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The Cell Cycle Script Final

The Cell Cycle Script Final

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Published by Emma Foster

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Published by: Emma Foster on May 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE INOPENINGA solid, bold background with a jazz soundtrack sets the scenefor what is to come.
The title „The Cell Cycle‟ adorns the screen but is soon wiped
from view by a passing
cell, only to be replaced by „A UCARelease‟.
 UPWARDS WIPEACT 1 SCENE 1A new background takes place of the opening and a cell soonenters from the left.The camera TRACKS its process while other cells enter from allsides of the screen and follow.The cells depart leaving one which is tracked down to wherethe
word „Interphase‟
appears on screen.ACT 1 SCENE 2The camera pans across onto a new scene.A cell starts to move along when it gradually gets bigger. Thebeginning of this growing leads to the dashed cellmembrane/wall to leave its place and intertwine to form the
word „grow‟.
 As the cell gets bigger, reaching the majority of its fullsize the text grows too.The cell continues to move alone as organelles make their wayon screen and into the cell.ACT 1 SCENE 3The appearance of one organelle on screen acts as a transitionwhere a cell is now moving along a new background after the
text „G1 Checkpoint‟ appears
.It arrives in front of a barrier bearing the text which adoptsa waiting state of orange colouring.This cell is defective with no nucleus.
This defective cell approaches the barrier when it turns redlifts up and pushes the cell down into
„G0 Phase.‟
 The normal cell approaches and is given a green light. Thebarrier lifts and the camera transitions onto a new scenebearing
 ACT 1 SCENE 4A strand of DNA slivers out of the cell nucleus. It pullsapart pulling the camera down too. Letters bounce on screen
spelling out „Duplication‟. They then turn into new bases
which take their places onto the duplicated DNA strands.The strands make their way back across to the cell.The cell continues to grow gradually taking up most of thescreen. Two centrosomes appear inside the cell.Camera ZOOMS fully into the cell changing the screen to thecytoplasm colour.ACT 2 SCENE 1The two centrosomes move apart and off screen leaving the word
„Prophase‟ where they were.
 Camera PANS over the nucleus where the chromosomes in begin tocondense.
As the last strand condenses it spells out „SisterChromatids‟.
The camera transitions to a new background „Prometaphase.‟
 Kinetochores enter as a line and disperse attaching themselvesto the
chromatids‟ centromeres.
 The camera TRACKS upwards after the last kinetochore where itrests on one of the centrosomes. This centrosome begins torelease microtubule strands.The strands are TRACKED downwards back towards the chromatids.

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