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Building a Brand From Scratch

Building a Brand From Scratch

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Published by jellpen

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Published by: jellpen on May 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“BUILDING A BRAND FROM SCRATCH”Brand Building Strategy for Beginners
Prof. Rutu Mody-KamdarAssistant Professor in MarketingNarsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (Deemed University)
Brand Management is an important topic in Marketing Management, both foracademicians and more so for professional practitioners in live marketing.Branding adds great value to a product and is therefore an intrinsic aspect ofa product strategy. All management institutes have realized the importance ofthis subject, and have introduced a separate course on Brand Management intheir MBA (Marketing) syllabus. Ms. Rutu Mody-Kamdar, one of our youngestand energetic faculty members in the Marketing area, has been teaching thissubject in her MBA classes. She has extensively studied the topic and herclass students have appreciated the depth and devotion with which she hasbeen teaching the course.Now she has put all her conceptual teaching material in the form of a bookletfor all those who have interest in the subject of Brand Management. Thisbooklet would be of special interest to students, faculty members and evenmarketing practitioners. I have great pleasure in releasing this book “ Buildinga Brand from Scratch: Brand Building Strategy for Beginners”, which is atreatise on Brand Management. She has covered various dimensions of thearea like brand definition, brand positioning, brand associations, brand imageand brand identity.NMIMS appreciates the efforts put in by her in producing this valuablepublication and hopes that she will continue to do further research in this areain greater depth. I personally wish her all the best in her academic career withNMIMS.Dr N. M. KondapVice ChancellorNMIMSDeemed UniversityMarch 7, 2005
Branding can be called both an art and a science. Branding is a science- Ascience that seeks to peek into the minds of consumers and create offeringsthat cater to their individual and aggregate needs, wants and desires.However, this extremely ‘soft’ area of branding, is difficult to identify andclassify clearly. Consider the following:Brands are about consumers and their minds, their extremely volatile minds.None of us can claim to be a champion of the human mind as yet. There isindeed no computer on earth as yet that can claim to clone the processes ofthe mind and its volatile nature. The mind is still being understood.The only reality around in our lives is change. This all about change that is anamorphous process in the mind of the consumer. This change is seldom acontinuous trend. It is as discontinuous as it can get. There is seldom anythingpredictive about the pattern of this change in the consumer mind and mood. Itis as maverick as the consumer is!Branding, when studied from the perspective of the quantitative technique andparameters that are empirical and scientific, is a theory that is never reallyalive.Not as alive and kicking as the consumer is! Yet, let’s look around at ourbrand-centred establishments. Every corporate worth his corporate cultureand coat is into the realm of the science more than the realm of the art. Muchof the time, the hard area in branding dominates the soft.Look at branding as an art then. As a qualitative technique! As a soft-skilloperating in a soft terrain. The soft terrain of the ever-changing human mind.A terrain that depends on the apt and adequate understanding of the humanmind at that point of time. A skill that depends on the ability of the reader ofthe mind of the consumer. A skill that centres itself on the realm of consumerinsight that is truly soft and real. Not hard and quantifiable, but soft andsomewhere there.This soft-skill is, therefore, the essence of understanding the consumer andthe brand. And this is precisely the skill that modern corporates have shunnedfor long. Consumer insight and the soft arena of reading it as precisely aspossible is the only true blue cutting edge of branding; therein lies theadvantage for corporations in future.The case is clear then. Branding is certainly much more of an art than ascience. Get in there with your artistry. Get in there with your heart andeverything soft about you in the understanding of the consumer.
Excerpt from 
The Soft Art Behind The Hard Sell 
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