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Published by stummel6636

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Published by: stummel6636 on May 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JUNE 2012JUNE 2012
Gary Busey (acing page) holds his Zac Buchanan knie and the birthday cake. Buchanan’s repro o the Loveless Mini Wilderness pattern, the classic fghter sports a blade o CPM-154 stainless,a sambar stag handle, and gold engraving by the author (note the “Hands” moti or the author’s surname). (Point Seven knie photo) 
arly last year, a riend o mineasked me to keep an eye out orsome good collectible knives.“What are you looking or?” Iasked.“Well,” he began, “I want two knivesor you to engrave, maybe a bowie anda ghter. One is going to be a birthday gi or a ather, Gary Busey, and theother a birthday gi rom Gary to hisson, Jake.”Tis was going to be un! A veteranactor, Gary has appeared on televisionand in such movies as
Te Buddy HollyStory
—or which he received an Acad-emy Award nomination or Best Ac-tor—
Lethal Weapon, Under Siege, TeFirm, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
and many others, though in today’s“what-have-you-done-lately” world,he may be best known or his appear-ance last year on Donald rump’s
Ce-lebrity Apprentice 4
. Gary’s son Jake isalso an actor.
Te 2011 BLADE Show was ap-proaching and I told my riend I wouldkeep an eye out or the knives there.Moreover, as soon as he mentioned
, I thought o my old riend,kniemaker Charles Sauer. Charles andI had done a ew really nice knives back in the 1990s. He orges his own damas-cus, and a damascus bowie would be agood counterpoint to the as-yet-to-be-determined ghter.
I called Charles and he said he had ablank or a Dall DeWeese-style bowiehe could nish up in a ew weeks. Abit later he sent me an e-mail describ-ing the knie and explaining a bitabout William Dallas “Dall” DeWeese(1857-1928).“Dall was a amous big-game hunterin the late 1800s. He was largely re-sponsible or the opening up o big-game hunting in Alaska. Te notablething to me,” Charles noted, “is thathe not only designed his knie but hadit made—kind o like the Jim Bowiestory. Most all kniemakers back thenwere indentured, so whoever madehis knie was probably a blacksmith.I stayed true to the pattern but blewit up rom a hunting knie to a bowie.Te pattern also has that old ‘GreenRiver avor,’ which is very popular.”Charles spared no efort in obtain-ing the materials and preparing themor the knie.
“I took a piece o the top rail o a baby mine car track rom the gold mines inMontana, a chunk rom an Apache at-tack helicopter chain-gun barrel, andseven pieces I cut out o an antique icesaw. I orged out the mine track andthe barrel into two bars, then cut themboth into seven pieces,” he explained.“Ten, I alternated the three steelsinto a 21-stack and orged them downand out into a billet, then handorgedit roughly to the shape o the knie. Ialso zone tempered/diferentially heattreated the blade, [including cryogeni-cally treating] it. Te chain gun andmine track are pretty so steels, so theice saw [steel] helped [balance themout].”Te bolsters are bridge cable and thebolster pins are damascus as well. Tehandle is presentation ironwood withnickel-silver pins. Te inlaid sheath isby Paul Long. “Paul is the best sheath-maker around,” Charles opined.When I received the knie, I was ex-tremely pleased. Te damascus patternis very appropriate or what I call the“overall avor” o the knie. Te pinswere engravable and Charles le mea polished spot on the bottom o thetang on which to engrave an inscrip-tion. With one knie down and one togo, I went to work.
Among his many movie roles, Busey played Commander Krill in 
. (Warner Bros. Pictures) 
Busey was nominated or an Oscar or Best Actor or his perormance in the title role o 1978’s 
The Buddy HollyStory
. Holly was a major infuence on rock ‘n roll during the 1950s and on such perormers as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Linda Ronstadt and many others.(Columbia Pictures photo) 
The auThor embellishes Charles sauer and ZaCbuChanan knives for aCTors Gary and Jake busey

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