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Handbook to Higher Consciousness

Handbook to Higher Consciousness

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Published by shuzkhuz
Tips and Tools on getting rid of your habitual,unhelpful thought patterns and emotional addictions
Tips and Tools on getting rid of your habitual,unhelpful thought patterns and emotional addictions

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Published by: shuzkhuz on May 20, 2012
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Ken Keyes Jr.
Millions of years ago when our animal ancestors had to survive in the jungle,it was necessary to have an instantly effective fight or flight mechanism.When a tiger was about to spring, an automatic emotional response was a lifesaver. A nervous shock was needed to squirt adrenalin into the blood so thatmuscles became jet powered. Emotional alarms were needed to commandfull attention. When a tiger was ready to jump, there was no time to admirethe beautiful sunset. As a jungle survival mechanism, our animal ancestorswere programmed for automatic duality -- automatic feelings of otherness,threat, and paranoia. Survival required instant domination of consciousnessto meet the perils of the jungle.We are the pioneers in the evolution of human consciousness. It was onlyabout 10,000 years ago that our ancestors built the first cities. As civilizationgrew, survival no longer depended on the instant fight or flight of the jungle.Survival and happiness now depend on tuning in to the overall situationinvolving ourselves, the people around us, and the total environment of thehere and now. Perceptiveness, wisdom, and oneness are now the ingredientsof effective and happy living. But our biocomputers are still programmed for  jungle fight or flight -- for a fast release of adrenalin into the blood stream,and for rapid heartbeat -- for automatic anger and fear. In our socialinteractions, our consciousness magnifies molehills and makes them intomountains -- and this constant distortion destroys our energy, our insight, andour ability to love.Thus survival in the jungle meant that we had to be programmed for instant paranoia -- instant fear -- instant anger -- instant perception of duality.Survival in our world today means that we must have instant perceptions of oneness -- of love -- of compassion with everyone and understanding of everything around us. When we learn to cut through our paranoid jungle programming, we are on our way to higher consciousness and happiness.Evolution is now working to remedy this primitive jungle alarm wiring in our  brain that tends to hold us on lower consciousness levels. Paranoid, dualisticindividuals who cannot love themselves and others tend to get heart trouble,ulcers, other psychosomatic diseases, are accident-prone, etc. Perhaps in100,000 years, through the ruthless survival of the fittest, humans may have
nervous systems that are automatically structured to produce instant insightsthat facilitate love and oneness. But that doesn’t help you and me. We needthe Living Love Way to show us how to live in higher consciousness as soonas possible -- to override our jungle programming so that we can enjoy livinghere and now.We have escaped from the domination of instincts (inflexible unlearned behavior) that guides animals through their daily life situations. Since theyoung human is not provided with a full repertoire of automatic fixedresponses, we are unable to independently cope with life for a number of years after birth. This long period of plasticity and openness to learningcomplex life guidance patterns helps us avoid fixed preprogrammed behavior.For example, this long nurturing period lets us learn complex languagesystems -- and our flexibility is such that we can learn to communicate inSwahili as easily as in English or any other language.Instead of a complete pattern of animal-type instincts to provide survivalresponses to life situations, the young child uses ego mechanisms backed byhair-trigger emotions to develop security, sensation, and power magnificationof the moment-to-moment sensory inputs. Our personal development intofulfilling, happy lives (as well as the progression of civilization beyond thedangerous power consciousness) depends on our getting free of our ego- backed, subject-object, me-them, security-sensation-power hang-ups.
It may be helpful to see this progression of consciousness in outline form asfollows:ORGANISMMETHOD OFPROTECTING ANDENHANCING THEORGANISMAnimalRelatively fixed lifestyle based on instinctor unlearned preprogrammed behavior.Lower ConsciousnessHumanEgo-directed, subject-object, emotion-backedsecurity, sensation, and power consciousness(increasingly involvingthe rational mind) thatmakes us inflexiblyguard and protecthabitual folkways and personal patterns.Higher ConsciousnessHumanThe ego-driven negativeemotions have beenreplaced by wide-ranging insight and deepintuitive understandinggiving full flexibility toflow in mutuallysupportive and lovingways with no inflexiblefolkways and personal patterns.The biocomputer with which you are equipped is the most remarkableinstrument in the universe. Your only problem is to learn to use it properly. It

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