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The Current Situation of Home Without Marriage and Family of Mankind's New Life

The Current Situation of Home Without Marriage and Family of Mankind's New Life

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Published by Lifechanyuan
The Current Situation of Home Without Marriage and Family of Mankind's New Life
The Current Situation of Home Without Marriage and Family of Mankind's New Life

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Lifechanyuan on May 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Xuefeng Corpus — Lifechanyuan
The Current Situation of Home without Marriage and Familyof Mankind's New Life
 Note: The article is written in Feb 2010.
There are nearly 60 permanent residents, including old people andchildren. Home without Marriage and Family now runs one company, andits merchandises have entered the market. It has an orchard with nearly300 fruit trees. There is a vegetable garden, which can provide vegetablefor about 100 people. There are 48 rooms, a dining hall for 100 people,and automobiles. Home without Marriage and Family is located in a placewith green mountains and beautiful rivers and good spring-like weather all the year round.
has realized:The communist ideal of distribution pursued by the communists— from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.Home without Marriage and Family is responsible for the permanent
 Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth
residents' expenses in the matter of food, clothing, shelter, transportation,living, aging, illness, and death, as well as the support of old people andchildren.Holographic management is adopted. There are no leaders, no power and positions, no supervision, no rules and regulations, nocommandments. All is done out of people's free will and voluntaryactions.There is no accountancy system, no accountants. The economy isrunning smoothly. There is no corruption and waste. Anyone can makefree use of money according his or her actual need. With the exception of the company, which is run according to the country's laws and statutes, allthe others are in a holographic state.Home without Marriage and Family has realized the ideal that "noone pockets anything found on the ground and doors are not bolted atnight", for ten months there has not been one case of theft, burglary, or other crimes. During the day and night doors and windows have never  been bolted. The doors of the warehouses have never been locked. Onecan enter the warehouse freely.Everyone has a specific job on hand. There is careful division of work. No one is idle.Everyone can arrange his own time for work and rest. Home withoutMarriage and Family does not make unified arrangement. You need onlyfinish the assigned work.The environment is clean and tidy. There is no littering and nospitting. The toilet is flushed after use. There are people specificallyresponsible for cleaning, laundry, cooking, purchase, security, and
 Xuefeng Corpus — Lifechanyuan
nursing.Everyone does his or her work out of their free choice and accordingto their own characters, hobbies and special skills. There is no forcedassignment of work.There is no payment and no bonuses. The production and life goeson in accordance with the principle that "one owns nothing and yet haseverything".There has never occurred any fighting. There has been one quarrel between two people over the matter of work, and once two people sworeat each other. But later they made apologies to each other promptly.With the disintegration of family, family does not exist in Homewithout Marriage and Family. There are nine couples living together inHome without Marriage and Family, however, the husband-wiferelationship is only nominal. Although the couples are still connected inmany ways, they actually do not live according to the relationship of husband and wife.There is freedom in sex. As long as two people are compatible witheach other, they can pair up and break up freely. No one will interfere, noone will supervise. No one is possessed by anyone, no one will usurpanyone. Each is independent from the other. No one belongs to anyone.However, there is absolutely no group sexual promiscuity, as some people might assume. All go on according to civilized and elegant moralsand within the scope of naturalness and propriety. Since
are all engaged in self-refinery and self-improvement, they allconcentrate their energy on the field of spirit and soul, and no one hasever been obsessed with and addicted to physiological sex activity. Most

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