in Los Angeles Shabbaton3/16/11 Breakast Lecture with Rabbi Zvi Sobolosky3/27/11 L’Dor V’Dor Event and Alumni Day at the Sarachek Tournament
4/3/11 YCDS Spring Comedy and Alumni Reception4/7/11 Breakast Lecture with Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
5/3/11 Yeshiva University High Schools Annual Dinner o Tribute5/5/11 Breakast Lecture with Rabbi Steven Weil5/15/11 Yeshiva University High Schools 50th Reunion5/25/11 YU Undergraduate Reunion or the Classes o 1961, 1971 and1986 and Golden Shield Event5/26/11 YU Undergraduate Commencement
6/2/11 Yeshiva University High Schools 60th Reunion6/13/11 Yeshiva University Inaugural Convocation and Dinner inLos AngelesAlumni are invited to attend the Doris & Dr. Ira Kukin Entrepreneurial andExecutive Lecture Series Friday mornings rom February 4 through May 6.For more details about this lecture series and other alumni events,e-mail
or visit
Do you receive the weekly events e-mail and monthlyeNewsletter rom the Ofce o Alumni Aairs?
Don’t risk missing out on the exciting programs above as well asnews and updates or YU alumni.Update your profle and add your preerred e-mail address to get onour e-mail list.
Fredda (nee Hoenig)
’63YUHS, ’68TI and
Rabbi George Finkelstein
’63YUHS,’67YC, ’72R announce the birth o theirgranddaughter, born to Ariel and AbbyFinkelstein o Riverdale, NY. Mazel tov tomaternal grandmother Sharon Cabelly.Sarah and RIETS Rosh Yeshiva
RabbiYitzchok Cohen
’62YC, ’65R announce thebirth o a granddaughter, Rochel, to Devorahand Ari Zier o Lakewood, NJ, and themarriage o their son, Dovid, to ChanaAnemer, daughter o Esther and Rabbi EliMeir Anemer.
’62S and
Rabbi Mallen Galinsky
 ’61F celebrate the bar mitzvahs o twograndsons: Yitzchak Yehuda Dov Gold, sono Adina and Rabbi Shaul Gold, and YehudaDov, son o Yonat and Rabbi Shimon Galinsky.
Rabbi David Glicksman
’61YUHS,’65YC, ’68R, ’97A, ’99F celebrated the barmitzvah o their grandson, Yaakov.
Cantor Sherwood Gofn
’63YC, ’66BZ, acultymember at the Belz Schoolo Jewish Music andrenowned cantor, hasreleased new music(available in CD and mp3ormat) entitled “FavoriteNigunim,” which presents the nigunim orteflla or the Shalosh Regalim andHanukkah. This new release, along withCantor Gofn’s other works, are available atselect seorim stores or can be orderedonline at www.davka.com.In June,
RabbiWallace Greene
’62YUHS, ’66YC,’69R, ’79B washonored with theCommunity ServiceAward by YeshivaOhr Simcha oEnglewood, NJ. In August, he wasawarded the 2010 Prize or JewishEducator in the Diaspora in memory oHarav Shalom Messas, the ormer ChieRabbi o Jerusalem, by Lishitz Collegeo Education and the World Council orTorah Education. The August 16presentation was in Jerusalem andincluded participation o the RishonleTzion HaRav Shlomo Amar, IsraeliMinister o Education Gidon Saar andMayor Nir Barkat.
Aviva and YU Men’s Basketball Coach
Dr. Jonathan Halpert
’62YUHS, ’66YC, ’78Fannounce the birth o two granddaughters:Leora, born to Shoshana and Rabbi YehudaHalpert ’93YUHS, ’97YC, ’05R and Alyssa,born to Michelle and Raf Halpert ’00YUHS.
Rabbi Proessor CarmiHorowitz
’61YUHS,’66YC, ’70BR,’71R beginshis new position aspresident o Giv’atWashington TeachersCollege in D.N. Evtach,Israel. Sara and RabbiHorowitz also announce the birth o agranddaughter, Geen, born to Elisha andHodaya Horowitz o Mitzpeh Yeriho, Israel.
’69S and
Rabbi Eliezer Langer
 ’68YC, ’75BR, ’75R announce the birtho their granddaughter, Rivka Esther,born to Elisheva and Yossie Schulman inJerusalem.
Ruth (Frank)
’69YUHS, ’73S, ’76F and
Rabbi Elchanan (Charles) Lipshitz
 ’67YUHS, ’71YC, ’76F, ’77R announce thebirth o two granddaughters: Tal Meitav, bornto Batya and Yonatan Kolitz, and RenanaSarah, born to Eli and Kedma Lipshitz.In July,
Edith Lubetski
’68BR, headlibrarian o the Hedi Steinberg Library on theBeren Campus, presented a lecture, “TheArt and Science o a Biblical Bibliography,” atthe Ninth Congress o the EuropeanAssociation or Jewish Studies (EAJS) inRavenna, Italy. In June, Edith and herhusband Meir Lubetski published an articleentitled “Considerations in Preparing aBiblical Bibliography: Case Study—the Scrollo Esther,” in
Theological Librarianship: anOnline Journal o the American Theologica Association,
Vol. 3, No. 1.
’69S and
Dr. DavidLuchins
’68YC, ’71Rreceived the Sarah Rivkaand Bernard LanderMemorial Award at theOrthodox Union’sFiteenth Annual BenZakkai Reception.
’62YUHS, ’64TI and
Rabbi EraimMeschelo
’65R, ’65BR announce the birtho their 34th grandchild, a boy.
 Jill SchutzPinkwater
’68Frecently illustrated her50th book or children,
Beautiul Yetta: TheYiddish Chicken
(Feiwel & Friends,2010). The book, told in English, Yiddishand Spanish, tells the story o a hen whogets lost in the magical city o Brooklynand meets up with (and adopts!) a ocko wild parrots.
’65S and
Rabbi David Radinsky
’63YC, ’66BR, ’66R celebrated the marriageo their daughter, Chani to Daniel Friedman.
’66YUHS and RIETS Rosh Yeshiva
Rabbi Herschel Reichman
’84C announcethe birth o their granddaughter, BeekuraNechama, born to RIETS student Tani andChana Prero.
Lenore (Wolson) Richter
’67S, ’69Fretired as a New York City public schoolteacher ater 30 years o teaching.
Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
’69YC,’74R, ’74F, ’92A o Edison, NJ, was eaturedin
New Jersey Jewish News
or journeyingback to Regensburg, the German townwhere he was born to Holocaust survivors ina displaced-persons camp in 1947. Bernhardand his wie, Charlene (ormerly o KansasCity, MO), and Carol and Yitzchak Merl oBrooklyn, NY, announce the birth o agranddaughter, Ahuva Leba, born to Illanaand Joshua Merl o Brooklyn, NY.
’63YUHS and
Rabbi Stuart Tucker
 ’65YC, ’69F, ’69Rannounce the birth o theirgrandson, Eitan, born toAmihai and Naomi Tucker.Congratulations to Anitawho was awarded the Moskowitz Prize orZionism this past Yom Yerushalayim.
Dr. Joel B. Wolowelsky
’69BS published
TheMind o the Mourner: Individual and Community in Jewish Mourning
(OU Press, 2010).
 Sharon (Marks)
’72S and
Rabbi Shimon Altshul
 ’72YC, ’76R, ’76Fannounce the marriage otheir daughter, Eliana, toAdam Pomerantz.
N ew s
“A lot o alumnilive in communitiesthat literally wouldn’t existi it wasn’t or YU …the whole inrastructureis there because o YU.”
s a third-generation alumnus, Benyamin Kaminetzky ’91YC has deep con-nections to Yeshiva University. Yet ater his graduation, he drited away.Like many alumni, Kaminetzky—a partner at the law rm Davis Polk &Wardwell—was busy starting a amily and building a successul career, and hadlittle ree time. Eventually, Kaminetzky decided that it was time to get involvedwith YU again and joined the Yeshiva College Board o Overseers, where he serveson the Academic Aairs Committee. Following are excerpts o a conversation hehad with Barbara Birch, senior director o alumni aairs and annual giving, inwhich he shares what brought him back to YU, his impression o the Universitytoday and the importance o staying connected.
What prompted you to reconnect with Yeshiva University?
 It was a call rom New York University. I went to law school there,and their alumni department called to congratulate me when I became a partnerat the rm. They asked me to consider making a git. I have wonderully warmeelings or NYU and I was about to say yes. Then, I had an epiphany; I askedmysel, ‘Why am I who I am?’ I realized that the answer to that question had verylittle to do with NYU law school. The whole ber o my being is inextricably linkedto YU. So that same day, I called a riend o mine who’s on one o the YU boards andsaid, ‘I want to get involved.’
 Is YU diferent today than it was when you were a student?
 One o the things that I’ve noticed is that the administrative supportor students is greatly improved. It’s become much more user-riendly or studentsin terms o the day-to-day experience.
I’m glad to hear you say that. I know there are many alumni who havemixed eelings about their student experience, so it’s gratiying to hear that we’vemade progress on that ront. The Ofce o Alumni Aairs is also engaging studentswhile they are on campus through initiatives that we hope will be the building blocks or a long-term relationship.
 It’s a testimony to the act that President Joel has made being moreresponsive to student needs and to the needs o the greater YU community atop priority.
I do think that, across the University, there’s been a strong emphasis onbeing more responsive to the needs o not only students, but alumni and Jewishcommunities more broadly. In alumni aairs, we’re eager to understand and meetthe needs o graduates. We are approaching it rom many directions, develop-ing programs that oer volunteer and leadership opportunities or graduates tobecome involved in the daily lie o the University. We’re also planning events thattarget alumni in all stages o lie oering proessional networking, amily-riendlyevents, social and educational programs or recent graduates, and special eventsor alumni who graduated more than 40 years ago. One o our most signicanteorts has been to grow regional programming, thereby expanding our presencein local communities around the country.
 Those are all important initiatives that deserve alumni support,especially the things you’re doing on the local [regional] level. A lot o alumni livein communities that literally wouldn’t exist i it wasn’t or YU. The whole inra-structure—the rabbis, communal leaders and educators—is there because o YU.As alumni we should be actively involved in maintaining that inrastructure byreinorcing its oundation, which is the University.
That’s a great point, and the alumni aairs team believes that alumni par-ticipation makes a signicant dierence in our success. To acilitate their involve-ment, we’ve launched the Ambassador Network, which provides alumni withmany opportunities to give back by assisting with admissions, career services,or alumni relations. Mentoring is one o the volunteer activities in which alumniseem most interested.
 I’ve ound that mentoring students and recent graduates has beenone o the most ullling ways to reconnect to YU, and I get just as much out o it asthe person I’m mentoring. Not only is it personally rewarding to cultivate a young person, but in mentoring, I know that I’m preparing the next generation o stan-dard bearers or Modern Orthodoxy. That’s o vital interest to me, as it should be toall alumni, because we are all representatives o a Yeshiva University education, ando Modern Orthodoxy, in our proessions and in the world.To learn more about the various initiatives and programs—including regional programming, the Ambassador Networkand upcoming YU alumni events—mentioned in the Q&Awith Benyamin, visit www.yu.edu/alumni, e-mail alumni@yu.edu or call 212.960.5373. To see more proles o YUalumni, scan this code with your smart phone.
Alumnus Eye View
I’ve ound that mentoring students andrecent graduates has been one o the mostulflling ways to reconnect to YU. 
 Benyamin Kaminetzky ’91YC

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