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South Asia Tribune weekly UK

South Asia Tribune weekly UK

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The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.
The South Asia Tribune weekly is independent of political parties, private interests and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. We adhere to the system of self regulation overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. SAARC International Ltd. is an independent organisation and has no affiliation of any kind with the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), but we support and promote the objectives of SAARC as defined in its charter among South Asians abroad.

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on May 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 1
Issue 45
Thursday, 24.05.12
South Asia
available from all newsagents
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UK government ministers have discussedthe legal implications of varying levelsof British involvement in military actionagainst Iran, it has been reported.The possibility of British involvement was said to have been discussed at last week’s meeting of the National Security Council, according to BBC journalist Nick Robinson.Ministers were said to have been toldthat any Israeli military action againstIran was likely to lead to wider war in theMiddle East and the closing of the Straitof Hormuz, a major oil supply route whichthe US and UK have pledged to keepopen.The potential legality of a variety of levelsof British involvement is said to be beinginvestigated, with options ranging from“British diplomatic support for Israelthrough to the possible involvement of the Royal Navy in the region”, Robinson wrote.The government was reportedly drawingup contingency plans for a potentialBritish role in any attack on Iran as far back as November last year.
Deal or no deal, Iran may be bombed –Israeli minister
US seen awarding Israel largest ever aid package
The enhanced security cooperation is in addition to regular military aid and money for Israel’s missile defense program.
Film onBenazirBhutto getsUS award
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UK ‘sought legal adviceon Iran attack’
Councillors in Bradford have
taken their seats for the rst time
since the council’s Labour leader was ousted by Respect in the localelections.The elections saw Labour deniedan overall majority when leaderIan Greenwood lost Little Horton
to Alyas Karmani, one of ve
Respect candidates to be elected inBradford on 4 May.Labour will continue to runBradford Council with help fromthe Green party.Respect’s new councillors pledgedto speak for everyone in their wards.
The party won ve of the 12 council
seats its candidates fought in thelocal elections in Bradford.Its gains came just weeks afterparty co-founder George Galloway  was elected MP for Bradford West with a majority of more than
Labour saw the number of itscouncillors rise from 43 to 45, while the Conservatives andLiberal Democrats both lost threecouncillors each. Taking her seaton Bradford Council, Respectcouncillor Ruqayyah Collectorsaid she hoped to be the “voice of the people” in her ward.Ms Collector said: “I feel really strongly about the state of the city and that’s why I’ve come into this.“Bradford has a lot of talent, but we’re hiding it. We need to really showcase that talent and I hope Ican help with that process.”Ms Collector said she hopedRespect would eventually haveenough councillors to be able tosit on every Bradford Councilcommittee.Ishtiaq Ahmed, Respect councillorfor Manningham, said Bradfordhad suffered a “lack of leadership”for too long.“A real strong voice was lacking.Some of the mainstream partieshad taken our votes for granted,”he said.Mr Ahmed said combating socialproblems such as low educationalstandards, crime and drugs inBradford would be his priority.Mohammad Shabbir, Respectcouncillor for Heaton, saidhe wanted Bradford to be “assuccessful a city as it was in itsheyday”. After his appointment as BradfordCouncil’s new Labour leader on 9May, David Green admitted theparty had “lessons to learn” fromthe election results.“We need to listen more to perhapssome of the groups we have not been in close contact with,” hesaid.
Bolton teacher to stand forManchester Central seat asRespect party candidate
 A geography teacher has becomethe second person to declarehimself as a candidate in a by-election to choose Manchester’snext MP. Clive Searle, a teacherat Turton High School, in Bolton, will stand for the Respect party in Manchester Central,taking onLabour’s Lucy Powell. It paves
the way for a high-prole contest
after the left-wing party won alandmark victory over Labour when George Galloway waselected as Respect MP in Bradford West at the end of March. He won
more than 10,000 more votes
than Labour and causing majorembarrassment for the party leadership. A by-election for theLabour safe seat of ManchesterCentral is expected to take placein November after incumbent MPTony Lloyd revealed he will stepdown from the Commons in orderto stand for election as Greater
Manchester’s rst police and
crime commissioner. Mr Searle,45, a founder member of theRespect party, said Manchesterhad a chance to repeat what hadhappened in Bradford West. Hesaid: “We’re saying if you vote forany of the three main parties, noone’s going to pay attention.
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 24 May 2012
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Respect:Bradford councillors meet
for rst time since leader ousted
The news comes as the rst day of talks over
Iran’s nuclear programme begin in Baghdad between the country’s nuclear negotiators
and the P5+1 nations, the UK, Russia, China,the USA, France and Germany. ‘Iran, P5+1 to
continue talks Thursday’The Iranian delegationis headed by Secretary of the Supreme NationalSecurity Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili while thedelegations of the six world powers are headed by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Wednesday that any efforts by Western powersto put pressure on Iran at talks in Baghdad overits nuclear programme would be futile.Meanwhile a military strike against Iranianfacilities is not out of the question, even thoughTehran has reached agreement on a probe withthe UN’s nuclear watchdog, says Israeli DefenseMinister Ehud Barak.
¬The ofcial was referring to a deal announced
on Tuesday by the International Atomic Energy  Agency. Barak called it an Iranian ploy to fendoff international pressure.The minister told Army Radio that “a nuclearIran is intolerable and no options should betaken off the table,” referring to the use of force.He said the only way Israel could see Irandevelop its civilian nuclear industry is if it shutsdown all of its uranium enrichment sites anduses imported fuel.The talks are the second set this year followinga meeting in Istanbul in mid-April, and the
P5+1 are expected to ask Iran to forego its 20
per cent uranium enrichment activity and allow International Atomic Energy Agency inspectorsinto the country.Kate Hudson, chair of The Campaign forNuclear Disarmament, said: “The consequencesof a military attack on Iran would be disastrousnot only for that country but for the region as a whole. The lessons of both Iraq and Afghanistanshow that there cannot be a military solutionto complex regional problems – death anddestruction is not the answer. Genuine dialogueand diplomacy on the basis of equality andrespect is the only way forward.”Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexandersaid the government should be “focussed onensuring a successful outcome to the talks now underway” rather than “sabre rattling”.“Now is the time both to be engaging directly  with Iran and increasing the diplomatic pressureupon Iran to meet its obligations under the NPT(non-proliferation treaty).”
The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee iscurrently discussing a bill to give Israel one of themost generous aid packages it has ever received:The United States-Israel Enhanced Security 
Cooperation Act of 2012. If the bill is passed, as it
almost certainly will be, Israel will receive, amongother things, refueling aircraft and “special”
munitions; it will have access to pictures from USspy satellites; and the administration will open
US air space for Israel Air Force exercises. The bill was introduced by Jewish Senator Barbara Boxerof California and aims to extend US government-
 backed loan guarantees to Israel through 2015.
It also urges expanded technology sharing and joint military exercises. Washington will alsoextend the US loan guarantees to Israel until
2015, “Defense News” reports in its latest edition.The new bill is in addition to the $1 billion for the
missile defense system Israel is developing with
the US, the $3.1 billion in regular annual military aid (both amounts for the 2013 scal year), and$70 million for procurement of Iron Dome rocket
UK ‘sought legal advice on Iran attack’
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South Asia Tribune
Thursday 24 May 2012
 A collapse in the eurozone would create the “ideal recipefor an increase in extremismand xenophobia”, Deputy PrimeMinister Nick Clegg has warned. As the Greek debt crisis continues,he told the German newspaper DerSpiegel the single currency could
not survive through “scal discipline
alone”.But he admitted the coalition hadat times been too “dogmatic” in itsown rhetoric on cutting spending.Labour warned it would be“incredibly dangerous” if Greeceleft the eurozone.The country is due to hold a secondgeneral election next month, afterparties were unable to form acoalition government followingan inconclusive result earlier thismonth.There is widespread speculationthat it will leave the eurozone, amidopposition to German-led demandsthat it cuts public spending, anddefault on its debts.Speaking to Der Spiegel, Mr Cleggcalled for greater integration by eurozone economies, saying: “Youhave to have something which
creates a scal accompaniment to
monetary union.“Whilst I have a huge amount of sympathy with German taxpayersand German politicians who arereluctant, understandably becauseGermany is the paymaster of theEuropean Union, to entertainthese ideas, I fear that they areunavoidable.“It is not sustainable to believe thatthe eurozone can thrive through
scal discipline alone - it also has
to, at some level, include an ability to either share debt or to deal withshocks in one part of the system or
the other through scal transfers.”
Mr Clegg denied that the coalitionparties were “austerity fanatics”, but admitted: “Maybe our rhetorichas been too dogmatic in theearly stages because we needed topersuade people it was necessary.”He added that, when the government was told the economic growthpredictions had been lowered, ithad done “something completely different” and decided “we’re goingto take two more years to do this”.Mr Clegg said: “So we’ve actually enlarged the time, far from goingtoo fast we’ve actually said ‘Okay  we’re going to take this quietly andsteadily’.”
Nick Clegg warns that eurozonecollapse will fuel ‘extremism’
 A wave of “extremism and xenophobia” will sweep across Europe unless politicalleaders take urgent action to deal with the debt crisis, Nick Clegg has warned.
 Yukiya Amano, Director-Generalof the International Atomic Energy  Agency (IAEA) said Tuesday heexpected the imminent signingof an agreement on the Iraniannuclear program. “We reached,
Jalili [the Iranian ofcial who
negotiates with the superpowers]and I, an agreement based on aconstructive approach” to removeuncertainty about the nature of Iran’s nuclear program, said Mr. Amano at Vienna airport on hisreturn from a one-day visit toTehran, adding that the agreement would be signed soon.Mr. Amano, who held talks with
senior Iranian ofcials in Tehran
on Monday, said the issue of accessto the Parchin military complexthat Westerners suspected of harboring nuclear weaponsresearch center, would be settledas part of the agreement.Iran and the IAEA welcomed theirdiscussions Monday in Tehran.Discussions with Iranian nuclearnegotiator, Saeed Jalili, were “very useful”, “intense” and took placein a “good atmosphere,” accordingto comments attributed to Mr. Amano by Iranian state television.“The progress in the discussions will have a positive effect on thenegotiations between Iran and the
5 +1 group” in Baghdad, he added.
Jalili, also secretary of Iran’sSupreme Council of NationalSecurity, has reported “very good discussions”, promising animprovement in relations betweenTehran and the IAEA. While Tehran says its activities arepurely peaceful, the IAEA, whichmonitors the Iranian installationsspeaks for many years about apossible military dimension of the Iranian nuclear program.The United Nations agency hasregularly criticized a lack of cooperation from Tehran to clarify the gray areas of this program. The Agency was slammed by Tehran as being manipulated by the West.
IAEA, Iran reach agreement
Nuclear watchdog reach deal on inspections
TONY Blair could make a return tofrontline politics, Ed Miliband revealed yesterday.The Labour leader said the ex-PM is an“employable statesman” and he would“of course” give him a job if he asked.He admitted that although the two men were “ideologically” different, they hadenjoyed regular chats recently.. When Mr Miliband mentioned MrBlair at last year’s party conference,some jeered.Tony Blair heckled during graduationaddress at Maine collegeMan charged with disorderly conductafter Blair’s speech interrupted by small group of demonstrators at Colby CollegeFormer British prime minister Tony Blair was heckled by protesters as hetried to issue a plea for world unity during a college commencementspeech.Blair was interrupted by a small groupof demonstrators as he attempted
to deliver a speech in front of 400
graduates at Colby College in Maine.Police say the activists shouted“warmonger” and “war criminal” duringthe address. One person was arrestedand charged with disorderly conduct. Waterville police said the trouble beganafter Blair took to the podium.Tony Blair could be set for a dramaticreturn to frontline British politics afterit emerged today he recently advisedPresident Obama on his re-electioncampaign.The former prime minister is preparinga new push to re-enter British politicsalongside current Labour leader EdMiliband, who recently suggested spacecould be found for Mr Blair on histeam.
Blair is an astonishingly divisive gure
as well as a political giant. His returnto the fray in a role of any prominencemight eclipse altogether Miliband’scampaign to personify and promisechange.Mr Blair will appear on a joint platform with Labour leader Ed Miliband in July at an event to celebrate the Olympics.His wife Cherie is also due to attend,making it a rare public outing for theBlairs together.The former PM is still employed as aMiddle East peace envoy, as well asrunning a faith foundation and earningmillions of pounds in consultancy fees through a complicated web of companies.But for several months he has beenprivately meeting small groups of Labour MPs to discuss domesticpolitics.Mr Blair has targeted old allies and
members of the 2010 intake, advising on
how to target the Tories and the LiberalDemocrats, who he believes made ahistoric error by joining the Coalition.Mr Miliband’s aides say the pair now talk “regularly” - code for chats every few weeks - about domestic politics andforeign affairs.Mr Blair’s aides think the time is rightfor him to speak out in the UK. They  believe enough time has passed since
he was driven from ofce in 2007 on a
 wave of disgust at the Iraq War.
Blair ‘ready for comeback’

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