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Leson Plan of reading

Leson Plan of reading

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Published by englishpintar

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Published by: englishpintar on May 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nur Hafiz AbdurahmanF1209027
Lesson PlanSchool/Grade : Junior High School, Second GradeSkill focus : ReadingGenre/Topic : Recount Text, Personal experienceTime Allocation : 2 x 45 minutesI. Standard competences:1.
Comprehend the short functional text involving recount in daily life.2.
Express the short functional text involving recount in daily lifeII. Basic Competences:1.
Respond the meaning and rhetorical steps in a short simple recount text accurately,fluently, and acceptably in daily life.2.
Express the meaning in short simple functional text by using variety of writtenlanguage accurately, fluently and accurately in daily life interaction.III. Indicators:Students are able to:1.
Perform shaped monologue recount text2.
know the characteristics of a recount textIV. Learning Objectives:At the end of the lesson, students are expected to be able to;1.
respond to simple recount text2.
identify the characteristic in the form of recount text;V Character Building
To encourage students to be open-minded in doing assignment
To develop students‟ critical thinking
and responsibility in answering question
To encourage students to be cooperative and friendly through two stay two straytechnique
VI. Material
My Personal ExperienceWhen I was in junior high school, I was not a very diligent student. In fact, I wasquite lazy. I hated all the subjects that I took during school, especially science. For mescience was very difficult. It was hard for me to remember the chemical processes,physics calculations, and biological processes.Once, my teacher grounded me in the library because I did not do my Biologyhomework. The teacher asked me to read several books and make a summary aboutthem. When I was browsing the shelves, I found a book enti
tled “The inventors of Medicine”. I thought “OK, this is a start”. I took it out then began reading it.
 I learned from the book about Edward Jenner. He was an English doctor whofound the cure for smallpox. The next one was Louis Pasteur. His interest in bacterialed him to discover the treatments for rabies and anthrax. Just like Pasteur, Robert
Koch’s experiments on bacteria also proved that tuberculosis can be spread to others
by contact. Finally, there was Alexander Flemming, a British bacteriologist who foundthe first antibiotic and penicillin.After I read the book, I realized that science is useful for human kind. By studying,we can discover things that can help human kind. Therefore, since that moment, Imanaged to change my behavior and became a doctor.
OrientationEvent 1Event 2Re-orientation
Characteristics of Recount Text
 A recount text 
is a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity. Its goal is toentertaining or informing the reader.
tells who was involved, what happened, where the events took place, and whenit happened.Example:
When I was in junior high school, I was not a very diligent student.
 Events (event 1 and 2)
tell what happened and in what sequence.Example:
Once, my teacher grounded me in the library because I did not do my Biologyhomework.
• Reorientation
consists of optional-closure of events/ending.Example:
 After I read the book, I realised that science is useful for human kind 
The features are including Who? Where? When? Why?, noun or pronoun, and past tense.Examples:
 I, at home, last night, a book, I took 
The Simple Past Tense
is used to tell about past experiences. When you are telling aboutyour experience in the past, you are creating a recount text.Exercise 1Irregular verbsLook at the pictures. Make short dialogues telling what you did last weekend.For example:Ani : What did you do last weekend?Bimo : I got up late.

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