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Soal B.Ing SMP

Soal B.Ing SMP

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Published by Ratri Cahyani

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Published by: Ratri Cahyani on May 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Choose the correct answer by crossing A,B, C or D on your answer sheet.
Text 1Read this text to answer questions no 1
1. Where can we possibly find such acaution?A. In a carB. In a parking lotC. In toll wayD. In a narrow alleyText 2
In case of fire don’t use lift
 but use fire exit door
2. Where do you usually find this caution?A.On the wall in a motel.B.On the lift in a building.C.At the door in a small house.D.Near the windows of the house.3. What is the main idea of the text?A. To warn people to use exit doorB. To educate people on how to use liftC. To learn on how to extinguish fire in aliftD. To remind people to avoid using liftin case of fireText 3Sunday, November 07, 201114:31From: Ms. SantiHi, TikaI text you just to inform that the examsscheduled for 09 November 2011 have beenpostponed until next week because of theconflicting schedule.Please forward this message to Dinar, Lina,Irfa, and the others.Sorry for that and thanks heaps forforwarding this text.4. Why have the exams been postponed?A. The exams were scheduled for 09NovemberB. They needed to forward the messageC. There was a conflicting scheduleD. Ms. Santi has just texted them5. From the text we may conclude that Ms.
Santi is probably Tika‘s . . . .
 A. friendB. teacherC. principalD. classmateText 4Congratulations!To: DhimasCongratulations on your great achievementin winning The Asian Teenagers SingingContest 2012.We are really proud of you. Keep up thegood work.Best regard,Principal and all the teachers6. What has Dhimas done?A. Gave regard to the Asian teenagers.B. Congratulated the teachers.C. Met with the principal.D. Won the contest.Text 5To: Naenda PutriI will be glad if you come to my 15thbirthday party.Day/date : Sunday/April 29, 2012Time : 6 until 8 p.m.Place : Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 365SungailiatYours truthfullyKesarin7.
The party will finish at … p.m.
 A. 4B. 6C. 5D. 88.
The writer writes the text above to….
 A. confirm her birthday to her friendB. show her happiness for Naenda
‘s plan
 C. invite her friend to her birthday partyD. give an information about herbirthdayText 6Dona, please let others know that theScout meeting is canceled until Mr.Purnomo is back from Blora.SenderRiri+628975649. The meeting is postponed because of Mr.
A. absenceB. meetingC. comingD. information
 10. The synonym of the word
..‖ meeting is canceled until ― is ...
 A. delayedB. postphonedC. continuedD. missed
11. ‗‘Please let others know…‖ The wordothers refers to …
 A. Dona and RiriB. scout membersC. Riry and Mr PurnomoD. Mr. Purnomo and DonaText 7
KING's Tandoor
Indian and Chinese CuizineCome and enjoy our excellent food andquality in a superb ambience, withreasonable price. (no brach). Permata PlazaGround floor (next to President Hotel) Jl.Thamrin Kav. 57 Jakarta. Telp. 3905379-8.Fax 39055378. Email : queens@pacific.net.id12. The correct statement based on the ads
is ………………
We can find King
‘s Tandoor in any
other part in JakartaB.
‘s Tandoor offers Indian and
traditional foodC.
‘s Tandoor offers Indians and
Chinese foodD.
The King
‘s Tandoor is in President
Hotel.13. What is the quickest and the mostpractical way to reserve a table in therestaurant?A. Online reservationB. Asking someone to comeC. Informing via telephoneD. Coming to the King
‘s Tandoor 
14. "Come and enjoy our excellent food "The underlined word refers to ...A. the writerB. the owner and the staff C. the readersD. the reader and the writerText 8
Serving size : 1 tabletServing per Container : 30Amount of %DailyValueVitamin C250 mg 416,67mgCalcium50mg 7,14mgCitrus bioflavonoid50mgRutin25mgHesperidin25mgRose hips125mgAcerola5mgDaily value not established.
Suggested use
: 1 tablet after mealThis product contains no artificialcolours, flavours, preservatives milk,sugar, egg, chemical solvent, starch orgluten.15. What is the purpose of the text?A. to advertise a supplement for womanB. to describe a product for adultC. to give a detail about suplementD. to tell a value of a suplement
16. ‗This product contain no artificial .......‘
 What does the underlined word mean?A. originalB. pureC. unnaturalD. inexpensive17. How many tablet are suggested to takein a day?A. oneB. twoC. threeD. fiveText 9
Jaya Raya Junior High SchoolKomplek JayarayaJalan Bangunan Baruno. 10Bandung, 10
December 2011Mr. and Mrs. CandraJalan Kenanga 12BandungDear Sir and Madam,We are pleased to inform you that yourdaughter, Sandra, has been successfullycompleted the second year of junior high school.To end this challenging academic year, we havemade a plan to hold a special event featuringmusical drama involving your daughter.We request the honor of your company inthe event to witness the great accomplishmentthroughout the year. We are looking forward towelcoming you.Yours sincerely,Principal
Dr. Rahadi
18. Based on the text, Sandra is….
 A. the daughter of Dr. RahadiB.
the event organizer of the musicaldramaC.
the student of Jaya Raya Junior HighSchoolD.
the witness of the year‘s great
accomplishment19. Which one of these statements isincorrect?A. Mr. and Mrs. Candra live inBandung.B.
Sandra takes part in the school‘s
musical drama.C.
Dr. Rahadi invites Sandra‘s parents
to come to the event.D.
The school works together with Mr.
and Mrs. Candra‘s
are pleased to inform you …‖
(paragraph 1).
What does the word ―we‖ refer to?
The school.B.
The company.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Candra.D.
The principal and the witness.21.
request the honor of your
company…‖ (paragraph 3).
 What does the underlined word mean?A.
Asking something from someone.B.
Rejecting something fromsomeone.C.
Accepting something fromsomeone.D.
Responding on something fromsomeoneText 10Bona was an enormous elephant, thebiggest land animal on earth. He wasfamous because of his tusks whichmeasured at least three metres long. Theydug into the ground as he walked and gotentangled in vines, so he had to hold his
head high. This posture gave him a ―royal‖
appearance.People loved Bona, but poachers from allover the world were boasting and sayingthey would kill the big tusker. All thewildlife lovers were very worried and sentletters to President Kenyatta. The Presidentwrote a decree that protected the elephantwith five armed guards and allowed them toshoot any poachers on the spot.One day the time came and this belovedcreature sank onto his knees, rolled overand died in peace from old age.22. What does the text tell us about?A. An elephant named BonaB. An elephant lover named BonaC. A president who loves an animalespecially elephantD. The President of Kenyatta wholoves an elephant named Bona 23. The second paragraph of the text above
tells us about …
A. why the guards protected BonaB. why the poachers wanted to killBonaC. why the wildlife lovers protectedBonaD. why the wildlife lovers worriedabout BonaText 11One bright sunny morning, near thelake, a mother duck was very pleasedthat her eggs had begun to hatch.
‗Cheep, cheep‖ chirped the chicks.
Mother duck was very proud of herfluffy duckling
but one of themlooked different from the others.
―Quack! Quack! How can thatduckling be one of mine?‖ Mother duck wondered. ―He‘s so big andugly.‖ All the other chicks were mean
and teased Sammy, the ugly duckling.They did not want to play with him.
Poor Sammy was very sad. ―I don‘t belong here,‖ he said. One day he
packed his bags and left home to look for someone who wants to be hisfriend.Soon he came to a pond. There hesaw some ducks swimming. But they
didn‘t want to be his friends either.
Poor Sammy was very unhappy, hethen waddled away.The next day an old woman saw
Sammy. ―I think I‘ll cook him for mydinner,‖ she said. She tried to catch
him, but Sammy ran as fast as hecould.Poor Sammy was so sad that he hidhimself by the riverbank. One day hewatched some beautiful swans fly past
him. ―I wish I were as magnificent asthe swan,‖ he sighed.
 Time passed by. Spring, summer,and fall went by. Finally spring cameagain. Sammy decided to go to comeout of his hiding place. He looked athis reflection in the river. He was very
surprised. What did he see? ―Is thatreally me? I‘m a beautiful swan!
―Look at that swan! He‘s the mostmagnificent of them all!‖ said children
in the town. Sammy had never felt

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