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The Creed

The Creed

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Published by ject16

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Published by: ject16 on May 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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..::The Creed::..
 The Creed is a code of mind, a set of guidelines to act as a direction towards achieving a totally conditioned mind allowing one to tackle anything that flows your way. The information in this doctrineis a refined idea of what the mind needs in order to instruct the body to survive, where the researchitself pre-dates the recording of history. A conditioned mind is necessary in achieving a conditionedbody, both are necessary elements to achieving what it means to be completely in control of self. Mostpeople only achieve a partial conditioning, to be Yulian is to achieve and maintain a full conditioning obody and mind. Many different religions talk of this state of mind and the achievement of it, the most widely known being Nirvana - a state of equanimity brought on by a strong positive composure. Belois all that is needed to actualise the mind and therefore the being.
"We are here to be creators. We are here to infiltrate space with ideas and thoughts. We are here to make something of this life. Toacknowledge the quantum self, to acknowledge the place where we really have choice, to acknowledge mind. When that shift of  perspective takes place we say that somebody has been enlightened." 
- Ramsha
 The Universe continually Flows, it has always done and always will. As a whole it is one living thing andevery living thing in it, from galaxies to microbes, anything that has the ability to effect change withinits environment is apart of it. Everything altogether flows, from the traffic of people, insects, animalsand birds to directions of rivers and wind, all the way down to the electrons orbiting a nucleus to wholeplanetary systems orbiting their star. Night and day, for past, present and future it all has flowed. And asa whole, together as one it reflects the Flow of internal universal consciousness.
No matter how big or how small you look the principles are always the same; electrons orbit nuclei,planets orbit stars and stars orbit the centre of their galaxies. All of the conscious objects in our universe,everything that makes up
Flow is governed by a set of laws; everything is mathematically proportionate
. Scientists and religious leaders talk of exactly this Flow but from two differentperspectives. A scientist will tell you that energy is; never created or destroyed so always is, was and willbe, constantly moving into form, through form and out of form, which is when the physical can berecorded and proved to exist. A theologian will tell you god; is the architect or creator of the universe soalways is, was and will be, constantly moving into form, through form and out of form, where theresults are evidence of gods presence and work.
 There are always 3 things whenever you consider anyone thing, there is the thing in question, itsopposite and the concept which combines the two as a whole. For example with warmth you also havecold and together they make temperature. Therefore
Flow is full of symmetry; if something exists itscounter part also exists
. Science & Religion, night and day, warm and cold, life and death. Every set oopposites in existence today had a beginning and an end, known as a life cycle even the physicaluniverse itself will have a beginning and end. Once a life cycle is complete a new one begins from thedebris left behind, the is especially obvious with stars; for out of the debris left behind new stars can beborn. No matter where you look everything is at a certain stage of its perpetual cycle. Therefore
Flow flows in cycles; if something has a beginning it has an end and repeats.

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