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The Book of Gardenia Page

The Book of Gardenia Page

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Published by Triston Milton
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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: Triston Milton on May 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello my friends!
Let me formally introduce myself! My name is Triston Milton, and I'm a Muslim political/ social fiction writer from Minnesota goingby the pen name BJK Milton. While I’m currently working on "The Diary of K." Series, a series which details the political schemesthat will lead to a war between two powerful empires, and the major players that will lead the charge on the both sides.I'm also a essays and short stories, I have always had a love for political satire and graphic novels.I was born and raised in Saint Paul Minnesota, and have always found a fascination with conflicting with the stereotype that weplace upon other's and ourselves. This idea and combined with my own personal experiences with the stereotype of being bothAfrican American and Muslim has sparked and fueled my desire to write political fiction that shows and compares the stereotypes of humanity with the true person.I write with the ideology of the 10% rule. This rule being that 10% of humanity fit into the stereotype, and 90% fight everyday toprove that stereotype wrong. And it isn't just one race, religion or people that goes through this, it’s all people that face thischallenge. This brings me the creative spur to write the type of free flowing, somewhat witty fiction that I write. 
The Diary of K.: The Book of Gardenia
This current project that I'm working on is the first in a three part series know as
the Diary of K.
Book of Gardenia
is afictional diary following Kimera, a girl who seems fixed on following in her father's footsteps. Over the course of the story, her journeys and trials that will turn her from a young naive child, to a major player in the war, as well as the people who inspired,challenge, and guide her along the way.The project has many themes that hit close to home for me, as it will for others. The idea of the political moves made within thisalternate world shows us as human beings how certain events, though small and insignificant to us, can come back to affect us inthe future. It also brings light to many stereotypes and views and how these things can blind us to the wondrous possibilities. Forexample, in the story, Kimera's misunderstanding with various side characters bring about a closed view of them. But as her eyesbegin to open up the wondrous world around her, alliances and rivalries change her into the great leader she will become.A third theme that hits home to me is the fact that Kimera, through her actions becomes submerged into a somewhat Muslimworld, where she actually learns things that shift her ideology. I personally can relate to this because prior to converting to Islam, Iknew absolutely nothing about it. But interactions, just like Kimera, shifted my perspective and opened doors for me, and her thatwere not there before. And the best part, I, like the main character Kimera, learned from them.
What will be Achieved
Through this project I wish to do to things with it and these things cannot be achieved without the aid of you.
Open your eyes
With this project I wish to conflict various stereotypes that affect people who are like me, where ever there from. To bring thisconflict and bring to the light things and information that may not be accessible to others. It is good to bring interest and desire tobecome informed to an audience. I wish to do this without conflicting with the audience in any way. I wish to enlighten in a waythat is entertaining at the same time. With this book, along with the entire Diary of K. Series, I wish to this.
Behind the War
With the entire Diary of K. Series I wish to show the people behind the wars, and how it effects the people who maybe in the thickof it. We sometimes don't think of the effects a certain decision has on people on the outside of our own circle. With this fictionalbook I wish to only show the affects of character's decisions on the other people. This is why I decided to right this as a CharacterDriven fictional diary. This allows me to bring various decisions closer to each other and there Affects without conflicting with thenorms of society.The Diary of K. Book of Gardenia follows Kimera (whose real name in the story is Kristopher Wells) from her childhood through herteen years as she becomes more submerged in the lives of others, to her adult year where she learns what it takes to be a greatand loved leader.
What We Need & What You Get
To get this project off the ground we are in need of $5000. These funds secure us a dedicated illustrator Charles Price who I'veworked with prior, and his services. He has a very unique way of blending art and writing together that I've enjoyed in the past.These funds will allow us his undivided attention and time to flush out the illustration to bring the story to life in front of your eyes.If you are intrigued and would like more information on our illustrator, as well as seeing samples of his work and even seeing thesketches he has done so far, visit our mock website athttp :// www .wix .com / bjkmilton
 / gardeniaThese funds are needed to get the project off the ground and will be used to create the following items.6 blended color and B&W character key @ $250 per character4 Blended color and B&W Environment Keys @ $300 per pageThe First five comic pages of the book @ $315 per pageWe are shooting for a 150 page graphic novel but these are what we need at minimum to get the project off the ground.
The Rewards
There are four rewards that we are offering.

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