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Cópia de tHE WORKERS OF THE lORD 01 05 2012 doc

Cópia de tHE WORKERS OF THE lORD 01 05 2012 doc

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Published by Fernandes Martinho
The time approaches when those things which have been announced for the transformation of humanity will be accomplished. All those who have worked in the field of the Lord with disinterestedness and no other motive than charity will be blessed! Their working days will be paid a hundred times more than was expected. Blessed are those who have said to their fellow men:
The time approaches when those things which have been announced for the transformation of humanity will be accomplished. All those who have worked in the field of the Lord with disinterestedness and no other motive than charity will be blessed! Their working days will be paid a hundred times more than was expected. Blessed are those who have said to their fellow men:

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Published by: Fernandes Martinho on May 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The workers of the lord
 Theme: The workers of the LordSource:the Gospel according to Spiritism, XX: item, 5
5. The time approaches when those things which have been announced for the transformation of humanity will be accomplished. All those who have worked in the field of the Lord with disinterestedness and no other motive than charity will be blessed! Their working days will be paid a hundred times more than was expected.Blessed are those who have said to their fellow men:"Let us work together and unite our efforts so that when the Lord arrives He will find His work finished,"seeing that the Lord will say to them: "Come unto me, you who have been good servants, you who knew how tosilence your rivalries and discords so that no harm should come to the work!" But woe to those who as a result of their dissensions have held back the time of the harvest, because the tempest will come and they will be taken awayin the turbulence! They will cry out: "Mercy! Mercy!"However, the Lord will say to them: "How can you implore mercy when you had none for your fellow menand refused to offer them a helping hand, trampling on the weak instead of upholding them? How can you beseechmercy when you sought your recompense in earthly pleasures and the satisfaction of your pride? You have alreadyreceived your recompense, just as you wished. There is nothing more to ask for; the celestial rewards are for thosewho have not looked for earthly compensations." At this very moment God is preparing a census of His faithfulservants, and has already taken note of those whose devotion is only apparent, so that they may not usurp thewages of the courageous servants, because those who do not draw back from the task are the ones to whom Heentrusted the most difficult positions in the great work of regeneration by means of Spiritism.These words will be fulfilled: "The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first in the Kingdom of Heaven." - THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (Paris, 1862).
* * * * *
MAIN AND ONLY POINT:Recommendations and warning to the workers of the Lord.
* * * * *CONSIDERATIONS:Let us see these words: “... in the great work of the regeneration through Spiritism,” And why regeneration through Spiritism? It is because Spiritism is persuasive teaching the reason of things, Jesus began to bring the transformation need, for instance: ‘to give the other face ',
 or ‘to forgive offenses ',
or ‘to make peace with the adversary ',
 or ‘to love without expecting reward '.
 All this was so that the humanity might be regenerated, only that Jesus didn't explain to the men of thendays their reasons of being, as they had not capacity to understand; but now in this height of championship thepeople are wanting to know more on themselves, on the reasons of life, that although they satisfies their needs of the
Study presented by Antonio Martinho Fernandes at the Centro Espírita, Joana d’Arc, S. João deMeriti, RJ. a 01/ 05/ 2012.
Matthew, V: 19.
Matthew, XVIII: 22.
Matthew, V: 25.
Luke, VI: 32, 33.
body, they still meet themselves with an emptiness in themselves, which demands answer and that humbly theDoctrine of Spiritism can help.The Spiritist Doctrine or Spiritism, doesn't offer Heaven easily away, but it begins by suggesting that‘without charity there is no salvation '; 
 that is salvation of ourselves, of our inferiorities, of selfishness, and other addictions of the flesh and of materiality, that because we are immortal spirits, ascending in progresses in our evolution for apices more and more select, within the merits of our efforts, nobody receives beneficence easily givenout, but it is: ‘to each one according to their works '
therefore for our own good and happiness, may our works begood and might we be well faring men..Thence there to be some who may answer: what for should one be good in this world of cruelty, I say,when in Rome live as the Romans live! Rising out to that idea one arrives at the old times of each one for himself; ohthat regency was the one of Moses, ‘tooth for tooth and an eye for an eye ',
 but Jesus rectified that regency saying:Moses said..., I however tell you
Let us see that in goodness we are not arrested to the material world but yes, to the spiritual, ‘kingdom of Heaven’; has not Jesus said: “you are not of this world”.
Everything being well, there is some who may say, if so that our soul be immortal, and when one diesone goes to a spiritual world, then when I arrive there I will try to survive out accordingly?Yes, it seems that it could be so, but it is not so simple.Let us see; in the times of the great emigrations of Europe for the Americas, it is certain that people of the whole type emigrated, but the authorities informed: they should have a profession, learn something of usefulness,take with yourselves something for the arrival, farmers, take a hoe, you carpenters tools that facilitate you, the oneswho have a profession should also take one’s utensils; the ones that are sick try to reestablish the health, because inmany places only the healthy ones get over to adapt to the seasons of the lands.Well then, the spirits in the beyond recommend constantly, that in the beyond we ought not be arrivingthere in empty hands, as that in the beyond the values are of moral weight, the virtues weigh more than gold, aperson already virtuous in this physical world, will be a virtuous spirit in the beyond, because the moral and virtuousmerits, will not be lost and those spirits will be happy in the beyond, as well as be welcomed and accepted with joyfulness as their presence is welcomed.Thence, our effort being required in this world for us to improve ourselves, for us to regenerateourselves, for goodness, for love, for us to be good persons, tolerant, understandable, sure it will not be a shame onus to have that type of character, and be different from most people of the world, we will make the differences;nothing of selfishness, nothing of pride, nothing of hate, nothing of revenge, let us seek the Christian values whichJesus brought, which are basically wrought in love, “to love God above all things and the neighbor as ourselves”,
not to go thereabout learning a thousand dogmas, as a solution, no, because in life what really is worth, are thesimple things; not to mistreat people is already a good beginning, to be satisfied with what one has is already anappreciable virtue before God.Respect to the neighbor is very important, to respect the things of someone else, not to steal or covettheir things, to respect life, not to kill or to hurt anybody, to respect animals or the nature is to respect God, becauseeverything is His very own creation, nobody is actually, owner of anything and to say I do whatever I want, because ineverything there is responsibility before God, although we are the usufructuary ones, an understanding personlogically understands that fact, true, is it not?
* * * * *
For some elementary notions of Spiritism. Let us see AllanKardec's book “what is Spiritism”, chapter, II, items 7 to 21.
. The Spirits are not, as a lot of people suppose, a separate class in the creation, however the souls,naked from their corporal involucres, of those who lived in Earth or in other worlds. He who admits the survival of thesoul to the body, admits, for the same reason, the existence of the Spirits; to deny the Spirits would be to deny thesoul.
The Gospel according to Spiritism, XV: 10.
Matthew, XVI: 27.
Exodus, XXI: 24.
Matthew, V: 21,22,27,33.
John, XV: 19.
Matthew, XXII: 34-40.
It is usually made a very erroneous idea of the state of the Spirits; they are not, as some believe,vague beings and indefinite, nor flames similar to a vain-fire, nor ghosts as they paint them in the stories of the soulsof the other world. They are beings of our fellow creatures, having like us a body, but fluidic and invisible in thenormal state.
. When the soul is united to the body, during life, it has a double involucre: a heavy, rude anddestructible—the body; the other fluidic, light and indestructible, called perispírit.
. There is, therefore, in man three essential elements:1." The soul or Spirit, intelligent principle in which resides the thought, the will and the moral sense;2." The body, material involucre which puts the Spirit in relationship with the external world;3. ° The perispírit, involucre fluidic, light, imponderable, serving as a link and of intermediary between theSpirit and the body.
When the external involucre is used and cannot work anymore, it tumbles and the Spirit abandons it,as the fruit undresses of its seed, the tree of its peel, the serpent of its skin, in a word, as one leaves out an old dresswhich no longer is useful; it is what is designated by the name of death.
Death is just the destruction of the corporal wrapper, which the soul abandons, as does the butterflywith its chrysalis, conserving however its body fluidic or perispírit.
. The death of the body disentangles the Spirit of the link which arrested it to the Earth and made it tosuffer and once freed from that burden, it doesn't remain in him more than his ethereal body, which allows him totravel the space and to transpose the distances with the speed of the thought.
The union of the soul, of the perispírit and of the material body constitutes the man; the soul and theperispírit separate from the body constitute the being called Spirit.OBSERVATION—the soul is so a simple being; the Spirit a double being and the man a triple being. Itwould be more exact to reserve the word soul to designate the intelligent principle, and the term Spirit for the beingsemi-material formed of that principle and of the fluidic body; but, as one cannot conceive the intelligent principleisolated of the matter, nor the perispírit without being animated by the intelligent principle, the words soul and Spiritare, in the use, indifferently used one for the other; it is the illustration that consists of taking the part for the whole, inthe same way that it is said that a city is populated of so many souls, a town composed of so many families;philosophically, however, it is essential to make the difference.
. The Spirits covered of their material bodies constitute the Humanity or visible corporal world;unwrapped of those bodies, they form the world spiritual or invisible which populates the space and in the middle of which we live, without of that suspecting, as we lived in the middle of the world of the infinitely small ones, that wedidn't suspect, before the invention of the microscope.
. The Spirits are not, therefore, abstract beings, wandered and indefinite, but beings concrete andbounded, to the which it only lacks their being visible for them to assimilate the humans; from where is proceededthat if, at a given moment, it could be lifted up the veil which hides them, they would form a population, surroundingus everywhere.
The Spirits possess all the perceptions which they had in Earth, however in a higher degree,because their mental faculties are not mortified by the matter; they have sensations ignored by us, they see andhear things that our limited senses neither allow us to see nor to hear. For them there is no obscurity, excepting – of those that, for punishment, are temporarily in the darkness. All our thoughts in them are echoed, and they read them as in an open book; so that what e could hidesomebody, during the terrestrial life, we cn no more hide after his disincarnating. (The Spirit’ Book, n.° 237.)
. The Spirits are everywhere, on our side, rubbing shoulders and observing us continually. For their incessant presence among us, they are the agents of several phenomena, they play an important part in the moralworld, and, up to certain point, in the physicist; they constitute, if so we can to say, one of the forces of Nature.

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