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Table Of Contents

Welcome To ZBrush
q 1 Installation
Windows Vista: Important Notice
Installation Errors
q Individual License
q Volume License
Upgrade From ZBrush 2
Installing ZBrush in a Network Environment
Windows Vista Notes
Activating ZBrush
q Online Activation
Online Activation – The Portable Licensing Solution
Upgrading Computers
Selling Your License
Key Concepts
q 1 Interface
Using Palettes
Saving Configurations
Specialized Configurations
The Startup Document
Digital Clay
q 1 Loading or Importing 3D Models
Loading or Importing 3D Models
Moving, Rotating, and Scaling Your Digital Clay
The In and Out of Sculpting
Dynamic Levels of Subdivision
Working With Dynamic Levels of Resolution
Sculpting Overview
Exporting Your Sculpt
"Scalpel, please." Rakes, Gouges and Brushes
q 1 Masks
q 2 Manipulating Masks
r 2.1 Paint Masks:
Manipulating Masks
Drag Rectangles Across Part of Your Object
Lasso Parts of an Object to Mask
Invert an Existing Mask
Create a Mask Using Topology
Related Material
Paint It!
q 1 An In-Depth Look At Painting In ZBrush
r 1.1 PolyPainting
An In-Depth Look At Painting In ZBrush
Poly to Pixel Ratio
Set Up Your Model For PolyPainting
Painting With Your Sculpting Brushes
Control the Shape of Your Brush with Alphas
Using a Texture Map to Paint with in ZBrush
How Do I Work With A Texture Map in ZBrush?
Baking a Texture Map to PolyPainting
Baking PolyPainting into a Texture Map
q 1 What Are Multiple Objects?
What Are Multiple Objects?
Keeping It Separate: The Polygroup Option
The Polygon Count Variable
q HD Geometry and Polygroups
q 1 How Mesh Extraction Works
How Mesh Extraction Works
Mesh Extraction with Masking
Mesh Extraction With Visibility
Mesh Extraction Using Layers
Mesh Extraction Reference
Understanding The Action Line
Creating the Action Line
Moving the Action Line
Moving an Action Line Endpoint
Posing a Model
Moving a Model
Scaling a Model
Rotating a Model
Topological Masking
Blurring Masks and Joint Rotations
Transposing With Bones
Transpose Symmetry
A few tips to keep in mind:
Preview your high-rez details on a posed mesh:
Win The Polygon Lottery With HD Geometry!
q 1 HD Introduction
q 2 HD Levels vs SDiv Levels
HD Introduction
HD Geometry Controls
Using HD Geometry
Rendering HD Geometry
q 1 Introduction
Convert To Main Feature
Importing Topology From Outside of ZBrush
q 1 About Interface Customization
About Interface Customization
Saving and Loading Interfaces
Changing the Interface Colors
Setting Colors Affecting the Entire Interface
Setting Colors for Specific Control Types
General Control Appearance and Behavior
Changing the Interface Layout
Areas for Customization
How to Move Elements Around
Bump, Displacement, and Normal Maps
q 1 Bump Maps
Bump Maps
Displacement Maps
Surface Normals and Lighting
Surface Normals with Specular and Reflective Lighting
Bump Maps and Surface Normals
Normal Maps
Representing Normal Maps as Textures
Normal Map Generation
Converting From a Bump Map
Normal Maps in Tangent and Object Space
Displacement Exporter
Installing the Displacement Exporter
Using the Displacement Exporter
Using Multi Displacement 2
Quick Qodes
Integration With Other Apps: ZPipeline Guides (written for ZBrush 2)
q 1 Introduction to Materials
Introduction to Materials
Using the Material Palette
Material Quick Palette
Types of Materials
Modifiers: Editing Materials
Rendering The Big Picture
Retrieved from "http://www.zbrush.info/docs/index.php/Rendering_The_Big_Picture"
Render Palette
q 1 Controls
Antialiasing Subpalette
Depth Cue Subpalette
Fast Render Subpalette
Preview Shadows Subpalette
Environment Subpalette
Adjustments Subpalette
ZBrush Home Movies
q 1 Recording Your Session
Recording Your Session
Creating A Turntable
Create A TimeLapse Video
Exporting A Movie
Space Poly Continum: 2D, 2.5D And 3D Understood
Crossing The Great Divide
q 1 Paint Brushes
Paint Brushes
Color Painting
Depth-Enabled Painting
Material-Enabled Painting
The Picker Palette
Basic Controls
Models as Paint Strokes (and Paint Strokes as Kinda Models)
Placing Models and Strokes
Putting It All Together
q Part 1: Introduction, Creating a Figure with ZSpheres
q 2 About Zbrush
About Zbrush
Basics: Tools, Editing, and Navigation in Zbrush
Basics: Sculpting
Basics: Hiding and Revealing
Using Z-Spheres To Create a Stick Figure
Polygroups Visibility
Creating a Rough Shape from the Stick Figure
Erasing Layer Information
Posing the Model
Oops, I Missed the Hair!
r 1.1 Setting up a Standard Shader
Setting up a Standard Shader
MatCap, a new way to shade your models
Positioning the Eyeballs
Painting the model
Creating the Set
HD Sculpting and Painting
Creating an Alpha From a Photo
Creating an Alpha Manually and Using It With the Edit Brush
Creating the Illustration
Rendering the Shadows
Compositing and Final Touches
q 1 Basic Shape with ZSpheres
Adjust Topology in 3D Studio Max
Sculpting in ZBrush
Sculpting II (The Face)
Displacement Map
Exporting the Model
Back to 3DS Max
q 2 Basic Form
Basic Form
Blocking It In
Sculpting A Skull With Image Planes
Setup The Image Plane
Bringing The Image Plane Into ZBrush
Topology and Reflow Lab
Quickstart guide
General controls
Editing existing topology
Creating a topology mesh over a ZSphere model
Topology Mesh Extraction
Further Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Introduction to the ZBrush Interface
q 1 ZBrush Modes
q 2 The ZBrush2 Window
ZBrush Modes
The ZBrush2 Window
Palette Basics
The Title Bar
Trays (Palette Docking)
Tools and Other Inventory Lists
Curve Quick Reference
Tutorial: Rusted Golden Idol
q 1 Create the Idol
Create the Idol
Paint the Model
Create the Idol's Shadow
More Materials
Tutorial: Bamboo Scene
Not So Primitive: Parametric Models
q 1 Plastic Pipe
Plastic Pipe
Round Plastic Pipe
Round Metallic Spring
Webbed Pipe
Creature Tail
Hiding and Showing Model Parts
Tutorial: Creating a Polymesh Z
Tutorial: Modeling a Telephone
q 1 Edge Loop Modeling
Edge Loop Modeling
Mesh Visibility Refresher
Making Edges Sharper
Adding Details with Projection Master
Displacemant and Normal Maps
Displacement and Normal maps
General Information
Create A Displacement Map
Applying a Displacement Map in ZBrush
Tutorial: Warrior Image
q 1 Creating Armor with ZSpheres
Creating Armor with ZSpheres
Sculpting the Armor
Fine Details with Projection Master
More Armor: Upper Arm
The Warrior's Head
Combining Everything Into a Scene
Tutorial: Dragon Lizard
q 1 Low-Resolution Mesh
Low-Resolution Mesh
Creating Details
Finishing Work
Material Settings
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Skull Tutorial

Skull Tutorial

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Published by: Kenneth Hartnett on May 22, 2012
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