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Hunger Matters: Recurring Crises

Hunger Matters: Recurring Crises

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Published by ACFUK
Shedding light on the repeated hardships millions of families endure every year and the solutions that exist to build their resilience to cope with crises.
Shedding light on the repeated hardships millions of families endure every year and the solutions that exist to build their resilience to cope with crises.

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Published by: ACFUK on May 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Action Against Hunger | ACF International publication
Shedding light on the repeatedhardships millions o amiliesendure every year and thesolutions that exist to build theirresilience to cope with crises.
It is my great pleasure to write this oreword or Action AgainstHunger’s annual publication. This is an important and much-needed publication rom an organisation that contributes to theght against hunger around the world in truly remarkable ways.For more than three decades, Action Against Hunger has hada constant and irreplaceable role in running programmes tocombat hunger and undernutrition in many parts o the worldaected by natural disasters and confict. The work it does toprovide relie or the immediate needs o people aficted by disaster and to promote initiatives ensuring their sel-suciency is renowned. The organisation has also done much toraise awareness o the devastating scale and impact oundernutrition, especially in children under ve years o age.Sadly, in too many cases, child undernutrition is only diagnosed and treated once consecutive recurring criseshave reduced the ability o the child’s amily to providea protective, healthy environment.Recurring crises are the oten predictable and preventablecrises which bring the most vulnerable communities in theworld to their knees. Yet they are requently overlooked by media, donors and politicians. They include endemic,seasonal ood shortages; extreme and destructive weatherevents such as cyclones and droughts; outbreaks o diseasedue to poor sanitation and unsae drinking water; andviolent confict, sparked by ew but impacting many. Vulnerable amilies lack the resources to build resilienceto these crises. Thereore even small shocks orce them toexhaust their resources and leave them in an even weakerposition to survive the next one.This publication sheds long overdue light on the burden orecurring crises. It also highlights some o the innovativeactivities undertaken by Action Against Hunger to build theresilience o vulnerable communities and to prepare themor the onset o the next crisis.It shows that hunger is not inevitable. It can be ought withsuccess and rooted permanently rom the ace o the earth.Hunger is an injustice which is intolerable, especially as itscauses are well known and the means exist to tackle it.However, more than anything else, political will is neededto ensure the implementation o programmeswhich prevent the worst eects o crisesbeore they happen.
 Aó Maarha Mr
Former President o Cape Verdeand Advocate or Nutritionin West Arica
 C  e d i  t   :  C  C  , c  o ut   e s  y  of  i   c D e s  s  an s  . C  o v ei  m a g e :  C  , c  o ut   e s  y  of   S  am u el  H a u en s t   ei  n S  w an

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