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Sin City

Sin City

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Published by Kasandria Sajette

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Published by: Kasandria Sajette on May 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dejay PaquilloProfessor Alberto GullabaWriting 39BMay 11, 2012Basin City or so-called Sin City is a town in the American West where violenceand crime seizes the night. The graphic novel
Sin City
by Frank Miller shows hisaudience, comic book readers, particular men age ranging from fifteen to twenty threeyears old, who love the genre action and adventure. Miller attracts his readers through hisartwork and use of negative space and color. Also, he was able to create suspense andintense action through the detail and abstract images. He uses a style from noir films,which is used for censorship and to set the setting of the scenes. His artwork heavilydraws attention to a certain character which the genre film noir was trying to achieve intheir film or. Miller stylistic use became to use in the film
Sin City
that he co-directed andmade the story based on the graphic novel. The purpose for his use of style in the graphicnovel was that he did not want his comic book to be like another general comic book, buta comic book that was told by the dark formed images and blank spaces. Miller writes inhis post
When In Doubt, Black it Out 
“It’s often what is not there that tells our story best,” which in e
ach pane
l creates “depth”
(Tully) through the color and images toemphasis the important facts and also where the readers are able to put themselves into
Marv’s position
.Miller was able to portray violence in the without having the images to be too
gruesome through the method of film noir’s. Film noir is a style or genre of motion
picture marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace.
Even though Miller’s
graphic novel
Sin City
is meant for adults ranging from seventeen and up, he was able tocover or censor images that was inappropriate, but Miller was still able to express thereactions of the characters even though of the lack of colors. Miller was successful in hisuse of style to show the action and violence of Marv true nature. Miller also used thissimilar style when he directed the film that is based on the graphic novel. The style of hisdrawing portrayed Marv as the anti-hero through the mayhem he creates through the city,but because of the lack of detail and use of color that was used had the ability to censorthe violence, which was used in noir films.Throughout the graphic novel Miller use of film noir expresses different kind of style that is different from other comic book creators. He uses this idea or the style of making images very detailed or incomplete. The point of using the kind of style was togive the readers a chance to put in their own story, to let them imagine what is happeningin the scene. Miller uses these abstract, detailed, and incomplete images so that theimages can tell the story itself. One of the panels on page twenty the shows of Marv, theanti-hero in
Sin City
, kicking the door where cops were knock down. This panel wasdrawn very detail in presenting the scene to be full of action such as fights and shooting.An image that is vaguely draw was the image of the church that Marv went into. Theimage or the church itself was just white and the surrounding was black. This gave thereaders a chance to question why did Marv go in there? The image was just outlinedblack because Miller wanted to show respect to the Catholic community, and also thispresented Marv as if he is religious in a way where he just wants to be forgiven. These
images, even though it is abstract and incomplete, tell more to the story rather than towhat the panel shows itself.Although the images drawings add more to the story it also adds to the emotionsand intensity of the scene and to what the character is experiencing. Through detail andincomplete drawings, each image is represented in different ways to show the feelingspresented through the characters and their actions, adding detail to the story itself. Forexample, in the beginning of the graphic novel the first few panels show sex scenesbetween Marv and Goldie, a person Marv falls in love with over night. The panels are notvery detail and it only showed the facial expression and a black empty space surroundingthem
, but it is through the “stop action” that let the comic book readers imagin
e what ishappening. This showed the passionate feelings Marv had for Goldie. The black emptyspace presented that they were in a big bedroom adding more intensity to the scene as if 
they were the only one in the world. Miller’s works of style provided mor 
e to the story,adding the emotional and visual appeal for the readers to imagine what is happening inthe scene.As Miller uses his unique style to express the intensity of the
story, he try’s to
appeal to his general audience, comic fans, through the action and adventure story. Millerwas able to create a graphic novel that was appealing to the audience, particularly menthat are ages seventeen and up. The story had images of intense action and shootings,which captures their attention to read more hopi
ng that the “epic” action will continue on
in the later parts of the graphic novel. Also, on the cover of the graphic novel it showsMarv standing their ready to jump into action. Through the use of color and detailed
images it the image stand as an “eye candy” to the men because they imagine the hero

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