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Passionate Ministry

Passionate Ministry

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Passionate MInistry
Passionate MInistry

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Published by: Jesse Amiel Aspacio-Ruiz Ramoso on May 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesse Amiel Ramoso Professor Doreen BenavidezMdiv-Foundation ProfessorPassionate Missionaries
In this article focuses on The Mission of God or mission is attributed to God as the sources, author and model of the True Missions. The Idea of The Father sending His Son to die for us, then later on itwas the Ftaher and the Son who send Holy Spirit for us was already stablished since before thefoundation of the World. Then in Church history theologians and fathers never thought this until in 20thcentury through Trinitarian renaissance theologians and missiologist. In this aged they begin to grasp therelationship between Trinity and Mission. Before that time Mission was open viewed in relation to thedoctrines of salvation and the church or Soteriology and Ecclesiology. Karl Barth authored the idea of mission of Triune God called “missio Die”. Missionary movement were edified and clearly understoodthat God Himself designed and attributed the mission to him before any individual could do suchmission. Therefore men or ministers can not fully survive in the mission field if they will not connectedor be partakers of the Divine Nature of God. The Divine Nature of God that exclusively flow to TriuneGod are now extended to us the moment Jesus Christ died on the cross. Jonh 3:16 for God so Loved theWorld that He Gaved His only beotten Son...” is the prof that the Divine Nature of God flow andextended to us. The moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior God will open the gate inheaven and allow us to experience the re-birth process that our spirit my come to life and we areconnected to the Divine Nature and the flow of God. What is Divine Nature by the way? The very heartof the Divine Nature of God is LOVE, once we get infected to this love that exclusively flow aroundTriune God the result is that we are unstopable to do and accomplish this mission that is in the Heart of the Triun God “LOVE”. When this love cannot be channel to another person we will explode or die because we cannot contain the power of LOVE from the Triune God. We cannot stop this FLOW, we
will be lost or lost the meaning of living if we resist it, we feel unsuccessful,unsatisfied and empty. Thatis why those who are infected with LOVE care helpless except to infect others. The result they will quittheir successful business, career or profession just to fulfill and satisfy the craving of this kind of infection. They don't care if they will climb to the mountains, no food to eat, no security, no shelter andeven if it's away from the home and family as long as it satisfy the current of this FLOW of LOVE fromthe Triune it will erase all those fears and worries and rewrded will tears of pure Joy that alsoEXCLUSIVELY FLOW FROM THE TRIUNE GOD. This kind of reward only few discover, to namethe few they're missionary in China and the remote places on earth. So to understand the concept of theTriune God to a mission that God the Father send his Son and Father and Son sent the Holy Spirit. Thethe Father, Son and The Holy Spirit sen the Church to the whole world to save the lost. God is Sender aSent and a Sending. But why God did all this things? The answer C.S Lewis explains because God islove. That is when the two person involved in Love, but another aspects also is the spirit of Love thatunites them. God is love means that God is self-diffusive and self-communicative. “this love is a kind of love that does not rest on the lover it should be communicated to others. Pseudo-Dionysius 6
centurytheologian “Love does not permit the lover to rest in himself means not self-centered love. To illustratethis line “If this love has no outlet it will explode” like a resonance that cause rapid vibration and destroyobjects even structures. Resonance means when two object vibrate in the same amout of vibration per second they create the same tune or sound wavelenght. Power of sound or resonace example of PugetSound created a double oscillation that matched the frequency of the Tacoma Narrows bridge inWashington, the bridge collapsed. Similarly in when Clemson University officials in South Carolinainvestigated why their football stadium was crumbling, they discovered that “Louie, Louie,” a song often played by the marching band, gave the off frequencies that perfectly matched the frequency of thestadium.When a person infected by the Love of God, the person is will to be send to the world like Jesus. Itwas this impulse of love that urge a person to serve to sacrifice or to die for the one whom he love. When

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