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ICA Newsletter May 2012

ICA Newsletter May 2012

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Published by: James Bryce Eldridge on May 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MAY 2012
ICA PO Box 164217 Ft. Worth, TX 76161 Office: 817 232-5815 www.coalitionofaostles.com
Why attend the November 2012ICA Annual Gathering
Two simultaneous workshop tracks eachday2.
More time has been set aside tofellowship and network
Testimonies from around the world
Prophetic words, prayer and praisefeatured at night sessions
This year, ICA is giving you options with over 25speakers in workshops and general sessions.
Topics include:
Apostles as Agents of Change
Apostles & Bishops
Building an Apostolic Treasure Chest
Team Building
Ethics & Protocol
Stones & Mortar
The Prophets New Paradigm
Apostolic Theology - and much more!
Tuesday is a full day of equipping NationalCoalition Ambassadors.
New members Orientation: Tuesday 7:00- 8:00 PM
Register now for 10% off!
ICA Annual Gathering
Early Bird Registration!
Members and Guests
Register by June 30 10% discount
Mail or Fax Registration Form
The Purpose of ICA National Coalitions
ICA National Coalitions are established in the nations of theearth to provide a platform for apostolic alliances that will expand the Kingdom of God uniquely in every nation.
ICA has been a worldwide forum for apostolic connection since itsinception in 1999. It has been a source of encouragement,enlightenment and advancement for thousands of apostlesaround the world.Now, in order to meet the specific needs existing in each nation,this vision must be extended and customized to serve the explicitneeds of the apostolate that exists in each nation. In other words,every nation needs its own coalition of apostles in order to meetthe unique challenges that exist within it.Instead of depending upon foreigners,
ICA understands the needto empower indigenous leaders to accomplish the task of connecting apostles in their own nations.
These apostolicleaders, in most cases, will be accepted by the people they serveeasier than a foreigner would. With a natural repugnance anddistrust of outsiders, the advancement strategies of the Kingdomare better accomplished by people living within the borders of anation.
By establishing
National Coalitions
around the world, ICA canexpand its platform for apostolic connection to thousands of leaders while at the same time customizing it to meet the needsof individual countries.
ICA recognizes the importance of apostles laboring in their ownnations. We desire to empower them to create key alliances andform unique strategies to meet the needs of their ownpopulation. This is a necessary step for the work of the Kingdomof God to move forward in the 21st Century and to assure theviability of ICA in the future.
If you, or an apostolic leader you know, is looking to relate withlike-minded leaders and build God’s Kingdom on earth together,contact ICA today – icainfo@coalitionofapostles.com 
Spring ReportsBRAZIL
Rene Terra Nova Forming Coalition in Brazil 
Recently I (Mark Pfeifer) traveled to Brazil at the invitation of 
Rene Terra Nova
- one of the leading apostles in SouthAmerica.
His network of over 1,500 apostles and 9,000pastors includes hundreds of thousands of people from all 26states in Brazil.
Every morning, I met with over 1,000 apostles and encouragedthem as they move forward in
creating the Brazilian Coalitionof Apostles.
The conference was held in Porto Seguro, Brazil. This locationwas chosen because this was the first place that thePortuguese landed in 1500. This particular week was chosenbecause it commemorates the first landing of these explorers.Several thousand people packed the conference venue -standing room only - with several more thousand peoplewatching from outside on giant video monitors.
Back to Back Trips Yielding Results in Africa
Randy Brown
has been forming coalitions of apostles in theAfrican nations of Ghana and Togo. …Cont. page 4
ICA PO Box 164217 Ft. Worth, TX 76161 Office: 817 232-5815 www.coalitionofaostles.com
The Changing Future Church –What to Keep and What to Discard! 
ByKluane Spake
Right now everything is changing
- the ScientificRevolution and the information age have plummeted all of usinto unprecedented change in every area of our lives! And,change is especially happening in the Church! As ministersand believers in this time of extraordinary change, it isimperative that we have the wisdom to know what changes tokeep and what to discard!There are two sides to this change! The first component of change concerns the precious ideals that we must value andkeep. Let's call them lawful BOUNDARIES. A boundaryindicates a proper border or limit. In other words, there must be rock solid unalterable truths and we must continue tohonor the Word of God as sacrosanct.
Proper "BOUNDARIES" are indisputable TheologicalTruths that will never change.
There are unmovable Truths of Scriptures that must betreasured and cherished, they must be defended and fortified.They are the genuine, rightful, and legitimate ethics andprinciples that must be upheld.Here are a few of my essential main beliefs. I believe in:1.
One God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator of all things.2.
The centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ and personalsalvation by
 free will choice
(volition) through Hisshed blood.3.
The inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God.The rightly translated Word of God is inviolable andirrefutable!4.
The Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit. Eternal security. Thefinished work of Redemption which includes thedefeat of the devil by the cross.5.
Ongoing and progressive salvation and sanctification(that includes integrity, legitimate moral standards,and principles of Christ-like character).6.
The literal personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ --and also in the potential of Christ-likeness returningamidst the many-membered corporate believer.
Truth doesn't ever change
. God never changes. But ourunderstanding of Who God is and understands the languageof Scripture, WE do progress. And, as we proceed furtherinto comprehending Truth, our capacity and perspectiveincreases and changes.
Every minister must deliver the most theologicallysound information available.
The God, who dwells in ourmidst, gives us keys to unveil and activate His powerfulpurposes and unlock the believer's potential to profoundlyimpact the world.
 Apostolic ministers and leaders have the crucialprivilege to maintain fundamental integrity
during thistime of reform and revolution! We have the mandate topreserve desirable BOUNDARIES by modeling ethical,decent, honest, reliable, and principled behavior. We alsohave the obligation to teach and uphold these unmovabletruths that must remain as our prized standards andBOUNDARIES.
blocks, obstructs, or impedes. A barrier canseparate or hold apart. It can restrain (like a fence or gate).Barriers are issues like: ineffective religious tradition,needless rhetoric, and old mentalities of archaic paradigms.Every incorrect and limiting barrier MUST be taken downand corrected. Among these barriers are:
We must confront that lens of superstition, false emotionalism, and limiting ideas that restrain and keep believers from being fully self-expressedand released into their destiny.
Barriersagainst the equality of personhood must be removed. Weequally esteem one another because the image of God isfully expressed in all people. Every believer canindividually express full Truth. Equality and unity of theBody can only be expressed through diversity.
Wemust NOT camp at the doorstep of ineffective rigid controls,or cultural superstitions, or useless routines that becomeobstacles to the purposes of God.
This teaching continues at the ICA Website:www.coalitonofapostles.com 

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