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Published by Anton Rifco Susilo

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Published by: Anton Rifco Susilo on May 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Morenvino MochtarAnton R SusiloAlsassian Atmopawiro
Executive Summary
Opportunity Statement
People like to cherish and share the memories of their wedding with the loved ones, friends,and family. Thus, it is very important to find ways to preserve and share those memories.Many couples usually do this by putting a decorated guest book where the guest cancomment, congratulate, and share their feeling about the special occasion. However, thisguest book is not available to a lot of people. And, it won’t be available until the wedding isfinished. Our solution propose an highly unique approach utilizing cloud computing to let people document, preserve, and share the wedding memories in real-time with all participants.
Product of Service Concept
Amigo is an Android
tablet-based application that acts as an substitution to conventionalguest book and memories album. It is appropriate to be used for guest welcoming scenarioduring important social ceremonies, such as: wedding, bachelor party, and anniversaries.Using Amigo features, the ceremony host will be able to capture moments of happiness fromall the guests that are present in the venue in real-time.Amigo is maximizing the high-tech media features of an Android tablet, which are capacitivetouch-screen, high-resolution camera, online social networking media integration, high-speedinternet connectivity, and cloud printing service from Google
. Using Amigo, for example, ahost could ask his guests to inscribe some words and sketch of random writings, like prayersfor the wedding couple, felicitations, or even just what they feel during that moment. To addinteractivity, guests can also use the tablet’s camera to capture their picture. When the guesthas finished their writing, Amigo will asynchronously upload everything to cloud, for example to Facebook 
Event, and display it in real-time to others guests. By using amigo, wecan also create custom unique souvenir in real time by using Google Cloud Print Service.
Value Proposition
The GeMAA team initially targets Jakarta, Indonesia as initial market due to the massivenumber of potential customers. Indonesia event organizing industry is extremely huge. In2010, there are roughly 30 000 marriages took place in Jakarta alone according to a localmedia research. As marriage is a very special occasion, mostly happen only once in their lifetime, people do not mind to spend a huge sum of money as long as the product is superior andgiving long lasting impact. In order to approach this kind of customer, MeGAA team provides a high quality, prestigious service which seamlessly integrates with people’s socialdigital lifestyle.
Market Opportunity / Strategy
Brand Identity, Amigo is the first product of digital guest book memory albumsolution that penetrate market.
Open Technology Environment, developed using open source Android
technologyand popular Facebook 
API gives Amigo a flexibility for enhancement and further development.
Strategic Partnerships, our strategic relationships with wedding organizers makesAmigo solution easier to reach the potential customers.
Viral Marketing, Amigo marketing strategy is made easy by the integration withsocial networking application.
Improving Traditions, Amigo enables to maintain and also increase the value of theguest book in era of online social networking. It will not only to record the comingguest but also to give different experience to wedding.
 New Alternative for Wedding Souvenir, Amigo provide a revolutionary way todeliver souvenir by uniquely packaging the sketch that’s just created by the guests.
Celebrity Marketing Approach. The MeGAA team will showcase the Amigo in localfamous figure wedding.
Competitive Advantage
Currently, there are no similar services on the event organizing industry due to highlyinnovative service offered by Amigo. In the future competitors may try to copy the Amigo product, however, the GeMAA team believes their product will be inferior because: (1)GeMAA has a strong expertise in area of mobile application and cloud computing software,(2) GeMAA has a well start ahead to penetrate the market as the pioneer. As a pioneer withstrong expertise, the team believes that it could continue to build strategic relationships withevent organizers and easily compete with other copy-cat product.
The GeMAA team, combines the experiences of business with knowledge on informationtechnology, are fully dedicated to establish Amigo as standard value-added service for theevent organizing industry. It currently has three executives and is in the process of hiringadditional staff which will be involved in business and technical. Of course, the team alsoappreciates the guidance from a board of advisors.
Anton Rifco Susilo
, President and CEO of GeMAA, is a highly innovative engineer andkeen business enthusiast. He won best business application in Indonesia Wireless InnovationContest at 2010. This is his second start-up, he recently co-founded Lele Mania, a catfish breeding farm, in Indonesia.
Alsasian Atmopawiro
, CTO of GeMMA, has master degree in software engineering withfocus on software-as-a-service. His vastly knowledge and skill was proven when he wonMicrosoft Imagine Cup in software design two years ago.
Morenvino Mochtar
, COO of GeMMA, is an extremely innovative engineer with three patent-pending in information technology. He is also a highly capable programmer whoranked in world top 100 of Microsoft’s International Hoshimi Programming Battle.

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