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Learn 600 short English sentences

Learn 600 short English sentences

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Published by LearnEnglishESL
Learn short English sentences
600 English sentences
Learn short English sentences
600 English sentences

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Published by: LearnEnglishESL on May 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I seeI quitLet goMe too
 My god!No way!Come on
 Hold on
 I agreeNot bad
 Not yet
 See you
 Shut up!So long
 Why not?Allow me
 Be quiet!Cheer up!Good job!Have fun!How much?I'm full
 I'm home
 I'm lost
 My treat
 So do I
 This way.After you
 Bless you!Follow me
 Forget it!Good luck!I decline!I promise
 Of course!Slow down!Take care!They hurt
 Try again
 Watch out!What's up?Be careful!Bottoms up!Don't move!Guess what?I doubt itI think so
 I'm single
 Keep it up!Let me see
 Never mind
 No problem !That's all !Time is up
 What's new ?Count me onDon't worry
 Feel better ?I love you !I'm his fan
 Is it yours ?That's neat
 Are you sure?Do l have toHe is my age
 Here you are
 No one knows.Take it easy
 What a pity !Anything else ?To be careful !Do me a favor ?Help yourself
 I'm on a diet
 Keep in Touch
 Time is money
 Who's calling ?You did right
 You set me up !Can I help you?Enjoy yourself!Excuse me
 Give me a hand!How's it going?I have no idea
 I just made it!I'll see to itI'm in a hurry!It's her field
 It's up to you
 Just wonderful!What about you?You owe me one
 You're welcome
 Any day will do
 Are you kidding?Congratulations!I can't help it.I don't mean it.I'll fix you Up
 101. It sounds great!102. It's a fine day103. So far
So good
 104. What time is it?105. You can make it!106. Control yourself!107. He came by train
108. He is ill in bed
 109. He lacks courage
 110. How's everything?111. I have no choice
 112. I like ice-cream
 113. I love this game
 114. I'll try my best
 115. I'm On your side
 116. Long time no see!117. No pain
no gain
 118. Well
it depends119. We're all for it
 120. What a good deal!121. What should I do?122. You asked for it!123. You have my word
 124. Believe it or not!125. Don't count on me
 126. Don't fall for it!127. Don't let me down
 128. Easy come easy go
 129. I beg your pardon
 130. I beg your pardon?131. I'll be back soon
 132. I'll check it out
 133. It’s a long story
 134. It’s Sunday today
 135. Just wait and see!136. Make up your mind
 137. That's all I need
 138. The view is great
 139. The wall has ears
 140. There comes a bus
 141. What day is today?142. What do you think?143. Who told you that?144. Who's kicking off?145. Yes, I suppose So
 146. You can't miss it147. Any messages for me?148. Don't be so modest
 149. Don't give me that!150. He is a smart boy
 151. He is just a child
 152. I can't follow you
 153. I felt sort of ill.154. I have a good idea!155. It is growing cool
 156. It seems all right
 157. It's going too far
 158. May I use your pen?159. She had a bad cold
 160. That's a good idea
 161. The answer is zero
 162. What does she like?163. As soon as possible!164. He can hardly speak
 165. He always talks big
 166. He won an election
 167. I am a football fan
 168. If only I could fly
 169. I'll be right there
 170. I'll see you at six
 171. Is it true or false?172. Just read it for me
 173. Knowledge is power
 174. Move out of my way!175. Time is running out
 176. We are good friends
 177. What's your trouble?178. You did fairly well!179. Clothes make the man
 180. Did you miss the bus?181. Don't lose your head
 182. He can't take a joke
 183. He owes my uncle $100
 184. How are things going?185. How are you recently?186. I know all about it
 187. It really takes time
 188. It's against the law
 189. Love me, love my dog
 190. My mouth is watering
 191. Speak louder please
 192. This boy has no job
 193. This house is my own
 194. What happened to you?195. You are just in time.196. You need to work out
 197. Your hand feels cold
 198. Don't be so childish.199. Don't trust to chance!200. Fasten your seat belt
 201. He has a large income.202. He looks very healthy
 203. He paused for a reply
 204. He repaired his house
 205. He suggested a picnic.206. Here's a gift for you
 207. How much does it cost?208. I caught the last bus.209. I could hardly speak
 210. I'll have to try that
 211. I'm very proud of you
212. It doesn't make sense.213. Make yourself at home
 214. My car needs washing
 215. None of your business!216. Not a sound was heard.217. That's always the case
 218. The road divides here.219. Those are watermelons
 220. What a nice day it is!221. What's wrong with you?222. You are a chicken
 223. A lovely day
isn't it?224. He is collecting money
 225. He was born in New York
 226. He was not a bit tired
 227. I will be more careful
 228. I will never forget it
 229. It is Just what I need
 230. It rather surprised me
 231. Just around the coner
 232. Just for entertainment
 233. Let bygones be bygones
 234. Mother doesn't make up
 235. Oh
you are kidding me
 236. She has been to school.237. Skating is interesting
 238. Supper is ready at six
 239. That's a terrific idea!240. What horrible weather!241. Which would you prefer?242. Does she like ice-cream?243. First come first served
 244. Great minds think alike
 245. He has a sense of humor
 246. He is acting an old man
 247. He is looking for a job
 248. He doesn't care about me
 249. I develop films myself
 250. I felt no regret for it
 251. I get up at six o'clock
 252. I meet the boss himself
 253. I owe you for my dinner.254. I really enjoyed myself
 255. I'm fed up with my work!256. It's no use complaining.257. She's under the weather
 258. The child sobbed sadly
 259. The rumor had no basis
 260. They praised him highly
 261. Winter is a cold season.262. You can call me any time
 263. 15 divided by3 equals 5
 264. All for one
one for all
 265. East,west
home is best
 266. He grasped both my hands.267. He is physically mature
 268. I am so sorry about this.269. I can't afford a new car
 270. I do want to see him now
 271. I have the right to know.272. I heard someone laughing.273. I suppose you dance much
 274. I walked across the park
 275. I'll just play it by ear
 276. I'm not sure I can do it
 277. I'm not used to drinking
 278. Is the cut still painful?279. It's too good to be true!280. Jean is a blue-eyed girl
 281. Let's not waste our time
 282. May I ask some questions?283. Money is not everything
 284. Neither of the men spoke
 285. Stop making such a noise
 286. That makes no difference
 287. The price is reasonable
 288. They crowned him king
 289. They're in red and white.290. We all desire happiness.291. We just caught the plane292. What shall we do tonight?293. What's your goal in life294. When was the house built?295. Why did you stay at home?296. Would you like some help?297. You mustn't aim too high298. You're really killing me!299. You've got a point there
 300. Being criticized is awful!301. Did you enter the contest?302. Do you accept credit cards?303. Don't cry over spilt milk
 304. Don't let chances pass by
 305. He owned himself defeated
 306. He seems at little nervous
 307. He strolls about the town
 308. Her tooth ached all night.309. How about a drink tonight?310. I can do nothing but that.311. I get hold of you at last
 312. I have a surprise for you
 313. I like all kinds of fruit
 314. I saw it with my own eyes
 315. I will arrange everything
 316. I wish I knew my neighbor

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