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EIsntein Jolas Poetry is Vertical

EIsntein Jolas Poetry is Vertical

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Published by lastobserver

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Categories:Types, Maps
Published by: lastobserver on May 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Poetry Is Vertical http://fascicle.com/issue03/essays/poetryisvertical.ht
On a été trop horizontal, j'ai envie d'étre vertical. -- Léon Paul Fargue.
In a world ruled by thehypnosis of positivism, weproclaim the autonomy of the poetic vision, thehegemony of the inner lifeover the outer life.We reject the postulatethat the creative personality is a mere factor in thepragmatic conception of progress, and that itsfunction is the delineationof a vitalistic world.We are against the renewalof the classical ideal, becauseit inevitably leads to adecorative reactionary conformity to a factitioussense of harmony, to thesterilisation of the living imagination.We believe that the orphicforces should be guardedfrom deterioration, nomatter what social systemultimately is triumphant.Esthetic will is not thefirst law. It is in theimmediacy of the ecstaticrevelation, in the a-logical
1 of 3 04-10-2010 18:48
Poetry Is Vertical http://fascicle.com/issue03/essays/poetryisvertical.ht
movement of the psyche, inthe organic rhythm of the vision that the creative artoccurs.The reality of depth canbe conquered by a voluntary mediumistic conjuration, by a stupor which proceedsfrom the irrational to a world beyond a world.The transcendental 'I' withits multiple stratificationsreaching back millions of years is related to the entirehistory of mankind, pastand present, and is broughtto the surface with thehallucinatory irruption oimages in the dream, thedaydream, the mystic-gnostic trance, and even thepsychiatric condition.The final disintegration of the 'I' in the creative act ismade possible by the use of a language which is a manticinstrument, and which doesnot hesitate to adopt arevolutionary attitudetoward word and syntax,going even so far as toinvent a hermetic language,if necessary.Poetry builds a nexusbetween the 'I' and the 'you'by leading the emotions of the sunken, telluric depthsupward toward theillumination of a collectivereality and a totalisticuniverse.The synthesis of a truecollectivism is made possibleby a community of spirits who aim at the constructionof a new mythological
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