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Network Security

Network Security

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Published by ankigarg87
mcq on network security
mcq on network security

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Published by: ankigarg87 on May 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Network Security0371410ExaminationBooklet
Contributed by
Mr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul
- A Self-Enforcing Protocol
(A)Makes it obvious to all parties involved in a transaction when aparty attempts to cheat.
(B)Uses an adjudicator to evaluate if any party to the transactioncheated(C)Uses a trusted third party (TTP) to mediate the transaction betweenthe various parties(D)Others
- Disadvantages in using an arbitrated computer protocol.(A)
Two sides may not agree on a neutral third party .
(B)Arbitration causes a time in communication(C)Secrecy becomes invulnerable,(D)Others
- One of Goals
Of secure computing is
-One of the following is threats to security in computing:(A)Confidentiality
- Circuit-level Gateway means :(A)Stand-alone system(B)Specialized function performed by an Application-level Gateway(C)Sets up two TCP connections(D)
- Fabrication:
Counterfeit objects on a computing system .
(B)Changing the values in a database modifying a program so that it performs an additional computation,(C)An asset of the system becomes lost,(D)Others
- Integrity
 (A)Viewing, printing
(B)Separation and protection of the resources
(C)Access to
computing resources without difficulties. 2
Trojan horse is -:
 (A)A program that overtly does one thing while covertly doinganother
(B)Can be used to spread infection from one computer to another.(C)A program that has a secret entry point.(D)Others
- Storage media(A)A collections of software, hardware(B)The
intruder may steal computer time just to do computing and hecan destroy software(C)
Effective security plans consider adequate backups of data andphysical protection for the media contains these backups.
- OS Controls:
(A)Limitations enforced By the OS to protect each user from otherusers
(B)Quality standards under which program is designed, coded, testedund maintained(C)Parts of the program that enforce security restriction such as accesslimitation in a data base management system(D)Others11- Cipher text is:
(A)The encrypted form.
(B)A system of encryption and decryption(C)Hidden writing.(D)Others
(A)Runs when its attached program executes and terminates whenits attached program ends
(B)Locates itself in memory so that it can remain active even after itsattached program ends(C)A class of malicious code that detonates when a specified conditionoccurs(D)Others13- Packet-filtering Router means:
(A)Applies a set of rules to each incoming IP packet and thenforwards or discards the packet
(B)Also called proxy serve(C)Acts as a relay of application-level traffic(D)Others3

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