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Concept of Development in Islam Written By

Concept of Development in Islam Written By

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Published by scholarsassist

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Published by: scholarsassist on May 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT IN ISLAMWritten by Ahmad RawiThe writer can be contacted atscholars.assist@gmail.com
Table of content
1. Table of content pg.22. Introduction pg.33. Discussion on topic pg. 34. Conclusion pg.125. References pg.14
Written by Ahmad RawiThe writer can be contacted atscholars.assist@gmail.com
Written by Ahmad Rawi The writer can be contacted at scholars.assist@gmail.com
The relationship between religion and economic development has always beenneglected to the extent that literature on this relationship between religion and economicdevelopment form a class of its own. The factor underlying this neglect of relationship betweenreligion and economic development has been identified as the implicit assumption thateconomic development is often viewed as essentially secular and therefore is separated fromreligious matters Culture and global change (Skelton and Allen,2005,p.237).This pape proposes to examine the concept of development in Islam as can be found in the Quran, theTraditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and as elaborated by Muslim scholars over thecentury.The attempt to provide a complete definition of what development is has proven to be adifficult task. There seems to be no universally accepted standard for measuring economicdevelopment, as the term itself necessitates a significant amount of value judgments(Ezeala-Harrison,1996,p.14). Yet this paper submits that Islamic development concept is not difficultto define i.e. Islamic development concept is the concept of development that is in line withIslamic value system as derived from the Quran and Sunnah. There are several other definitionof what is development in Islam. Focusing on economic development Mannan (1988) definesIslamic economic development as development which implies a balanced and sustainedimprovement in the well being of man over a period of time(p.172). As we can see from theensuing discussion, the definition provides a number of useful insights into the nature andscope of (economic) devlopment in Islam.
What is Islamic values? A summary glance on values uphold by Islam shows that itdoes not differ much from values stressed by other ideologies, in other words, they are

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