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The Bunologist May 2012

The Bunologist May 2012

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Published by Karen At Boing
May's newsletter features: rabbit hoarder caught, myxo/calici joint vaccine, dumped Easter buns, couple look after rescue buns, Life at the Do Hop Inn, Adoption bunnies
May's newsletter features: rabbit hoarder caught, myxo/calici joint vaccine, dumped Easter buns, couple look after rescue buns, Life at the Do Hop Inn, Adoption bunnies

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Published by: Karen At Boing on May 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 2012
Rabbit hoarder caught
Myxo vaccine update
Disposable Easter buns
Lucky buns find home
Life at the Do Hop Inn
Bunnies looking for homes
Rabbit Hoarder caught
16 March 2012 -http://www.wavy.com 
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - A Virginia Beach woman facescharges for hoarding nearly 100 rabbits in her home.Tegwen M. Davis, 60, is facing three counts of animal cruelty andtwo counts of improper disposal of a deceased animal.Crews rescued 74 rabbits from the home Thursday. Workers toldWAVY.com they found two dead, decomposed rabbits lying on abed.Workers added they could only open the door a few inchesbecause of the amount of debris on the floor."You see the fecal material and the trash, and it's very easy to seeso many rabbits piled up into one area because you see so manyfaces and eyes looking back at you," said Wayne Gilbert, aspokesman for Virginia Beach Animal Control.When animal control returned Friday afternoon, they found twounidentifiable animal carcasses, three more dead rabbits and 12rabbits that were still alive.The seized rabbits were taken to the Virginia Beach Animal Careand Adoption Center where they will be examined by the cityveterinarian. The shelter reports two rabbits had to be euthanizedbecause of their medical condition.Almost all of the seized rabbits will be available for adoption afterthey are medically-cleared by the shelter.
Medical news: vaccinetherapy for myxo & RHD
Reported by: Zenopa.com "MSD Animal Health haspublished positive clinical data for a new vaccine therapyfor myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease (calici).The subcutaneously-administered Nobivac Myxo-RHD wasshown to provide high-quality protection against both ofthese two viral diseases, with vaccinated rabbits remaininghealthy and suffering no adverse effects.Researchers trialled the drug at MSD Animal Health'sMilton Keynes research centre, with an editorial publishedin the peer-reviewed journal Veterinary Record suggestingthat the product represents a major step forward in rabbithealthcare."
We desperately hope that Australia will allow a vaccinefor myxo (and preferably this joint vaccine) to beavailable for our pet bunnies in the near future(Karen, BOING)
Disposable Bunnies
These three sweet young rabbits were abandoned in frontof a US SPCA one day after Easter. No one even botheredto knock on the door. They abandoned them in a styrofoamcooler with no lid. The bunnies who have been namedSunday, Monday and Tuesday, are booked in to bedesexed and will recover in foster homes until ready foradoption.
Lucky bunnies
25 March 2012 – http://bangordailynews.com/2012/03/25/news/mid-maine/vassalboro-couple-provide-home-for-former-lab-rabbits-that-faced-euthanization/  
VASSALBORO, Maine — Bertha and her companions were oncelab rabbits, subjected to eye drops that made them scream.Phoenix was stuffed into a plastic bag and thrown out on the side ofthe road. He was found with a broken leg.Pretty Girl and her mate were left on someone’s front lawn. Hermate was hit and killed by a car before they could be rescued.But at David and Cheryl Sherwood’s Vassalboro home, Bertha,Phoenix, Pretty Girl and 48 other rescued rabbits sprint across thefenced-in yard, nibble on pine boughs or lounge, fat and happy, inthe shade.“We’re their last stop usually,” David Sherwood said, tossing crackertreats to Bertha and a couple of other big, white former lab rabbits.“We try to give them the best we can until bunny heaven.”For the past several years, Sherwood and his wife have been bunny
devotees. It started with an abandoned baby rabbit they found at anapartment complex they were overseeing. They named him Bunny.Sherwood called him “Boo.”“He was in the house,” Sherwood said. “He used to watch TV withus at night and jump up on the couch. And he’d eat oyster crackers.That’s what he liked.”After Bunny died, they got another rabbit. Then another one as acompanion for him.“Next thing we know, we met Quan,” he said.The owner of the nonprofit Rabbitats for Humanity in Walpole,Maine, Quan Myers has been rescuing rabbits for 10 years. Shetalked the couple through some behavioral issues they were havingwith one of their rabbits. They were moved by her passion for theanimals and by her “rabbitat,” a sprawling outdoor space with placesfor the rabbits to run, hide, eat, sleep and play.
“Thousands and thousands of rabbits are being euthanized all overthe United States because there’s not enough room in the sheltersthemselves. They’re already inundated with cats and dogs,” Myerssaid. “People don’t know how to take care of rabbits in mostshelters, and they put them in a little guinea pig cage and thenpeople come in to try to adopt them and they bite because they’reterritorial. ‘This is my space, it’s only 2 feet wide. You can’t put yourhand in here.’”But while Myers has rescued 1,500 to 1,800 rabbits over thepast decade, health problems forced her to cut back. A fewyears ago, the Sherwoods offered to take some of her brood.The couple built their own rabbitat beside their house, fencing in
a plot of land and filling it with bunny-sized buildings and lean-tos. The area is divided into sections with fencing to separateargumentative bunnies, a roof to keep out predators and anoutside area for rabbits that like to lie in the sun or nibble ontwigs.Above one door the Sherwoods have hung the sign, “Beware ofattack rabbit,” ironic since none of their bunnies do anythingmore aggressive than nudge for treats.Over the past few years, the Sherwoods have taken more ofMyers’ rabbits. Most of their 51 were hers at one time, and shepays for their care and medical needs. But many were rescued
by the couple, adopted from a local animal shelter where theywould have been euthanized, or taken in when a former ownercould no longer care for them.Although Myers sometimes finds homes for her rabbits, theSherwoods have never allowed a bunny adoption. Sherwoodconsiders theirs a home of last resort, and he expects all therabbits will stay there throughout their lives.“Once they’re here, they’re just pets,” he said.It’s a lot of work and expense. The rabbits go through 100pounds of pellets a week, plus pounds more of apples, carrotsand other treats. The rabbitat must be cleaned regularly and therabbits must be checked throughout the day to ensure no one issick or hurt.But Sherwood loves watching them.“Especially when you make a new area. They’re out therebinkying and jumping around and playing,” he said, referring tothe happy dancing-jump that rabbit lovers call a “binky.” Heglanced down at one of the former lab bunnies who ate hiscracker too fast. “Or when they get the hiccups.”Nearly all of the rabbits have settled into bonded pairs or smallgroups. Although most live outside in the rabbitat, six of therabbits live in the house. The couple has rabbit-proofed thehome, but they’ve still lost a few lamps to curious wire-chewersand their baseboards have been nibbled.“They’ve got beauty marks, that’s what I call them,” Sherwood
said.At 51 animals (plus a once-stray indoor cat that likes to munchon the bunnies’ food), the couple consider their rabbit rescuefull. They aren’t accepting new rabbits.But Sherwood has advice to help ensure more rabbits don’tneed to be rescued: Don’t get bunnies for Easter. Don’t get themas pets for children or as a gift for someone else. Keep in mindthat rabbits are curious, mischievous and take a lot of work tocare for. Get them spayed or neutered.Sherwood said he never thought he’d be a bunny guy, but
apparently he is.“I just like rabbits,” he said.
***As much as I admire what this couple are doing forthese bunnies, crackers, apples, carrots and pelletsare not a staple diet of a rabbit.Remember that hay is the most important part of arabbit’s diet. Human food and lots of sweet fruit &carrot is not for rabbits!! (Karen, BOING)
Life at the Do Hop Inn
By Karen (
This month we had a sick Princess. She ate her dinnerone night but by 10.30pm she wasn’t feeling so well. Thismeant two hourly Critical Care syringe feeding throughoutthe night. Fortunately by 6am the next morning she waseating by herself and pooing again.
Princess (left) snuggles with her best friend Pumpkin
I have to say that Oxbow Critical Care is such a lifesaverfor bunnies! If you don’t have any in your freezer, getsome! You never know when you’ll need it.Princess’s tummy was luckily not a blockage of any kindas syringe feeding a bunny with a blockage is not advisedas this will cause further damage and pain to the bun.If you ever feel any unusual lumps or bumps in yourbunny’s tummy, please take them to the nearest bunnyfriendly vet for appropriate care.In Princess’s case, her gut stasis was secondary to thepain she suffers from her eye issues.We had run out of her anti inflammatory eye drops. Shehad seemed fine as she was only on them for one monthfor a trial. However, once we ran out of the drops, thepain returned.She’s now permanently on her eye drops again and she’sa much happier bunny.
Tinkerbelle has always been a quiet and lonely bunny so Ithought a change might be good for her. I attempted tointroduce Tinkerbelle to our family group of Lucky, Hugo &Ruby (who surprisingly look just like Tinkerbelle). I figuredthat they all looked similar… maybe they wouldn’t knowthe difference??!!Ruby, Hugo & Lucky were all relocated to a neutral zoneand Tinkerbelle was introduced to them. The family groupwere fine. They ignored her and just wandered aroundchecking everything out.Tinkerbelle was the opposite. She was aggressive anddefensive and tried to attack Ruby & Lucky. The plandidn’t work! Oh well… it was an experiment after all!So, Tinkerbelle was relocated to live next to Isabelle. Ithought she may like a neighbour. All seemed okay for afew days until I found Tinkerbelle one evening all wobblyand her head was slightly tilted.So I relocated her to our bedroom to a soft enclosure all toherself. I didn’t know if her symptoms were stress relatedfrom all the bunny encounters but surprisingly she bouncedback happily the next morning with no ill effects.She visited the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic and was givensome medication just in case she was suffering from aminor case of E.Cuniculi and a blood test.Tinkerbelle enjoys playing on the bed Her blood test showed high levels of calcium (which wasweird) but otherwise, she was okay.She’s now finished her medication and is now enjoyingliving in the bedroom and spending her evenings snoozingon the bed watching tv.Maybe it was all a way to make us take notice of her &spend more time with her??
When Ruby,Lucky &Hugo visitedtheMelbourneRabbit Clinicrecently fortheir yearlycalicivaccinations,we discussedRuby’s ratherbulgy eyes.Ruby (in front) with her mum Lucky (left)& brother Hugo (behind) Bulgy eyes in a rabbit can indicate a heart condition orother illnesses. A chest xray and a full blood test wereundertaken to see if there was anything wrong with her.The xray was all clear and her heart was fine. The bloodtest was good except she also showed high levels ofcalcium (this is puzzling as we don’t give our bunnies anyhigh calcium vegies and the pellets we give are Oxbow andonly given as a treat).

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