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Published by Dana Trombley

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Published by: Dana Trombley on May 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The medical community thinks you shouldn’t read this book.Your family might think you shouldn’t read this book. Perhapseven your friends think you shouldn’t read this book. Andyou’re still reading? Good job! It’s
life. Only you walkaround in your shoes. Only you wake up with your thoughts.And only you will fall asleep to them.
areuseless words. Even reading them can make you feel underpressure. Trash ‘em!
The only way to truly silence people is to show them what youmean. If you live this book for 6 weeks, you’ll do that. And if you change as much as I know you can, they’ll be surprisedenough to greet new you with 3 magic letters, “O - M - G”!Many industry people worried when they found out I was goingto write this. Why? Because they knew I’d cut the crap. Andthey knew that if I did that, you’d probably stop buying theirnext diet, exercise “secret”, or food product.I believe that if you simply get
to do something, you’ll stickto it for a while, and succeed, for a while. And that’s theproblem. After you stop getting told, you just rebel and slowlygo back to what you’re used to. I also know that when you
how stuff works, you’ll stick to it. In fact when you
 really understand, it won’t feel like you need to stick to it at all.You’ll simply stop thinking about those old habits and oldbeliefs.
Permanent success!
Many will
that you don’t need any help. They might saythat, “you’re fine as you are”, “diets are unhealthy”, or repeatthe classic, “it’s just puppy fat”. Guess what, YOU’RE NOT APUPPY! Are they right about the other stuff? No. Only youcan ever decide if you’re
. No one else. Even in those withserious eating disorders, behaviors only change when a patientchanges how
see themselves. As early as you can, developthe skill of seeing yourself accurately.Is this book unhealthy? No. I can hear doctors muttering in thedistance! If you happen to be young, they believe you should just let Mother Nature take care of things. If “Mom knowsbest”, Mom Nature can surely be left alone, and all will be okay.Yeah right! Allowed to be natural, we can order pizza atmidnight or travel miles without moving a muscle. We live in aworld full of modern luxuries. Mother Nature left town 30years ago and she’s not coming back!Doctors are aware of research that shows most adult diseasesusually start when we’re young, and are linked to being too fat.They also know that if you stay skinny when you’re young,you’re less likely to be a fat adult. Despite knowing this, themedical community is always very sensible. They think it’s bestto
 play it safe
. It’s dangerous to play it safe! It’s much moresensible to start taking a big interest in yourself, by learningabout what works today.
 This book will also boost your mental health by helping youlook good and feel more in control. Having confidence iscrucial, and getting it today is tougher than at any time inhuman history. You deserve to walk with confidence. Whatabout the media? They’re pretty hard on you. On the onehand, they fill pages and screens with beautiful people who lookamazing all year round. It’s no surprise; beautiful people selllots of magazines, TV shows and movies. What
a surprise iswhen the same shows or magazines criticize you for trying to bethe same. Talk about confusing. The media is in the business of selling stuff, so when it comes to their fast opinions and nastynews articles, forgetaboutit!Now, this is a tough one. Friends. Maybe you’re secretly incompetition with some? Hey, maybe they’re secretly incompetition with you! I just want you to realize somethingabout friends. It applies to people you might work with too.They’re scared. Not jealous,
. Applying this book couldrocket you to happiness and they don’t want to be left behind.Of course, they could do the same, but we humans seem tothink that only one person can be successful at a time! Becauseof that fear, don’t expect them to help you. Some might evengo too far and discourage you. Now, I’m not telling you toignore your friends completely. We need friends. I mean whoelse are we going to show off to!No one cares more about you, than you. No one lives in yourmind or body, but you. The person in the mirror, that’s you.Absolutely everything is down, to you. And, when the OMGreactions start flying your way, only you can say,
 I did that 

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