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Building Your Content Stream - Third Iteration #Proho

Building Your Content Stream - Third Iteration #Proho

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Published by J.A.Morgan
My latest Hovernote talks some more about distributing content over the Internet via Trello, Google Docs, and Facebook.
My latest Hovernote talks some more about distributing content over the Internet via Trello, Google Docs, and Facebook.

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Published by: J.A.Morgan on May 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Web|Google Doc| Activity Feed|
The Webmaster Diaries
Building your Content Stream
Third Iteration
This week I was pretty excited when I published the first issue of the “Hovercast,” a compilationof a week’s worth of web posts. I announced the issue inside the stream of content for the May21 issue of the
which should come out either next Monday or Tuesday (my cut off date is 5/21). Even as I am writing about the zine version of the Hovercast, I’ve been thinkingthat I should call it the Hover 
instead.I’ve published a lot of different things over the years, but this is the first time that its happenedbecause most of my theories about the flow content were coming true. I was able to consistentlycompose my writing inside Google Docs, publish it as a webpage or document, present it viaWeebly, and then share it via Facebook and Twitter. Once I was able to compile the articles intothe
(Soon to be the Hoverzine), I had already scored my first victory. The zine is onlyan exercise in curation, so by then most of my work had been done. Now I’m watching to see if the compilation has better traction that the same documents when they were published assingle-topic articles.
 You caught me monologuing
This was also the first week when I was able to write a “Monologue.” I picture the monologue asa type of post-newspaper era version of the “Note from the Editor” that you might have onceread inside newspaper. However, when I write it I think of it as more like the monologue that talkshow hosts give at the beginning of their episode. Like when Conan O’Brien cracks a few jokesabout current events.My first monologue followed the same pattern. I brought up some odds and ends about thingsgoing on in the community which would normally be difficult to stretch out into a full standalonearticle. I also see the monologue as a way of referring back to my favorite articles, or maybe talkabout an idea I have for a future article.
These are my collections
My only remaining struggle has been with settling on a method of presenting the content that Iwrite. So far I’ve been sticking with Weebly, but I really liked the idea of using Google Sites, andfor a while it looked like Google Docs might be the way to go. I’d prefer to cut out Weeblybecause it would be one less hop, but then Facebook and Twitter don’t always pull in thepreview correctly when I reference the article as a webpage. I steered away from Google Sites
 Web|Google Doc| Activity Feed| when I discovered that the embedded documents aren’t going to work on mobile devices (itdidn’t work at all for my iPad, at least). At least with Weebly I’m directing the reader to either theGoogle Doc (which should always work) or the content’s activity feed (On Trello, which I knowworks on most devices).The Hovercast has actually gone so well that I’ve shifted the pages around in Weebly so thatthe homepage is now this week’s stream, and then previous streams are stored under an Archive tab. I hid any references to other publications because it just seems like the Hovercastis my strongest content vehicle.
These are my collections on Facebook
On Facebook, the Hovercast fan page is a silent partner to all of my other pages. I haveregularly been posting content on the Hovercast page, and then sharing those links with theother pages. This works pretty well, but I am not sure yet if there are downsides. For example, if I am spoiling my stats tracking by moving things around so much. Also, when I share a linkseven times that creates duplicates around Facebook. I’m not sure how that looks to people.However, this helps to confirm my theory that Facebook could support two kinds of fan pages:One for the daily posts, and the other for longer, more long term articles. In other words,Shepherd Today and Hartland Today are my social media engines, while the Hovercast fanpage is my content engine. Both are needed, but only one will generate the majority of mycontent which goes into some kind of publication.I have launched a sister fan page to the Shepherd Today called The Shepherd Journal. Mythinking is that Shepherd Today will continue to report on the more immediate news andinformation, while the Shepherd Journal will look farther ahead into the future with its stories.Then, posts on the Shepherd Journal could be shared on the Shepherd Today. If things workout right, I will have increased the quality as well as the quantity of the content which is postedon Shepherd Today and built the foundation for a publication.
Google Currents
Speaking of publications, I’ve also created a Google Currents version of the Hovercast. If yougo to this address, you will be able to download Google’s Currents app
subscribe to theCurrents version of the Hovercast. I’ve really enjoyed Google Currents because it allows you toimport and then modify Google Docs that you have saved in your account. Up until now, Ihaven’t seen any tool that would allow you to import content
allow you to makemodifications before you publish it.
Google Drive
 After I upgraded my Google Docs account to Google Drive, I discovered that when someonevisits your folder on Google Drive, they will see a navigation tree on the left and thumbnailrepresentations of your Google Docs on the right most prominent frame. So in other words it isnow possible to organize your files into a folder and then allow your readers to browse them like

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