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BSG Newsletter Q2 2012 Letter Final

BSG Newsletter Q2 2012 Letter Final

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Published by Bed Stuy Gateway

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Published by: Bed Stuy Gateway on May 24, 2012
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April - June 2012
New Trees on FultonNative New Yorker Puts DownBicycle RootsLocal Cobbler is Good for the SoleFaces of Bed-Stuy: Numi DeodeeAn Aging Improvement District
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BedStuyGateway.Wordpress.com 718-636-6962 BedStuyGate@gmail.com
Welcome to our 2nd quarterly issueof the year. Over the past few months,we’ve been obsessively soliciting alltypes of businesses to come opentheir doors on our 1.5 mile stretch of Fulton Street here in Central Brook-lyn. As the streetscape improvementproject forges ahead, bringing a dy-namic new retail environment thatwill include trees, benches, and abrand new outdoor 8,000 square-foot public plaza, we’re excitedthat entrepreneurs are taking up the charge to add to the district’sexisting retail product and service offerings: My Arena, a newbar/lounge concept located on the eastern edge of the district at557 Classon Avenue hosted the BID’s very successful March“Nothing But Networking.” Participants at that event were eventreated to a sneak peek at Alice’s Arbor, the new locavore res-taurant coming to 549 Classon Avenue. We’re thrilled that BusyBee Bagel will be a new place to get your nosh on when it opensits doors at the corner of Fulton Street and Classon Avenue. And
for all you bikers, check out our prole inside on Nechama Levy,
owner of Bicycle Roots, which will open soon on Fulton Streetand Claver Place.Our interview with longtime Bed-Stuy resident Numi Deodeeoffers an insider’s perspective on the neighborhood’s evolutionover these past few decades. Insightful, informative, and heart-felt. Truly educational. As New Yorkers, I know all of us appreci-ate the value of navigating the neighborhood in comfort and style
 – Gavriel Levievs Fulton Street Cobbler will help you do just
that. And in this hyper- communicative world of Facebook andTwitter and YouTube and RSS feeds, who can truly contemplateconducting business – indeed conducting life! – without beingone click away from an update? Stay tuned for the BID’s upcom-ing social media workshops.
I can say at the eight month mark that while we’re gratied that
successes are coming to fruition, there is so much more workthat needs to be done. The success of Fulton Street in CentralBrooklyn – I’ll venture to say of any local commercial corridor
anywhere – is only a reection of the neighborhood in which it
is located and how local residents, local entrepreneurs, and lo-cal property owners take responsibility in fostering a successfulenvironment. Join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, attendour Nothing But Networking events or business workshops, oremail us with your thoughts and ideas. The point here is for all of us to establish a productive dialogue about the kind of economicenvironment we want to take shape here in Bed Stuy. Here’s ateaser: stay tuned for our resident/property owner/broker focus group meetings and surveys – we’re looking for-
ward to hearing, rst-hand, what you have to say on this topic.
Our success is your success.We look forward to our conversation.
n March 23, 2012, staff from theNew York City Business SolutionsCenter (BSC) gave a seminar forsmall business owners on accessing cityresources. Some of the services that they
can assist with are securing nancing, em
-ployee recruitment, and legal assistance.
For entrepreneurs looking for nanc
-ing, BSC offers courses to get new busi-ness started: “You need a business plan be-
fore you come to us looking for nancing,”said Yan Li Jiang, a nancing specialist at
BSC. “We have courses to help you devel-op a business plan. The expertise that BSCoffers is tailored to suit individual entrepre-neurs. “We go down deep and try to get theproper documents together,” says Jiang.“and I’ve helped nurture relationships withlenders.” Jiang stressed that explainingwhy a loan is necessary is a crucial part
of the process. Lenders are often reluctant
to give a loan to cover general overheadcosts; a more successful strategy, for ex-ample, would be a restaurant owner tryingto secure a short-term loan for a cappuc-cino machine, if she can make the case thatit will improve the restaurant’s business.Michele McClymont spoke to thegroup about training and recruiting. “Find-ing the right employeed for a small busi-
ness is like trying to t someone into your
family,” she said. Furthermore, most smallbusinesses don’t have full-time HR, mak-ing it even harder to recruit new staff.“Small businesses need all hands on deckall the time,” McClymont pointed out. That
makes it crucial to nd the right employ
ees, but it can be hard to nd the time and
resources to devote to the search for theright person to hire. BSC can help smallbusinesses recruit: at no cost to the busi-ness, they can conduct targeted recruitmentand initial resume review. They refer only
those candidates who are a potential t for
a business’s needs, and will even provideAll my best,Doug Jones
Letter from The Executive Director
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Sunshine Home Healthcare Agency owner Joyce Bain and her partners are in the pro-cess of starting their business.
Dear Neighbors,
rogress is continuing on the streetscapeimprovement project. Pavers have beenlaid in the amenity band (the band be-tween the curb and the sidewalk, where trees,benches, trash cans, etc. are placed) from Troy toNostrand on the north side of Fulton Street. Thatwill continue until the pavers have been laid allthe way to Bedford Avenue, at which point workwill begin on the south side of the street.
Planting season is also ofcially underway as
of March 15, and landscapers have been plantingnew street trees on both sides of Fulton Street.The new trees are “skyline” honey locusts and“halka” Japanese zelkovas. Benches, trash cans,bike racks and muni (parking) meters will comelater in the spring or over the summer.Marcy Plaza is also progressing, with one of two planters (the one closer to Fulton Street)already poured. The plaza, and the project as awhole, are scheduled to be completed by the endof August 2012.
New Trees on Fulton St.
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