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Sanskrit Subhashita Collection

Sanskrit Subhashita Collection

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Published by khadenilesh

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Published by: khadenilesh on May 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 saMskRt sauBaaiYat saMga`h 
 caotna cavhaNa 
AignaÁ SaoYaM ?NaÁ SaoYaM Sa~uÁ SaoYaM tqaOva ca a 
punaÁ punaÁ p`vaQa-ot tsmaat\ SaoYaM na karyaot\ aa 
Agni (fire) , Rna( runa-loan), shatru(enemy), if remain even in small
trace(shasham) will grow again(punah punah pravardheta), so finish them
completely(tatah shesham na karayet).
PaRqvaIvyaaM ~IiNa r%naaina jalama\ Annama\ sauBaaiYatma\ a 
maU ZO: paYaaNa#aNDoYaur%nasaM&a p\rdIyato aa 
There are three jwels in this earth. They are water, food and Subhaashita!! But theFools call the pieces of rocks as Jewels!
Subhaashitaa are nothing but the collection of vast experiences of people or in otherwords wise sayings.
na AiBaYaokao na saMskar: isaMhsya ik`yatovanao a 
ivak`maaija-tsa<vasya svayamaova maRgaoMd`ta aa 
There is no official coronation (RaajyaBhishekh) ceremony held to declare that lion isthe king of jungle.
He becomes king by his own attributes and heroism ('Parakram').
vanaaina dhataovanho saKa Bavait maa$t: a 
sa eva dIp naaSaaya kRSao ksyaaist sahRdma\ aa 
When it cathes fire in forest, wind is there to assist it.(sakha bhavati marutah). Samewind destroys a small lamp(sa eva deep nashayay). If one dosen't have power/wealth,he dosent have friends (krshe kasyaasti sahrdam ).
The above Subhaashita is very much applicable from the national point of view.
One will support you if you are powerful or else the same will destroy you.
So the only alternative with us is to become a mighty and powerful nation in the world.
ivaVa ivavaadaya QanaM madaya Sai>: proYaaM pirpIDnaaya a 
Klasya: saaQaao: ivaprItma\ etd &anaaya danaaya ca rxaNaaya aa 
A crooked man's (Durjan) Knowledge (Vidya) is used by him only for the
arguments (ViVaad), his Wealth (Dhanam) results in him becomming an egoistic(Madaaya) person and his Power (Shakthi) is used just to trouble others(Paripidaanaaya). The opposite is true for a good man (sajjan). His Knowledge (Vidya)is used for good purposes, his wealth is used to donate (Daanaaya) it to others and hispower/might is used to protect (Rakshanaaya) the weak.
duba-lasya balaMrajaa,baalaanaaM raodnaM balama\ a 
balaM maU K-sya maaOina%vaM, caaOraNaama\ AnaRtma\ balama\ aa 
The strength (Balam) of the weak (Durbal) is King (Raja) [The king is expected toprotect the weak]. Crying(Rodanam) is the strength of a small child [Parents accede tothe child's demand due to the child's crying. Thus crying is the strength of a child as itcan get what it desires by crying!]. Not expressing the views is the strength of anunintillegent person! [People think that the person talks less, which is considered as agood habit] And telling lies is the strength of a thief [ Thieves get away with their crimesby their art of telling the untruth]. Let's identify our strengths!!
ASvaM naOva gajaM naOva vyaaGa`MnaOva ca naOva ca a 
Ajaapu~MbailaM dVat\ dovaaoduba-laGaatk: aa 
Horse (Ashwam)? - No, Elephant (Gajam)? - No, Tiger (VyaGhram)?? -
No,Not at all!! Only the baby goat (AjaaPutram) is sacrificed during any ritual.
Conclusion is that even God does not protect the weak!!
AYTadSapuraNaanaaMsaarM vyaasaona kIit-tma\ a 
praopkar: puNyaaya papaya prpIDnama\ aa 
In all the 18 'Puranas' Shri. Vyaasa Maharshi has told only two gospels:
Doing favour to others is 'Punya' and troubling others is 'Paapa' (Sin)!!
ihmaalayaMMM samaarBya yaavat\ [Mdu saroavarma\ a 
tM dovainaima-tM doSaMihMdusqaanaM p`caxato aa 
Starting from Himalayas and extending upto Indu sarovaram (Indian Ocean)
is the nation created by God which is known as 'Hindusthan'.
Himalayan ranges including Hindukush parvat on Western side and the rangesextending upto North Myanmar ( Brahmadesh) on the Eastern side formed the NorthernBoundary of ancient Hindusthan. This land extended upto the Indian Ocean on theSouthern side.
This is the sacred land where God took Birth from time to time and recreated andestablished the social structure.
et_oSa p`saUtsya sakaSaadga`janmanaa a 
svaM svaM cair~M iSaxaorna\ pRiqavyaaM sava-maanavaa: aa 
All the people over the earth (Pruthiwyam Sarvamanavaha) should take lessons aboutliving and building their characters from the ancestors (Rishis and Saints)(Agrajanmanaha) who took birth in this land, Nation. (Etaddesh prasootasya)
The Hindu culture and heritage is the greatest of it's kind in this world and has power tolead and show right path to the whole world.
AyaMinaja: prao vaoit gaNanaa laGaucaotsaama\ 
]darcairtanaaM tu vasauQaooOva kuTumbakma\ aa 
Consideration like "he is mine or he is another's"
occur only to the narrow minded persons. To the broad-minded persons the
whole world is a family.
xaNaSa: kNaScaOva ivaVama\ AqaM-MM ca saaQayaot\ 
xaNao naYTo kutaoivaVa , kNao naYTokutao Qanama\ aa 
Every moment one should learn, from every bit one should earn.
If you waste a second (kshan) you can't get knowledge (vidya)
and if you waste a bit (kan) u can't get money (artham)
ASvasya BaU YaNaM vaogaao ma<aM syaad\ gajaBaUYaNaM a 
caatuya-ma\ BaUYaNaMnaayaa- ]Vaogaao narBaU YaNaM aa 
Speed is the glory of Horse (Ashwa) . The majestic walk is the glory of elephant (Gaja)Being wise ('Chatur') is an asset to women (Naarya) and always being engaged in somework (Udyogo) suits the man.

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