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Battle Cry - May 2012

Battle Cry - May 2012

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: INQUISITION NEWS on May 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Missionaries Find ChurchPlanting EasierAfter ChickTract Saturation
“If it had not been for the Catho-lics of the 1500s there would be noKing James Bible.”If it were possible, 60 millioncorpses would be “turning over intheir graves” in response to the arro-gance of this lie. Cary Summers,organizer of a recent Bible exhibitin the Vatican is quoted by theCatholic NewsAgency during aCNA tour of thedisplay. Sum-mers goes on toexplain: “Manyof the originalbibles that formedthe basis of theKing James Biblecame from Catho-lic priests. VeryMissionary Tim Urling reports steadyprogress in church planting and literaturedistribution in strife-torn Juarez, Mexico.Last year, he and a team from Bearing Pre-cious Seed salted the city with hundreds of thousands of tracts, Bible portions and otherliterature. New churches were planted andexisting ones strengthened as a result.This year, they did another major outreachwith literature saturation. The outreach was
“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Galatians 4:16 
Serving the Bible-believing Christians of the World 
       M     a      y        /       J      u      n     e       1       2
Popes Now Trying to Steal the KJV
Illustration from Foxe’s Book of Martyrsof William Tyndale just before he wasstrangled and burned at the stake by thepope’s inquisitors. Tyndale, more thanany other man, was responsible for thetranslations leading up to the KJV, not theCatholic priests, as Rome is now tryingto claim.
#1252 -
$9.95160 pagespaperback 
2BattleCry - May/June 2012
is another ploy bythe pope to coaxmembers of other“faiths” into his ecu-menical trap. RareJewish, Protestantand Orthodox arti-facts are included to“manifest a ‘sharedlove of God’s word’ that exists amongthose religions.”See
Saved —or ‘Being Saved?’
A couple of recent articles in
Christian-ity Today
discuss the current state of evan-gelism and outreach. One observes that“revivalism” is dead, with its emphasis on“praying the sinner’s prayer” and certaintyof a specific time when you were “saved.”Conversion is fast becoming more of aprocess than an event, with many in thenew generation unable to identify a pointwhere they repented of their sins and com-mitted their lives to Christ. Altar calls areless visible in the newer, “user friendly”churches.One writer characterized conversionas more of a “falling in love with Jesus”rather than a point where one recognizeshe is a sinner and needs the Holy Spiritto regenerate his heart to become a newcreature, with old things of the worldpassing away.This fits with the approach to churchthat tries not to make the sinner uncom-fortable. It is primarily on an emotionallevel, failing to recognize that the lovethat the Bible talks about is rooted inthe will to follow Christ no matter howit feels.There are some interesting develop-ments that have gotten us here. First of all, modern bibles play down the awful-ness of sin, existence of hell and judg-ment of God. “Turn or burn” may seema little harsh, but that is exactly what theSee
page 7few changes were made. The ancient writ-ings that the King James writers actuallymimicked and copied were by Catholicpriests.”What appalling hypocrisy that poperywould believe that the world has forgot-ten their bloody inquisition that slaugh-tered millions of Bible believers whostood on the KJV as God’s word for thecommon man.The Bible exhibit, called Verbum Domi-ni (Word of the Lord) is an unprecedentedcollection of some 40,000 artifacts. It
Pope Gave Us KJV?...
#180 -
$14.95368 pagespaperback 
Bible teaches. With the new approach,one can keep one foot in the world andGod’s mercy is so big that few, if any,are condemned to eternal fire, if sucha place exists at all. Another factor isallowing cults into the fellowship such asRoman Catholicism, that teach a processof “being saved” rather than an event of regeneration of the heart.It is true that the last generation of Christians has had its hypocrisy and showbiz. But there was enough truth there thatthe sincere seeker could find it. But theperson set in his selfishness could findplenty of excuses for refusing the truth.The devil always has plenty of lies to feedto those with only a halfhearted interestin Christ.One major shift in the last generationis toward “friendship evangelism,” awayfrom presenting a solid challenge withthe gospel. Of course, a friendly attitudeis essential in personal evangelism, butto delay presenting the gospel until along-standing personal bond is establishedrequires a huge investment of time. Howmuch better it is to present the gospelearly on, and use that time to disciple theones who respond.Jesus said few there be that find thenarrow path. Most are unwilling to even
May/June 2012 - BattleCry3
Make a family game out of
nding creative ways to givetracts to people you meet. Leave them in:Restrooms In campground game rooms• With tip for waitresses At gas stationsIn rest areas In plane seat pockets• On ice machinesOn vacation, we meet more new people per day than atany other time. Give them a little story they will enjoy,and a message they will never forget...

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